Monday, August 31, 2015

The Conspiracy of Science

Of course not all atheists are smart, not all atheist people even use science, our only common ground is that we lack a belief in any god. Though this is usually because of being skeptical, skepticism does have an unhealthy extreme.

We call them conspiracy theorists, though theorist is is not the proper word. These people are so extremely skeptical that they even doubt demonstrable facts, which forces them to make it all up.

Ultimately the conspiracy nut is not scientific, and that is where the extremism comes from. Skeptics must remain scientific at all times, it is the only way to know fact from fiction, there really is no other method.

Conspiracy nuts dismiss science as a conspiracy in itself, which betrays their ignorance. They believe science is some elitist club that just feeds people information, which is far from the truth.

Science is a method used to test and verify facts, anyone can contribute but you cannot expect to be taken seriously if you present no evidence to be verified. Once evidence has been tested and verified it is demonstrably fact, though there is a recent issue discovered in the system used for this, caused by our population explosion, which is beyond this blog.

I recently explained how credibility is earned, but conspiracy nuts still think it's bought and sold. An example is wifi, which one of the key developers was an actress, a female movie star with no credentials at a time when women could not get respect.

A simple search of scientific contributions and one will notice that today more youth are contributing to scientific advancement than older people. A disturbing and encouraging trend, disturbing because my generation is seriously failing.

Yet the conspiracy nuts still claim that science is some grand conspiracy to keep people stupid, rather ironic that the conspiracy nut usually doesn't understand basic physics. Often they will cling to those who have been laughed out of the scientific community for submitting papers with false, fabricated, or no evidence.

The method finds those falsifications, which is why it has worked so well, and if you expect to be taken seriously after publishing such then you're a bigger fool than creationists.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Order Of The Universe

The fact of the matter is that then universe is imperfect, and that is why life is inevitable. There is no balance, and chemical reactions are the result of the universe attempting to seek balance.

Ultimately, the chemical reactions cannot ever be balanced, there will always be another chemical that will cause another reaction with the compound that is already balanced. So the universe is in a perpetual state of chaos, and life is this chaos manifesting itself.

To appreciate this you will need to study a lot of science, but to see the elegance and beauty in this chaos you only need an imagination. The advent of the gods has worked to destroy this imagination  in our species.

Every god claim assumes that there is some inherent order to everything, yet order does not actually exist. Order requires conscience will to be inherent, but we know for a fact that conscience will is not inherent.

Our brains are the result of chaotic chemical reactions, acted on by the imperfect yet ever present pressures to survive. We call these pressures natural selection.

Intelligence seeks order, but life cannot thrive in such a situation because without the chaise nothing can ever improve. That is the part often ignored by humanity, improvement of any type is chaos.

Simply by attempting to make order, we create chaos, in the same manner than moving forward in a lake produces waves. Change requires chaos, and chaos produces change, the two are cyclical in nature.

Gods are the idiotic notion that change can happen without chaos, comforting to the intelligences residing in our brains but these are false comforts. Intelligence is a byproduct of neural chemical reactions, reactions which produce what we call awareness.

Awareness is seen in almost all mammals, it is the very basic concept of "I am therefore I am," sum ergo sum. This means our intelligence is bot unique in nature, but it always requires a chaotic system of reactions to produce.

Chaos is also not random, but it has nothing to do with being planned, people who are selling snake oil will often use unrelated words as synonyms to convince you that they're correct without needing to present empirical evidence. The fact of the matter is that we created a word that describes something which cannot exist, there never is, nor ever will be, any order in the universe.

Friday, August 28, 2015

The World Will End August 29th 2015

Doom and gloom has an appeal because the downtrodden love the idea of everyone better off getting the short end of the deal. This is why religion sells the idea of an eternal punishment for "everyone except you."

Other notions are the "end of the world" predictions, which scam billions on fools who would rather have quick and easy revenge than work to improve their lot. By knowing of an impending disaster they believe that they can somehow escape the worst of it and watch their evil enemies suffer horrible fates.

Let's pretend that just one such event will happen, consider the number of children who would suffer this "horrible fate" for just a moment, then ask if you really want that to happen. Would you still tame your easy way out, or want to stick around to at least try to help the children who suffer?

Think about it, the world is ending anyway, so there is no hurry to move onto your reward since it is supposedly secure. Yes, you'll suffer from all that horrible stuff, but you'd be able to help thousands of people by doing that.

So would you take the leaders' easy ship or just go on with your life until you can help children who will inevitably suffer without you? If your leaders are so worried about saving people, why are they in such a hurry to leave?

Doctors have been known to risk their own lives in combat just to mend a broken bone. Parents have died in burning buildings to save their children.

Strangers have lost their lives pulling people from harm, freeing others from slavery, or protecting them from tyrants. Altruism is the term used for this, it is an effect of empathy, feeling their pain is worse than our own.

This is not an accident, but it is not divine. Altruism is the only reason our species survived, lacking in strength, natural weaponry, and advanced tools in our early stages.

It was the ability to work together, especially self sacrifice, that allowed us to survive until we developed advanced tools. Without altruism we would have failed, humanity would never have existed.

Cults, religions, that sell panic and quick escapes are simply showing us that selfishness is too popular, selfishness is an effect of a psychotic personality. These followers are lacking in empathy so severely that they are willing to pay money just to see others suffer from what they believe is a safe place.

But here's the flaw, if their leaders actually believed what they said they'd jot ask for so much money anyway. Ask how they'll spend all that money after the world is gone.

One thing to check, just for laughs, they choose dates that are just before major spending periods, like late September. Just after September is when all the major holidays arrive, at that point it would be silly to ask for money from anyone.

But from July to September people have almost nothing to spend money on, making them prime targets. Panic is easier to fuel if tomorrow is the last day of the world.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Intelligent Design: Saying "God Dun It" Without Saying It

Creationism, often misrepresented as "intelligent design," which is really just another way of saying "god dun it." The fact of the matter is that creationism presents no facts, which is required for something to be scientific and sane.

Creationism itself is not even that old, it was started a few decades ago, after science had established that variety of life is an effect of evolution, the Earth was at least 4 billion years old, heavy elements are created by stars, and the Earth is not the center or reason for the universe. But creationism denies all of this and more.

The industry of creationism was started as a scam, to sell books and videos to uneducated fools. The talking heads of creationism never present facts, they always evade evidence, and know absolutely nothing about the scientific method.

They count on those who are too ignorant to ask questions, this is their target audience, this ignorance is actually born of laziness and lack of self esteem. It takes a lot of work to even understand the scientific method itself, much more effort than required to deny it.

The irony is that most of the people buying this creationism material never actually read it, then they present it as if it was evidence without realizing that all they present is the same debunked arguments used almost two centuries ago. If they read it and learned about the history of the theories they deny they'd feel really stupid for buying it.

Let's look at this as a creationist would, except we'll add facts to make it honest. Creationism was coined in the 1920s to describe Christian fundamentalists.

This movement was vanishing rather quickly, it is impossible to argue against facts that have been verified and most knew that. Then in the early 1990s we saw the arrival of online media, a rather inexpensive method of advertising products to billions.

The flaw was that you could say anything online, a flaw that the creationist con artists exploited to flood the internet with their baseless claims. Having made the internet easy to access for even the most stupid people, the target audience was flooding to these easy platitudes.

Science is hard, and platitudes like "we just can't understand it" instead of "here's the facts" are easy to swallow by the common moron. So with nothing more than simple platitudes, the creationist conmen were able to rope in millions of fools who were ready to buy a simple platitude to get through their miserable lives.

But here's the catch, none of what the creationists claim is even supported by the conmen who sold them the headline. This is why they don't even cite their sources anymore.

Behe, for example, no longer claims irreducible complexity is a thing, nor does he deny mutations in genes. But the creationist who bought his books will claim Behe proved irreducible complexity ... awkward.

The con artists have no interest in correcting their fools, they are the bread and butter of the industry called creationism. So that leaves us skeptics with a bunch of idiots to have fun with, dissecting their idiotic claims with only a few basic facts.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Vegetarian, Industry, and People

Humans are omnivores, like all apes, this basic fact cannot be argued. However, omnivore diet is still mostly vegetables, so too much meat will be bad for us.

But here's the problem with people who call themselves carnivores, our digestive system evolved to consume bugs. Bugs are a type of meat, but the bacteria present is very different.

Bacteria are important to digestion, they are also a source of nutrients, the wrong bacteria can also kill us. For animal flesh we must cook it to make it safe, while bugs can be eaten live without any major risks.

One nutrient we got exclusively from bugs is iodide, necessary for our survival no other source is abundant enough to sustain us. So we add iodide to to our salt to ensure we have a source that is pleasant to consume.

The flaw in vegetarian and vegan diets is the lack of variety in the nutrients. Though some can subsist on a diet of just vegetables, it won't be sufficient for everyone.

This is caused by the variations in our species, making it impossible to create a diet suitable for everyone. Thus some will be forced to consume a meat, but the choices for meat are limited to unethical ones.

This creates a conundrum, you either support a vile and despicable industry or you suffer health problems. This is not how a free society works, nor is it how capitalism works.

Capitalism requires that everyone have choices, that all choices are ethical, and no industry is given government support. This creates a sink or swim environment, where if a business angers the consumers it falls under it's own wait because of boycotts and protests.

In the USA, we see no capitalism, it is skewed by government regulations that are determined by unethical politicians who are siding with those who pay them most. Instead we see religion being treated how business should be, at least now all religions are falling under their own weight, but companies which should are still going strong on government subsidies and handouts.

Tax exemption is not part of this equation so don't assume I am including that, no one should be tax exempt if you can afford to pay taxes.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Video Evidence

No, videos are not inherently evidence nor do they contain evidence. Videos can present evidence but said evidence will have other sources, so to insist that the evidence is only in a video is the same thing as saying you have no evidence.

This is why we often refuse to acknowledge claims of evidence contained in a video without even bothering to watch said video, if evidence was presented in the video you could link it elsewhere. The best source for evidence is scientific papers, unlike the video these papers show their work and how they tested said evidence as well as the results of said test.

To make the evidence empirical, when these tests are repeated the results must be identical, there is no room for interpretation. If none of the tests produce the exact same results then it is not evidence.

The tests must always be exactly the same as well, any variation in the test invalidates that test and thus the results are meaningless. The results must be recorded as well, accurately and verifiably, so claims of said test producing such results are invalid without this verified record.

Videos can be evidence of events, but they must be actual recordings of said events and unaltered. The video must then be verified by several sources and it must be clear.

So no, we do not have to watch your religious videos to know that it's just a bunch of claims and double speak, if you had evidence you'd link a scientific paper when asked for it.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Are Humans Apes?

There is only one reason to deny that humans are apes, that reason is to remove the guilt of taking lives for no reason. In other words, it makes us nothing more than automatons incapable of compassion, love, or reason.

The psychological term is psychopath, not all psychopaths are violent but they are all incapable of feeling guilt. The most common behavior in psychopaths is indifference, the disconnect of not being animals allows them to ignore suffering in everyone, including their own species.

Animals have been culled by natural selection to care not only for their own, but for other species, sadly that includes humans. It is not uncommon for other animals to defend us when there is no instinctual drive to do otherwise.

The most well known cases involve domesticated species, though there are many examples of feral animals also coming to our aid, in spite of our habit of harming them for no valid reason. Our behavior stems from the disconnect we created by denying the obvious, we are a species of ape, mammals, animals, life.

Taxonomy classified us as apes centuries ago, one of those rare things we got right. The reason for the origin classification is our skeletal structure, later this was reinforced by our organs and brains, then confirmed by genetics.

To date, taxonomy has had about 20% of their classifications wrong, considering how long ago we started it that is a pretty good record. To deny we are apes today is the same as denying that roses are plants.

The lie of us not being apes spreads by the scam artists trying to say ape is a species, often saying "go to the zoo and see apes." But ape is a huge family, huge because we started burying our dead long before humans even existed.

A buried corpse has a higher chance of fossilization and takes a lot longer to decay. So we have well preserved skeletons of many ape species that are now extinct, and since 99% of all life on Earth has gone extinct since it's appearance, that's a pretty big portion of our lineage preserved.

Human lineage, down to the chimpanzee ancestor, is one of the most complete lineages, due to our desire in trying to prove the notion wrong. Ultimately, because of doubting the connection we actually proved it, a great example of how and why science works.

So to deny that we are apes is simply arrogance, the notion of being "special" or separate from the world. It is a dangerous lie that promotes psychotic behaviors and empowers abusers, killers, rapists, and other horrible people.

This is why we focus on those who deny science, we must protect our future and our sanity.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Compassion Is Atheist

Compassion is not a concept supported by religion in any way, because it demonstrates that right and wrong are subjective. This is a difficult concept to package, sell, and use to maintain control.

Control requires objective right and wrong, yet the believers prove that this is impossible. Take "thou shalt not kill" for example, we must kill for food, plus their own book commands killing in many places.

Some have reworded it to say "thou shalt not murder," but murder is a completely subjective law so it does not help their whole "objective truth" nonsense. But compassion goes one step beyond that.

What is beneficial to one person will not be beneficial to another, thus the notion of what's right changes based on the subject. This also challenges the adage of "treat others as you would want to be treated," ultimating making such a notion dangerous.

Let's take food for a perfect example, and very easy to empathize. A lot of people are allergic to peanuts, it's a very common allergy.

So people who are giving out sandwiches slathered in the stuff to homeless people will only effectively help about 80% of those they encounter. But peanuts are not the only allergy, some people are allergic to berries.

So then you toss on jelly and you reduce your number to about 75%, the more ingredients and the more objective you make the service the fewer the people you help. So compassion can only be subjective, to have compassion you must feel bad for those you cannot help instead of making excuses.

Religion requires that everything be objective, an impossibility on it's own, but compassion and, by proxy, right and wrong are not objective. This is the elephant in the room of religion.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Globe Earth is a Conspiracy!

Nothing is more idiotic than the conspiracy nut, nothing. Even the creationists show some semblance of intelligence, but the conspiracy nut is just too extreme to comprehend.

The most obviously idiotic conspiracy nut is the flat earther, a rare breed of moron who actually thinks the Earth is flat and that everyone is covering it up. When I say everyone I mean everyone ... except them, of course.

They think that somehow they saw through the lies everyone else tells them, which is that whole "we're special and you're all evil" nonsense religion brought us. The stuff they ignore and the mental backflips they are willing to perform to make their conspiracy work is amazing, what is more amazing is that they actually ignore facts.

The conspiracy nut will never listen to reason, logic, or facts, they made up their mind and refuse to even consider the possibility they are wrong. Often they claim "hours of research," yes, hours of research, makes them an expert on the subject. Never mind that most experts in any field spend at least a decade of study before they even begin their own research just so they don't look foolish.

One tactic they love to use is photos, wait, not photos but drawings. Then they claim every actual photo is cgi or staged.

To the mind of a conspiracy nut, everything that opposes their claims is made up by some dark and evil entity, faceless and purposeless. Ask them why and they always evade the question because there is no logical reason for these conspiracies.

If you ask them for proof they will never show it, because they don't think they need it. In their tiny little brains they think that their own claims are enough and to challenge them makes you part of this grand conspiracy against them.

For those who have the patience, never betray your credentials and you will get days of good laughs at their expense. The moment you admit to being an expert in something, they will vanish.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Antivaccine is Anti-life

Few things are as dangerous as anti-vaccination people, the things that come to mind are shark pools, rabid bears, piranha pools, and religion. Of course comparing anti-vaccine to religion is redundant.

The reason they are dangerous is because they feed on the ignorance bred by religion, that ignorance allows them to muddy the water with lies by making them sound scientific. There is nothing scientific about the studies they cite, it was the same idiotic correlation fallacy used to attack video games, and we destroyed that one too.

Other studies they use are actually opinion polls, which create peer pressure in the ignorant masses. But the most vile of their lies is that some doctor agrees with them.

The fact is, no licensed doctor agrees with anti-vaccination claims, none. Every reference they have used for a legitimate medical doctor opposes the anti-vaccination, like Dr. Poland who discovered what is known as vaccine shedding.

Vaccine shedding is actually enforces the need for mandatory vaccinations, herd immunity protects those who cannot be vaccinated. Few people even know what vaccines are, or what humans are, which is a serious problem.

First know this one basic, scientifically demonstrated, fact: everything is a chemical, even us humans. This means that everything about us is a series of pretty random chemical reactions influenced by the presence of DNA.

These simple, influenced but random, chemical reactions are in such large quantities as to resemble ordered and purposeful, but they are neither. Our ability to think is a side effect of randomness, not order.

This is why true AI is so elusive, but that's a different topic. Viruses are simple chemical reactions that act like monkey wrenches, they create imbalances, break apart important chemicals, and disrupt reaction chains.

The reaction chain disruption is what causes the symptoms, the imbalances cause the immune system response. Dead viruses can still cause these, but they do not reproduce, which allows the body to react in a controlled situation.

This means most people will feel symptoms, which is actually a good sign that the vaccine will work. If no symptoms are noticed then you cannot be absolutely certain your body was affected by the vaccine, you won't know if the antibodies are now present.

This results in the vaccine failing, though it is not the vaccine that actually failed, it was something like the dosage being too low or your body having antibodies for it already. You just hope that no one who has the actual virus comes near you, that is your only option at that point.

Vaccines can kill people, if you're allergic to one of the inactive ingredients. This is known as prophylactic shock, because the allergen is in your body you can't just shed it so you will need medical attention, but this is very rare and easy to catch as the reactions are almost immediate and there should be medical staff administering the vaccine anyway.

Most vaccines use the exact same inactive ingredients and preservatives, so if you have no allergy to one you can safely assume the others will be okay, but to be safe only allow medical staff to administer anything. This is important, do NOT allow anyone who is not trained to offer you any medication or even medical advice.

Yes, I did just tell you to ask your doctor, unless your doctor is some untrained quack on television. I know biochemistry, but I am not qualified to actually administer medication, doctors and scientists are not the same thing.

Most doctors know almost nothing about the scientific method, but they will be able to identify medical problems in an individual then administer proper treatment safely. Most scientists are not doctors, but we can tell you why the treatment worked or if you just experienced the placebo effect.

Anti-vaccine psychotics are incapable of being honest enough to tell you this. They will also not tell you that polio was once a serious problem, brought into obscurity by vaccines.

Whooping cough is another one that has made a comeback, I remember a time before the vaccine was in full use and we're seeing that in areas where anti-vaccine nuts live. The whooping cough epidemic is not as easy to stem, unlike polio, vaccination does not equal immunity.

Whopping cough can still be contracted, vaccines only reduce your chances. Reducing the chances of the entire population will affect the individual exponentially in all situations. Thus each unvaccinated person will increase everyone's chances of catching it by measurable amounts.

Polio, though it spreads slower, is no less a threat because of it's lower risk of contraction. Polio has devastating effects on those who contract it, life changing, life destroying, effects.

If your child catches polio they will never be a doctor, or live their own dreams. Vaccines were the only reason we, as a species, survived that illness, and anti-vaccine scum want that to return.

Yes, they actually want these illnesses to return, anti-vaccine movement is fueled and funded by the homeopathic and herbal medicine industries. These two industries cannot make money when real medicine makes people healthy, they cannot make money when people are not scared of everything else.

Homeopathy and herbal garbage have been so ineffective that even the dealers won't use it. But these same dealers are the ones convincing idiots that vaccines cause genetic disorders after the organism has been born.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Gods and Devils: The Fake Illness

Snake oil salesmen have these lists of questions that they think are "gotcha" questions, meaning they think these questions actually prove anything. They ask them then at the end claim that your answers mean you have some ailment for which they have no evidence.

This us how snake oil works, it distracts you from the facts so they can attempt to persuade you into buying their claims, but this tactic is failing today. The reason it is failing is quite simple, we now have it all in text and can go back to see what they did to change the topic.

This prepares us for keeling our rationality even in verbal communications. Ultimately, they don't even care about the well being of anyone, they just want you to believe their claims without question.

The method is a form of control, it keeps them in control of the conversation, or it allows them to think they're in control. The reality is that they truly have no evidence to support their claims and they know it.

Then they claim that all these answers which they claim are bad were caused by an illness they claim exists, fun fact, it's all just claims. So have fun with this, they know they lost.

Answer the questions, and be honest for some extra fun, then at the end mention that according to Ra followers, these are considered good qualities and Ra forbid the other gods from interfering with them.

Or mention that Scientology says that these are caused by etons, asking how they can prove they are not. Another is that dark elves are causing them, according to the early pagans.

Another personal favorite is that these negative things are caused by gremlins that infest machines like computers to pester humanity. Or that djinn cause them, or that these are just pranks by faeries and you need to hire a witch to be rid of them.

These are all identical claims, all of equal validity, and none are scientific or proven, just like the christian claims of demons.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Climate Change and the Scam

Global warming was once called global cooling, but not by scientists. That is the problem with this topic, too much mud in the water.

When our impact on the climate was first noticed, before any testing had even been done, Republicans came up with a brilliant marketing scam. Using the natural cooling trend, they cried about an impending ice age, saying that we needed to increase taxes and give the money to their companies.

People fell for the scare tactic, money flowed from the hard working individual into the pockets of the Republican funders. But then the cooling trend ended, not as predicted but as expected.

You see, the trend was predicted to end, but the time it ended was wrong based on historical projections. Not only that, there were obvious spikes at unpredictable points along the trend, nature usually only has a few such random events, not for the entire duration of a hundred or more years.

These seemingly random spikes, both up and down, in the global temperatures are what climatologists have been worried about, they coincide with our use of fossil fuels. Now the scientists are trying to find the actual cause, just saying it is fossil fuel use is simply not an answer.

The reason it is not an answer is because it does not offer an actual cause, so climatologists worked endlessly on this puzzle, in the mean time the politics of the issue went in a very unscientific direction. Republicans gave up milking the scare they created, and Democrats jumped on that bandwagon.

The scams were still there, they just got support from different people, and soon the actual science behind climate change was completely forgotten by the public. Mainstream media was not going to report on the boring science, they are only in the business of selling stories and often go so far as to make up news just for that reason.

So the public fell into a frenzy of who's scam was legal and which resource is best. Then all of a sudden we hear of a new alternative, labeled "green energy," these other methods of harnessing energy from the universe had not significant impact on the environment, but, they also had no way to be limited.

Oil, nuclear, and coal can have their supplies regulated by those who own them, meaning the ones who deliver it can set the price that the next step in it's process pays. The end result is hyper inflation, huge profits, and a system stacked against the consumer.

The new alternatives rely on resources that need no special methods of extraction, no multi-step processing, no steady manipulation of the costs. Most new sources, you buy the equipment about once every decade and you're good to go.

The end result is panic from those in charge, they remember that they lost control of information when we developed the internet and let people have it for free, they fear the same with energy. So they keep the waters muddy on climate change to keep people from focusing on the serious benefits of cleaning up our energy consumption.

Clean air, water, land, food, and all we have to do is take control of our energy from the government.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Target, Guns, and Animal Rights

There are a million things on my mind, but animal rights is usually at the forefront. Since humans are animals, fighting for their rights is fighting for our rights as well, but there's a catch.

I fight to protect them for one reason, my rights to health and safety will never be achieved in this society so I fight for them, in turn I fight for me by proxy. Which is why I do no support spay and neuter.

Being transgendered in a world still healing from the damage done by religion is like walking a minefield just to buy bread. While we are attacked socially, we are also neglected medically.

So Target does something right, they are working toward gender neutral bathrooms, which is a step forward to making their stores safer for everyone, especially transgendered. But this us not a new, or novel, concept.

In the past there was no segregation for restrooms, even in Europe the segregation was never popular. But as a species we are fundamentally insane, we always have to blame the weaker or fewer people for all our problems.

Our species is also the only species to celebrate psychotic tendencies, even to elevate them to positions of power. Thanks to religion, psychotic behaviours are actually encouraged and considered divine.

Since gods are made by us, perhaps there is truth there, we created divinity therefore it would contain our social flaws. But religion contains only our flaws and none of our positive traits.

I have seen humans risk their lives to rescue other animals, as I have seen other animals rescue those of other species. A puma once adopted the fawn of a deer she had killed for sustenance, and she raised that fawn as her own, as if she felt guilty for orphaning it.

Wolves have commonly adopted other species into their packs, they even defend humans they regard as friends. Lions bond to humans who rescue them, and it's a beautiful thing to see.

Other apes rescue other animals, even whales will befriend dolphins and learn to work together. So what is wrong with us?

We can't even offer our own decent healthcare, safety, and piece of mind just because of an inconsequential difference.

The Science of Science

The confusion about what science is has grown to epic proportions, even among those who do not deny scientific findings. First, we created science, it was not discovered nor taught to us by some outside force.

Science is a tool, a method of finding which claims are fact. It is not a secret, elite society, it is also not a collection of knowledge.

The first use for science was to weed out fraudulent claims of miracles made, the Catholic church developed the tool. Ironically, it worked too well and soon they discovered that there are no divine miracles, just a bunch of natural phenomenon.

So the church locked up all the "miracles" that were not yet debunked to keep the masses from questioning them, and regretted having created the most powerful tool. Of course they cannot deny the facts found by thus tool, and they don't, instead they just rule like a autonomous government, a boys club.

As for science, it became the standard method of discovery, in spite of the fact that it doesn't actually discover anything. There is the crux of it, scientists do the discovering, they notice some phenomenon or event then work to understand it.

To do that you need to know what is fact and what is not, such as the claim of DNA driving the traits of organisms. Once this claim or phenomenon is noticed it gets tested.

Now when we say tested we mean rigorous testing, but to make the tool work you need these tests verified. Enter the peer review process.

A scientist who has tested evidence, found it to be fact, then submits their evidence and the tests they performed. Then every scientist in that field does their best to find an inconsistency.

Tests are done to find flaws, not to prove anything, being unable to find a flaw in the evidence determines that the evidence is fact. Facts do not change, no matter what happens, they always remain fact, but what we think are facts can be found to be a phenomenon instead.

Phenomena are subjective, they can, and often do, change based on circumstances. Unlike facts, phenomena can appear as fact until one variable changes.

One phenomena that is often used as a grounds for many biological sciences is cellular mechanics. Cells usually behave a certain way, but only under certain conditions, changing the conditions changes the behavior, meaning there is no one fact of cellular mechanics, it is a phenomenon.

Another common phenomenon is planetary motion, while there are a lot of facts that can help predict the motions, by changing one influence by a fraction the motions can change drastically. This means that how they move is not a fact, but a lot of facts explain why they move the way they do.

The next aspect is the theory, the most misrepresented aspect of science. A theory is an explanation, yes, but it explains the interrelations of facts. No one bit of a theory depends on another, though they do influence the others.

This means that fact A will be a fact even if B is wrong. Thus you don't debunk theories, they are established relation and they are explanations that have produced workable results.

You can attempt to show that a fact is not a fact, by testing it then having others try to find flaws in these tests. But renown is important to prevent any of the clueless folks from poisoning the findings.

To accomplish this scientists base renown on honesty, integrity, and demonstration of knowledge. You must also fully understand the scientific method, one thing no creationist understands.

Now you know the grit of science, the work that must be put into it is not for the intellectually lazy, uneducated, or feint of heart. It's long hours, often banging your head against your desk, then many more hours listening to everyone else telling you where you went wrong, then repeat.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Dangers Of Psychiatry

If you Google the origins of psychiatry you find many conflicting tales of how it was started by some such group or person, with the general consensus of it originating in the 1700's or 1800's. This sounds just like a church, right?

To make matters worse, the scientific method did not appear before the 1900's, at minimum a hundred years after psychiatry was established. Of course this does not, in itself, show that psychiatry is lacking in scientific evidence.

What psychiatry did is evidence of that, psychiatrists treated mental disorders as demonic possession before the more scientific discipline of psychology appeared. You read that right, psychiatry never opposed the unscientific, dogmatic, superstitions until they were no longer popular.

Even today we see many psychiatrists stating obvious lies, one being that homosexuality is a severe mental disorder. In the meantime, psychology has found answers, such as that homosexuality is not the problem.

Today we know for a fact that social persecution for things which cannot be controlled causes symptoms mimicking major mental disorders such as depression, a fact which psychiatry refuses to acknowledge. But, as with all dogma, many of the uneducated and indoctrinated masses refuse to see the problems inherent in this unscientific field.

So why do psychiatrists exist? Power.

Simple enough, their egos drive them to commit atrocities in the name of their horrific practices, such as running high voltage through the most sensitive organ, the organ that is you. They will have perfectly sane individuals declared unfit to care for themselves so they are legally allowed to force these people to become their guinea pigs.

We have discovered other uses for some of their mad experiments, however these real uses were not discovered by psychiatrists. Psychology works closely with neurology, resulting in scientific analysis of how the brain responds to such things, instead of torturing and even killing patients for their own egos.

The result is that we have found some great new tools in the horrendous experiments of psychiatry, but that is no excuse to send anyone to those gallows.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Nature of Nature and Society

The natura world is glorious, strange, and fascinating, it bothers me when I see so many people who want to ignore it. It makes matters worse when you realize most people want to destroy it.

Then irony floods in when these same people insist that it's unnatural to want to modify your body to suit your psychological needs. These are the same people who insist that their dogma remain unquestioned.

I have had many claim to be atheist as if it somehow makes their dogma right, which is a non-sequitor as being atheist has nothing to do with the topic. Let's look at the most horrendous example, genital modification.

For those who are perfectly sane, genitalia is no different than any other organ. They serve the purpose of reproduction, but some have found pleasure in using them for recreation, which is their choice.

However, medical doctors force some to modify for no logical reason, then they refuse to allow others to voluntarily modify them. Transgendered people have a perfectly valid and sane reason for wanting the genitalia gone, to allow them to live their life without the constant glitch in their neural network  interrupting them.

But doctors refuse to acknowledge this well known, scientifically demonstrated, fact on account of their dogma or profit. The end result is transgendered forced to live on taxpayers, costing states billions in medical, and being placed in danger by society.

Now many will think that they just have to pay for it like everyone else, but that is far from the truth. Medical doctors will refuse, even if there is a medical emergency and the transgendered patient has the money in hand, to remove the genitals or modify them in any way.

This is dogma, they make many excuses and invoke many fallacies to justify denying this basic right, then imprison the patient at the cost of the state under the guise of them being a danger to themselves. This is all based on the archaic church called psychiatry.

Psychiatry is often touted as scientific, but it is actually dogma that must be corrected by the truly scientific discipline of psychology. But society is slow to move forward and most people still think psychiatrists actually care about helping people.

So to get ones inconsequential organs removed, a cisgender person must present a life threatening situation, while a transgendered person must go through a long period of humiliation, abuse, and harassment only to be told some lame excuse as to why they can't get it done.

SRS is excessively hoarded by cisgender in the USA and most transgendered patients are denied for no logical reason. So we are forced by society to live off their table scraps and find ways to manipulate the system, even file million dollar lawsuits to at least have a chance at a decent life.

The cost of neglect for transgendered people in the USA is several thousand per year, per taxpayer. I alone account for the expenditure of $200,000 dollars at minimum per year, and I only need a $5,000 surgery to get back to work, which doctors refuse to do simply because it's also elective.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Guns, Abortions, and Idiots Worshipping Gods

The flaw in this whole Planned Parenthood fiasco is not so much of a flaw. The Republicans have distracted all the nuts from the gun issue with this made up outrage that we have been successfully passing more restrictions on firearms.

I am confident that even those capable of understanding this will refuse to back down on their hot air spewing against planned Parenthood that they will never even read this. The Republicans have only themselves to blame, it was them who pushed Planned Parenthood to sell fetal tissue from the abortions they legalized, then they decided to recruit fanatics as their voter base.

No matter the topic, a fanatic will always focus on their fake problem, or displaced anger. I have even tried to sway some of the topics to other subjects, but they always resort to spouting the same lies about Planned Parenthood their tiny brains can grasp.

The really good thing is that while the Republicans are scrambling to repair the damage done by this hoax, the rest of the country us wresting the last of their power from them. We also now know the numbers of loyal voters, and those numbers spell doom for the party as a whole.

As we see the rest of the country moving forward into a future we are creating, the Republican and Tea parties are struggling to restore a past that never was. This means we are leaving them behind, and like slavery, they will become nothing more than a vanishing embarrassment of our species.

So, keep the anti-choice nuts focused on their doomed outrage, in the mean time our intelligent politicians are running successful campaigns against guns, religious entitlements, and inequality.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Guns, Abortion, Common Sense

A fetus is not a baby, a baby is not a child, but the idiots who oppose healthcare will use the wrong term to describe a fetus as an attempt to play on emotions. This tactic is, by definition, terrorism.

It is a common tactic used by people who oppose health, freedom, and safety. To them, only they should make all the decisions for everyone else, sound familiar?

The same tactics are used by gun nuts, one common one is by cling your idea unpopular to try to scare you from voicing it. Ironically, they just show how insecure they are, they think that popularity makes something right.

Which is made more ironic as we notice that they are no longer even popular. From demonstrations of lacking education to the use of terrorist tactics, the right wing morons have made themselves irrelevant.

This is why we are trying to remove their ability to harm others, one not often ignored, as they are clearly incapable of making intelligent decisions on their own. If the anti-abortion idiots had a solid argument, they'd not need obviously fake images and terrorism to make a the argument.

Gun nuts have the same issue, often citing that criminals don't obey gun laws they out themselves as criminals, most have not undergone a real background check as the current laws require. Most gun nuts are obviously incapable of passing a psychological stability exam.

So why all the hype about these two topics? Control.

They tried to control people by banning one type of marriage, and they failed miserably because even our SCOTUS is beginning to see that troglodyte laws are damaging to our culture. So now they're in full fear mode.

But the anti-abortion is not about controlling women, it is about forcing more kids to be born so they can indoctrinate them by blaming everyone else for the kids' problems. They essentially let these kids suffer, then point their fingers at the mothers and convince the kids to raise arms against the system.

This makes abortion and guns their last bastion for abusing children to accomplish their own ends. Legal abortions means fewer children born into destitution, destitution can be used to easily sway people, as we have seen in the supporters of the Republicans, the ignorant and destitute are easily convinced of any crazy idea as long as you hold a tasty morsel in front of them as a distraction.

But the future is bright, kids today are not nearly as stupid as the past generations, they are also more educated. The modern kids born to these psychotic nuts are often silent on all matters until they grow up, then they turn on their own parents.

The parents are too stupid to realize that their kids are smarter than them, and so they incorrectly assume that their kids agree with them, silence is often complacency. But their silence is only because they're smart enough to know when to strike, we taught them that.

When I say we, I mean all generations before them, marketing for various products has always utilized timing. Our culture here is inundated with marketing, it is our culture, packaging, sales, catchy slogans and logos.

So our corporatism has served one great role in our culture, it prepared the USA to step forward today.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Gun Sense Is Sanity

The entire argument from gun nuts is "it's mine, you can't take it." Have pity on them, they have been duped by a masterful advertisement campaign, one that convinced these nuts that everyone was the enemy and that anyone who trues to help them is really out to get them.

Let's destroy their arguments with some easily verified and undeniable points that will force them into the raving lunatic rants sooner, so then you can just have fun mocking them.

We shall begin with the constitution, the first AMENDMENT, they always fail to notice that the law was actually a change made to the constitution of the USA. If a change was made to it once, it can be changed again, and we do change those laws a lot.

The term "unconstitutional" is often thrown about, but constitutional law is not actually in the constitution and requires a lot of deliberation to make a definitive statement as to what is against that. The thing is, the constitution is our lower over the government, like a contract, stating that the government itself cannot make laws opposing these principles that the voters have chosen as integral.

That means, we have the right and power to change those amendments or over rule them, entities that are not individual persons are not allowed to oppose the constitutional laws. This finer point is often ignored by the NRA nuts, as well as many corporations.

So there goes that argument against gun sense in a puff of legal facts. The next one is a bit more fun, it makes their heads explode.

"Guns don't kill people, people kill people," which is why we are pushing to regulate who can own them. The fact of the matter is that the laws for regulation already exist, and many gun nuts are utilizing the loopholes we want to close to illegally obtain a gun.

So yes, criminals do not obey the law, that is why they fear the law being enforced properly. The vast majority of those complaining about regulation are batshit crazy and obviously a danger to society.

But the NRA has convinced the few sane gun owners that the nuts don't exist. Yes, the sane ones are gullible, but most voters are very gullible, the gun sense crowd often cites correlation fallacies that they believe are fact.

So the gullibility is on both sides, but one side won't make it possible for some nut to put me in the cross hairs of a high powered rifle just beside I'm transgendered. So I'm inclined to ignore the nuts on my side for that one life saving reason.

The worst argument I have heard is that guns are just tools. This is completely fallacious, guns are weapons, weapons are not tools.

Weapons are made only to destroy, they have no other use or purpose. Tools are made to assist us in improving our species, tools are made for building and helping.

Just because a tool can be used to kill does not negate the fact that it was not made for such a purpose. But let's compare the knife against the gun for argument's sake.

A knife has a very limited range, plus the fastest it can be drawn and readied is 15 seconds, a gun can exceed running distance and be drawn and readied in less than 5 seconds. A knife wound is rarely fatal on it's own, it hurts like hell but usually does not result in death, medical technology is so awesome.

A bullet wound is also not always fatal on it's own, however most shootings involve a rapid fire and the culmination of wounds decreases your chances of survival exponentially. Also, a bullet is more likely to penetrate vital organs, increasing the chances of a fatal wound from a single round to equate to a hundred stabbing wounds from a knife.

The reason for this extreme difference is obvious, the knife was not made to kill but the gun was. So next time they try these pathetic arguments remember, they're psychotic personalities incapable of rational thought.