Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Twitter the Hate Site

Twitter is a service many people have come to rely on to communicate with their friends, make new friends and participate in discourse in the safety that the internet has to offer. As of late, Twitter has decided to remove two of those aspects.

Technically they do have the right to censor how their service is used, but this is not what they are actually doing. Instead when a generic threat or general insult is meade they ignore it, however if you direct it at a specific person they lock you out of the discussion completely. Is this simply a move to protect themselves, or are they attempting to become the world's first platform for hatemongering?

I believe someone in the company thinks it's to protect themselves, but the reality is that this creates actual bigotry and hatred. A generalized insult is bigotry, it's hatred for a group of people rather than just ire at a specific person.

Ultimately this move will backfire on them if they continue to follow the course they have chosen. When in a discussion, people will call each other names, that's how humans have always and will always behave when they are faced with opposition to which they can only respond in short comments rather than a formal debate.

If Twitter actually thinks formal debates can even happen on their platform, they are as deluded as the religious people who talk to themselves. The bigger problem is that they are discouraging interraction with other people, which is what social media is.

Soon they will be left with nothing but hatemongering and news feeds, and when that happens everyone else will find a new platform. The only reason people used social media was to find some interraction, someone to challenge their ideas or verious personal aspects.

This latest trend to suspend accounts which engage in social discourse will remove that completely, making Twitter die out like all the other social media who remove the social aspect of their service. Google is coming in strong in this regard, rather than suspend people for engaging with others, they tell those who don't like what they read to just not read it.

Sooner or later a group like Anonymous will declare Twitter a hate site and remove them from the internet completely. As is the reason such groups exist, this is what the support team at Twitter can expect if they leave the racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. and remove those who insult specific people they are actually talking to.

Recently I got suspended for calling someone a nut, that was all I called them because they were just trolling, and that got my account removed from the discourse completely. I didn't say "all this type of person is a nut", I called that one person a nut.

This is the environment that Social Justice Warriors are creating, a society in which it's better to hate a group of people for something than to insult a single person for their own behavior. They do it by calling it bullying, but bullying is (by definition) a situation in which the person cannot remove themselves from.

Online you have many options to remove yourself from the situation, which is why it is perfect for even the most heated discussions. I have been bullied in the past, this is something I am all too familiar with, and right now Twitter support are being the bullies.

Thanks for reading, please add your opinions on the matter for discussion.

Friday, July 28, 2017

McBride Construction and Illegal Immigrants

The troubles with McBride Construction began with the hiring of a crew of illegal immigrants, which barely spoke English and caused damage to personal property due to gross negligence. Hiring illegals isn't something I truly care about, so long as they are able to communicate with their customers and do the job properly.

However that was merely the beginning of the problems with McBride, betraying a problem with Seattle in general. The biggest problem is their lack of communication and an inability to stick to a schedule.

I was informed that my apartment would be ready on a specific date, that day is today and McBride is nowhere to be found to verify this. Aside from the fact that their hired help have been nothing but destructive, the people in higher positions there are now nowhere to be found.

Seeing as how they refuse to comment, it is safe to say that they are simply being irresponsible. Likely off on a golf trip or some other self indulgence while they should be at work earning their huge salaries.

During their mini-vacations people remain homeless, without access to basic necessities, and without any word as to when they can return to their lives. This is what corporate America is, and to deny that my experience is the standard is to deny the nose on one's face.

When I discover what precisely is going on, I will release a video explaining it in more detail. Whether the video is a reveal of great work done by McBride or an example of their incompetence, time will tell.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Real Problem With Housing

So I live in subsidized housing, I have been in this one apartment for over a decade now. I pay my rent on time every month, I never complain about anything, and I maintained the apartment in perfect working order.

If this was a regular apartment building I would have had no problem getting the repairs done when a neighbor above me flooded the apartments below him. But this is not a regular building, it's subsidized by Seattle Housing Authority.

So how does that change things? It changes a lot of things. For one, housing authorities actually reward building owners of subsidized housing for cutting corners and ignoring resident complaints.

This resulted in the whirlwind of events that have happened recently. First they delayed repairs for 5 months, leaving me with no kitchen and no closet during that time. This means microwave food only, except for the few times I could afford to eat at a restaurant. Around here the restaurants are expensive.

Then when they finally get the repair crew in here, they actually hire some contractor who is unlisted. Their electrician's license is registered at an apartment over in eastern Seattle, http://www.towncontractors.com/shanco-restoration-services-electricians-seattle-wa and no contact information is offered.

So the one hanging the drywall was screwing things in and suddenly the main circuit breaker was tripped. I investigated and said that something shorted out the wiring, and reset the breaker to see because it also effected the lights. Then he went right back to work.

No hesitation, no calling for an electrician, he just went back to work and shorted it out again. This time it damaged my computer and he laughed about that. They rarely spoke English during this whole process, and were obviously joking around about it all.

Ultimately I finally got it through their thick skulls to call the electrician. The next week the electrician showed up and we discovered that the only way it could have been tripped was if the drywall hanger was messing with some wires that were exposed because they powered the oven's vent.

So he was either a complete moron and unqualified or did it on purpose. Neither bodes well for them, or the city in general. For the last 6 months I have been very tolerant of the situation, but now with the housing authority threatening to cut their funding I'm very angry.

Rhodey (my youngest cat) now suffers PTSD because of the cleanup, those high powered fans running and strange people coming into the apartment have scared him almost to death. Every time someone knocks or even walks too close our front door he freaks out, scared.

My health is declining in general, and I find my violent tendencies to be resurfacing. Luckily I am only violent toward humans.

Microsoft donates large amounts of money to Compass, your tax dollars also fund both Compass and SHA, yet they are both taking that money and doing nothing with it. This is the way of things in Seattle, ironically all the drug addicts get a bunch of free resources and housing.

Which leads me to why it's completely backwards here. The drug addicts cannot be arrested by the cops unless they harm people, they can sit on the sidewalks here and do their drugs while harassing people for money.

Compass gives these addicts free laundry and showers, while the working poor, disabled, and elderly are given the finger instead. Every organization in this city endorses and even encourages this kind of behavior.

So what do we do about it? Nothing. Those of us stuck in this situation can do literally nothing, but you can. You can stop electing morons like Trump into office, you can help out your friends, and you can make sure your friends have what they need.

If you can't trust someone, then don't give them your money, don't give them anything. Most of the money you give to strangers is wasted, the way Compass Housing Alliance is wasting everyone's money, the way Seattle Housing Authority is wasting everyone's money, these are not exceptions to the rule.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Trouble at the Karlstrom

I live in a subsidized housing property, which is in itself not bad most of the time. Lately things are changing for the worse though.

The new manager for the building is a bit of a slumlord, as he has reduced what the maintenance are allowed to repair. For this reason my apartment has been flooded four times, the source being above my apartment.

Each time the maintenance says they "think" they fixed the problem, yet it keeps happening. The business that operates the building, I call them a business because that's how they now operate, is Compass Housing Alliance.

Recently many of the staff there retired, and the replacements for them keep getting less compitent. Now they offer more to the homeless people who use the shelters than they do to those of us who pay rent.

I would normally not care so much, except that I was blamed for the damage caused by the flooding. For this reason I am sending them this letter:

I know you care more about your homeless than those of us who pay rent, however I find you in violation of the lease at this time. The plumbing problem has not been resolved after three complaints; which has resulted in damage to me, my property, and my companion animals. Over $100 of medical supplies have been ruined by this issue now. My male companion animal continues to perceive the encroaching water as a threat and thus sprays that area routinely forcing me to spend $30 a month in cleaning supplies to remove the odor, and when the human has incontinence issues it is difficult to train a cat not to do that. This is now the fourth occurrence of the issue. If this forces me to move apartments Compass Housing Alliance will be responsible for all fees and costs during the transition as well as any costs related to emotional stress, cleaning, and medical supplies lost.

I'm very patient and extremely easy to negotiate with, however this issue has also resulted in the manager threatening to evict me in a way that he can profit. His actions may force me to utilize the legal system, I would prefer to discuss this with his employers and come to a compromise that will not harm anyone who is in need. In short, resolving this matter without a lawsuit would be my preference, however since Compass has eliminated communication channels I may be forced to have my lawyer contact those in charge through the courts.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Shelter Shock for Cats

Many would not think it, but I have experienced shelter shock myself, and I usually deal with cats who suffer from it as well. Shelter shock is relatively undefined but it is a reality many people and discarded pets face. The hard truth is that we become accustomed to the shelter being more comfortable than a real home, in fact, the shelter becomes what we consider a real home.

The reason is because of why we're there in the first place, life dealt us a bad hand and people around us discarded us without any emotion. Often we come from abusive places, where we are hurt by those we love everyday. The shelter becomes the safer place, the place where we feel the least pain and fear.

Dogs are quicker to overcome this, humans vary a lot, but our feline family take much more time. Cats are, by their nature, habitual animals. They prefer rituals and repetition, change causes them a lot of distress.

So when a cat is frequently removed from an environment they have become accustomed to, then tossed into a new one, then returned to the safer environment, they become suspicious of environments that are not the safe one. The safest environment in most cases is the shelter, their needs are met and most people are not abusive to them.

This is how they are seeing things when they come into your home for the first time. Often they say to keep them in a single room for several days to adjust, but what are they adjusting to?

Here's a guide that will help them adjust faster, and some recommendations on how to make the even longer period of earning their trust easier on you. Many of the problems you will face could also be seen when there is no shelter shock, but dealing with these problems will ease the effects of shelter shock so I'm listing them as well.


They need to learn the scents of their new home. Felines are very sensitive to odors, everything from perfume to soap will decide how they see you. So watch how they react to your presence, and which parts of your body they seem to prefer.

Chances are they are pleased with the scents most prominent to those body parts. Then try to get some of those scents onto your hands, play around with different combinations until you notice them taking more interest in your hands.

After a while you'll notice they rub their chins on you a lot, that means they are trying to mix their scents with you. This is a great sign, it essentially means that they feel welcome.

It's also good to note that rubbing their chin with a scent can help them overcome any anxiety associated with that scent, useful for introducing cats to other cats or dogs. Get the scent of one on your hand then rub the chin of the other, this will mix the foreign scent with a scent the cat instinctively loves.

Urine - Spraying:

Many cats will "spray" urine on certain areas of their residence. This isn't always the case, but if it does happen do not punish them, at least not in the traditional sense. You will have to find other methods of dealing with it until they trust you, after they trust you then ignoring them is the proper punishment.

Spraying is done when they feel threatened, frightened, or they're trying to say hello. It's like claiming the territory but more complicated. The urine spray is more of a communication method, not truly a sign of dominance. You need to show them "we don't talk like that around here," but that will only work after they trust you.

Until they trust you using citrus perfumes in areas they try to spray in will deter them. Try to get them to spray in a single place that you can either leave alone or clean up easily. A bathtub is a good place, give them one thing in the bathtub that they can spray and wash it when the odor gets too strong for you.

After not receiving any replies to the spraying, they should stop eventually.

Urine - Accidents:

The other type of urination is the accident, often they look guilty when this is the case because they don't really want to do this at all. The reasons for this happening can be numerous, your first step is to have a vet check them out. When they feel pain in the litter box, they'll seek another location to urinate.

If it's medical, having multiple litter boxes with different types of litter in each will usually fix the problem. If it's habitual, then try different types of litter, they will have a preference. Some cats actually prefer soil to litter, or even newspaper, finding what they like is the key to helping them adjust to a new situation.

Violent Behavior:

This is probably the most common problem caused by shelter shock, they don't want to leave the shelter so they do what they can to get back. This often means attacking and hurting the ones who took them away from their "safe place." This is also the hardest for most people to deal with, and one that I've almost mastered.

Violent behaviors are learned, they are then reinforced as a method of getting what they want when they are returned to the shelters for it. The things you need is a lot of topical antibiotics, and patience. Yes, the way to overcome this is to not return them, not strike back, and just mend your own wounds.

Cats are not psychotic by nature, they form bonds just like humans, love just like humans, and feel empathy just like humans. It may be difficult to see past the fury of claws, teeth, and glaring eyes, but that poor cat has not been shown love by a human outside of the shelter for a long time. Keep the vulnerable away from them during the time it takes for them to realize that you will love them back.

After a while, they will stop, curious as to why you haven't struck back and why they are still there. Eventually they will venture to you, to test the waters, to see if you will give them affection instead. This is when you shower them with affection and love.

After that, you can slowly introduce them to other loving humans, letting them see that not all humans are outside of the shelters are bad. Once they trust you, they will be your best friend and a defender of the family.


So this leads us to the basic steps you should follow when you get them home, in spite of what shelters will tell you. Shelters give quick and dirty steps that are simple but won't actually help with the bonding. So in some places you will notice a conflict.

  1. The room - if they are not violent, introduce them to the house one room at a time. Stay in one room giving them affection for several minutes until they look bored or paw at the door, then move to a new room. This gives them a chance to see their new domain, just be sure they cannot get outside of the house until they are fully adjusted. When they are fully adjusted they'll seek a place to sleep. Keeping them in only on room too long may actually slow their progress.
  2. Let sleeping cats lie - cats need lots of sleep, so disturbing them while they sleep will only increase their stress level. Remember that they have been through a lot of stress and will need a lot more sleep when they are first brought home from a shelter. Giving them peace and quiet, and letting them sleep a lot, will let them know that they can relax.
  3. Reward good behavior - cats don't understand punishment, but they do learn how to get what they want. So giving them treats when they behave well will let them know what you want from them, but punishing them for anything will only teach them to be violent. Also remember that cats love to play, and they are more likely to see any violence as play, and they'll always win.
  4. Give them distance - curiosity is the one thing every cat will have in common, while they prefer routine, they find new things in small doses to be interesting as well. So introduce them to family members little by little, and not all at once. That's how they met most people in the shelter so it will also be familiar to them, the small visits from people instead of overwhelming them with everyone at once. If you're single, then just don't worry if they don't want to spend time with you right away.
  5. Depression is rare - if a cat acts like they don't want anything to do with you, it's probably because they were ripped from someone they were bonded to, or betrayed by someone they loved. This will take a very long time, sometimes years, for them to get over. If you don't have someone there constantly then you should consider getting a second cat or a dog for them to bond with. The bonding will take a while the older the second one is, but it will help them feel more like socializing.
  6. Show and tell - the final step, or bit of advice, it to show the cat that they can trust you. If you have another family member, give them affection when the cat can see, family can be human or other. Petting, gentle kisses, hugs, etc. will show that you are capable of gentleness and so long as they don't see you get violent, they'll eventually realize that you are not a threat. Also, talk to the cat, even though cats don't communicate verbally, they do learn how to understand our speech. So don't be shy about telling them about your day, confiding in a cat shows them that you want to be friends.

I hope this helps people who adopt cats from shelters, we kill too many cats and dogs in those places and they deserve to live as much as we do. So don't be quick to return your new friend to the shelter just because they act a little different when you get them home, give them time and patience and you will have the best friend of your life.

So, until next time, enjoy life, play video games, and show a cat some love.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Libraries Are Irrelevant

Libraries must reinvent themselves to remain relevant, I recommend they become interactive museums of literature. This will maintain their purpose while avoiding the inevitable loss of funds because most people are no longer interested in paper books.

The reasons for the lack of interest reading a book in paper format are actually really good for book sellers. Books are considered a collectable format, and no one wants to ruin them because of that.

I have a small collection of books that I purchased solely for collecting, and I am not alone in this. For this reason I let almost no one handle them, oils from the skin cause them to break down faster as make the ink run.

Much like trading cards, books are now valued based on more than just their content. Even a badly written book can become very valuable if it is obscure and undamaged.

As for readers, they are more interested in digital formats because they can transport them easier, a million books can fit on a modern device. So libraries and book stores can no longer target the literary fan, they must adapt.

Many bookstores now focus on the collector, which is profitable and keeps paper books in circulation. But how libraries remain relevant will require a new innovation from them.

We have museums of art, science, and nature but we lack any museums for literature. In the USA we lack museums in general, a sad state of affairs.

So turning the libraries into interactive literary museums would solve many of our biggest problems. The problem with encouraging reading has not helped people become more literate.

Also, by encouraging reading we have seen a huge decline in writers, not the number of writers but the quality. Most people who blog often rely on bland current event stories, rarely offering the reader much more that dry facts and figures.

Most blogs are actually plagiarized, something which bothers me. The lack of original works is hurting everyone, as people no longer read articles or stories in depth.

Even I have taken to the simple blog format because it is the only one which people are willing to read, short simple stories. Grammar is also severely lacking now for the same reasons.

So consider this for the libraries: offer a showcases of great works brought to life in exhibits that allow the fans to interact with the characters and writers. Artificial intelligence is not yet perfect, but it could create simulated people for this purpose offering real people to experience the worlds created by authors in a whole new dimension.

This will encourage them to download copies of the books to actually read them, as well as encourage modern writers to offer fans more to read. It will make the libraries relevant again and encourage more funding for them.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Don't Ask Transgender

So I encountered a bigot who tried to mask his ignorance in what he perceived as an innocent question. It was far from innocent nor was it appropriate.

The question was "were you one of those guys who became a woman?" Now this is really a sign of bigotry, and it's obvious to anyone with a brain.

The first problem is that it is based on the lie that being transgender is a choice, which ultimately makes gender itself a choice ironically. This is far from the facts, we know there is a genetic difference in transgender people.

The difference in genders is not binary, as we once thought. So this means multiple genders are actually possible in our genes.

Thus it is an outright lie to say that transgender is a choice of any sort. The second problem is the wording, using informal and unscientific terminology betrays a lack of intelligence and compassion.

The man obviously did not care about hurting anyone's feelings on the matter, he was actively attempting to illicit a specific reaction. The outcome was, luckily, a reaction which caused him harm from a third party instead.

There is only one instance in which such a thing is even considered a valid inquiry. It must be approached with respect and tact or the questioning party can expect negative repercussions.

That instance is when sexual activity may be imminent and one cares which genitalia is currently present. Beyond that reason, there is no excuse for anyone with any empathy or compassion to ever ask such a question, even if worded politely.