Saturday, August 8, 2015

Guns, Abortions, and Idiots Worshipping Gods

The flaw in this whole Planned Parenthood fiasco is not so much of a flaw. The Republicans have distracted all the nuts from the gun issue with this made up outrage that we have been successfully passing more restrictions on firearms.

I am confident that even those capable of understanding this will refuse to back down on their hot air spewing against planned Parenthood that they will never even read this. The Republicans have only themselves to blame, it was them who pushed Planned Parenthood to sell fetal tissue from the abortions they legalized, then they decided to recruit fanatics as their voter base.

No matter the topic, a fanatic will always focus on their fake problem, or displaced anger. I have even tried to sway some of the topics to other subjects, but they always resort to spouting the same lies about Planned Parenthood their tiny brains can grasp.

The really good thing is that while the Republicans are scrambling to repair the damage done by this hoax, the rest of the country us wresting the last of their power from them. We also now know the numbers of loyal voters, and those numbers spell doom for the party as a whole.

As we see the rest of the country moving forward into a future we are creating, the Republican and Tea parties are struggling to restore a past that never was. This means we are leaving them behind, and like slavery, they will become nothing more than a vanishing embarrassment of our species.

So, keep the anti-choice nuts focused on their doomed outrage, in the mean time our intelligent politicians are running successful campaigns against guns, religious entitlements, and inequality.

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