Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Order Of The Universe

The fact of the matter is that then universe is imperfect, and that is why life is inevitable. There is no balance, and chemical reactions are the result of the universe attempting to seek balance.

Ultimately, the chemical reactions cannot ever be balanced, there will always be another chemical that will cause another reaction with the compound that is already balanced. So the universe is in a perpetual state of chaos, and life is this chaos manifesting itself.

To appreciate this you will need to study a lot of science, but to see the elegance and beauty in this chaos you only need an imagination. The advent of the gods has worked to destroy this imagination  in our species.

Every god claim assumes that there is some inherent order to everything, yet order does not actually exist. Order requires conscience will to be inherent, but we know for a fact that conscience will is not inherent.

Our brains are the result of chaotic chemical reactions, acted on by the imperfect yet ever present pressures to survive. We call these pressures natural selection.

Intelligence seeks order, but life cannot thrive in such a situation because without the chaise nothing can ever improve. That is the part often ignored by humanity, improvement of any type is chaos.

Simply by attempting to make order, we create chaos, in the same manner than moving forward in a lake produces waves. Change requires chaos, and chaos produces change, the two are cyclical in nature.

Gods are the idiotic notion that change can happen without chaos, comforting to the intelligences residing in our brains but these are false comforts. Intelligence is a byproduct of neural chemical reactions, reactions which produce what we call awareness.

Awareness is seen in almost all mammals, it is the very basic concept of "I am therefore I am," sum ergo sum. This means our intelligence is bot unique in nature, but it always requires a chaotic system of reactions to produce.

Chaos is also not random, but it has nothing to do with being planned, people who are selling snake oil will often use unrelated words as synonyms to convince you that they're correct without needing to present empirical evidence. The fact of the matter is that we created a word that describes something which cannot exist, there never is, nor ever will be, any order in the universe.

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