Friday, July 31, 2015

Abortion and Terrorism

The folly of the abortion argument is that those who claim to be pro-life are clearly only about controlling others. They are using fear tactics, the very definition of terrorism.

One lie they use is by interchanging completely unrelated words to make it sound like something completely different. Calling a fetus a baby is the most common one.

No medical person would ever call a fetus a baby, the two are polar opposites in development, both require vastly different care. A fetus is not even alive, anymore than a tumor is.

Yes, a fetus is equivalent to a tumor, it leeches on the host for sustenance and cannot thrive without the host organism. But if you would call a fetus a life then you must go back further, to the sperm and egg itself.

But that is not where it ends either, the semen would also have to be called a baby, making masturbation and contraception equal to infanticide. That would be silly, right?

Not according to the logic employed by the anti-abortion crowd, their logic also allows you to claim that lust itself is murder. This is the idiocy of the anti-abortion crowd that the media tries to hide, because it makes them look like the morons they are.

They also attempt to claim that abortions beyond 12 weeks are being performed in the USA, they're half right. There are cases in which it is medically necessary, the when both lives are in danger the logical choice is to end the one that cannot survive on it's own.

Other cases are abusive relationships, which are responsible for premature birth and late term abortions, most of these are perpetrated by the very personality types that are anti-abortion. Most abuse is a mode of control over another being, not allowing them to decide for their own self.

Often abortions occur without any intervention, many times they are preventable with proper medical care but such care is unavailable because the mother has Jo access to such medicine. Yet the anti-abortion league refuses to fund Planned Parenthood, the primary resource for such mothers.

The fact is, all this outrage is phoney, it's a lie, a sugar coating. The true mission of the anti-abortion crowd is to force religious laws into our secular government.

They lost against gay marriage and now they are aiming for something they can paint in a darker light, to scam more people into following their false movement. To accomplish this they are fabricating evidence and using libel, the very tactics used by the moderate terrorists.

So if you think anti-abortion "has a point," consider what you are saying: no one but the church should decide what people do.

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