Monday, August 17, 2015

Antivaccine is Anti-life

Few things are as dangerous as anti-vaccination people, the things that come to mind are shark pools, rabid bears, piranha pools, and religion. Of course comparing anti-vaccine to religion is redundant.

The reason they are dangerous is because they feed on the ignorance bred by religion, that ignorance allows them to muddy the water with lies by making them sound scientific. There is nothing scientific about the studies they cite, it was the same idiotic correlation fallacy used to attack video games, and we destroyed that one too.

Other studies they use are actually opinion polls, which create peer pressure in the ignorant masses. But the most vile of their lies is that some doctor agrees with them.

The fact is, no licensed doctor agrees with anti-vaccination claims, none. Every reference they have used for a legitimate medical doctor opposes the anti-vaccination, like Dr. Poland who discovered what is known as vaccine shedding.

Vaccine shedding is actually enforces the need for mandatory vaccinations, herd immunity protects those who cannot be vaccinated. Few people even know what vaccines are, or what humans are, which is a serious problem.

First know this one basic, scientifically demonstrated, fact: everything is a chemical, even us humans. This means that everything about us is a series of pretty random chemical reactions influenced by the presence of DNA.

These simple, influenced but random, chemical reactions are in such large quantities as to resemble ordered and purposeful, but they are neither. Our ability to think is a side effect of randomness, not order.

This is why true AI is so elusive, but that's a different topic. Viruses are simple chemical reactions that act like monkey wrenches, they create imbalances, break apart important chemicals, and disrupt reaction chains.

The reaction chain disruption is what causes the symptoms, the imbalances cause the immune system response. Dead viruses can still cause these, but they do not reproduce, which allows the body to react in a controlled situation.

This means most people will feel symptoms, which is actually a good sign that the vaccine will work. If no symptoms are noticed then you cannot be absolutely certain your body was affected by the vaccine, you won't know if the antibodies are now present.

This results in the vaccine failing, though it is not the vaccine that actually failed, it was something like the dosage being too low or your body having antibodies for it already. You just hope that no one who has the actual virus comes near you, that is your only option at that point.

Vaccines can kill people, if you're allergic to one of the inactive ingredients. This is known as prophylactic shock, because the allergen is in your body you can't just shed it so you will need medical attention, but this is very rare and easy to catch as the reactions are almost immediate and there should be medical staff administering the vaccine anyway.

Most vaccines use the exact same inactive ingredients and preservatives, so if you have no allergy to one you can safely assume the others will be okay, but to be safe only allow medical staff to administer anything. This is important, do NOT allow anyone who is not trained to offer you any medication or even medical advice.

Yes, I did just tell you to ask your doctor, unless your doctor is some untrained quack on television. I know biochemistry, but I am not qualified to actually administer medication, doctors and scientists are not the same thing.

Most doctors know almost nothing about the scientific method, but they will be able to identify medical problems in an individual then administer proper treatment safely. Most scientists are not doctors, but we can tell you why the treatment worked or if you just experienced the placebo effect.

Anti-vaccine psychotics are incapable of being honest enough to tell you this. They will also not tell you that polio was once a serious problem, brought into obscurity by vaccines.

Whooping cough is another one that has made a comeback, I remember a time before the vaccine was in full use and we're seeing that in areas where anti-vaccine nuts live. The whooping cough epidemic is not as easy to stem, unlike polio, vaccination does not equal immunity.

Whopping cough can still be contracted, vaccines only reduce your chances. Reducing the chances of the entire population will affect the individual exponentially in all situations. Thus each unvaccinated person will increase everyone's chances of catching it by measurable amounts.

Polio, though it spreads slower, is no less a threat because of it's lower risk of contraction. Polio has devastating effects on those who contract it, life changing, life destroying, effects.

If your child catches polio they will never be a doctor, or live their own dreams. Vaccines were the only reason we, as a species, survived that illness, and anti-vaccine scum want that to return.

Yes, they actually want these illnesses to return, anti-vaccine movement is fueled and funded by the homeopathic and herbal medicine industries. These two industries cannot make money when real medicine makes people healthy, they cannot make money when people are not scared of everything else.

Homeopathy and herbal garbage have been so ineffective that even the dealers won't use it. But these same dealers are the ones convincing idiots that vaccines cause genetic disorders after the organism has been born.

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