Sunday, August 2, 2015

Gun Sense Is Sanity

The entire argument from gun nuts is "it's mine, you can't take it." Have pity on them, they have been duped by a masterful advertisement campaign, one that convinced these nuts that everyone was the enemy and that anyone who trues to help them is really out to get them.

Let's destroy their arguments with some easily verified and undeniable points that will force them into the raving lunatic rants sooner, so then you can just have fun mocking them.

We shall begin with the constitution, the first AMENDMENT, they always fail to notice that the law was actually a change made to the constitution of the USA. If a change was made to it once, it can be changed again, and we do change those laws a lot.

The term "unconstitutional" is often thrown about, but constitutional law is not actually in the constitution and requires a lot of deliberation to make a definitive statement as to what is against that. The thing is, the constitution is our lower over the government, like a contract, stating that the government itself cannot make laws opposing these principles that the voters have chosen as integral.

That means, we have the right and power to change those amendments or over rule them, entities that are not individual persons are not allowed to oppose the constitutional laws. This finer point is often ignored by the NRA nuts, as well as many corporations.

So there goes that argument against gun sense in a puff of legal facts. The next one is a bit more fun, it makes their heads explode.

"Guns don't kill people, people kill people," which is why we are pushing to regulate who can own them. The fact of the matter is that the laws for regulation already exist, and many gun nuts are utilizing the loopholes we want to close to illegally obtain a gun.

So yes, criminals do not obey the law, that is why they fear the law being enforced properly. The vast majority of those complaining about regulation are batshit crazy and obviously a danger to society.

But the NRA has convinced the few sane gun owners that the nuts don't exist. Yes, the sane ones are gullible, but most voters are very gullible, the gun sense crowd often cites correlation fallacies that they believe are fact.

So the gullibility is on both sides, but one side won't make it possible for some nut to put me in the cross hairs of a high powered rifle just beside I'm transgendered. So I'm inclined to ignore the nuts on my side for that one life saving reason.

The worst argument I have heard is that guns are just tools. This is completely fallacious, guns are weapons, weapons are not tools.

Weapons are made only to destroy, they have no other use or purpose. Tools are made to assist us in improving our species, tools are made for building and helping.

Just because a tool can be used to kill does not negate the fact that it was not made for such a purpose. But let's compare the knife against the gun for argument's sake.

A knife has a very limited range, plus the fastest it can be drawn and readied is 15 seconds, a gun can exceed running distance and be drawn and readied in less than 5 seconds. A knife wound is rarely fatal on it's own, it hurts like hell but usually does not result in death, medical technology is so awesome.

A bullet wound is also not always fatal on it's own, however most shootings involve a rapid fire and the culmination of wounds decreases your chances of survival exponentially. Also, a bullet is more likely to penetrate vital organs, increasing the chances of a fatal wound from a single round to equate to a hundred stabbing wounds from a knife.

The reason for this extreme difference is obvious, the knife was not made to kill but the gun was. So next time they try these pathetic arguments remember, they're psychotic personalities incapable of rational thought.

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