Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Nature of Nature and Society

The natura world is glorious, strange, and fascinating, it bothers me when I see so many people who want to ignore it. It makes matters worse when you realize most people want to destroy it.

Then irony floods in when these same people insist that it's unnatural to want to modify your body to suit your psychological needs. These are the same people who insist that their dogma remain unquestioned.

I have had many claim to be atheist as if it somehow makes their dogma right, which is a non-sequitor as being atheist has nothing to do with the topic. Let's look at the most horrendous example, genital modification.

For those who are perfectly sane, genitalia is no different than any other organ. They serve the purpose of reproduction, but some have found pleasure in using them for recreation, which is their choice.

However, medical doctors force some to modify for no logical reason, then they refuse to allow others to voluntarily modify them. Transgendered people have a perfectly valid and sane reason for wanting the genitalia gone, to allow them to live their life without the constant glitch in their neural network  interrupting them.

But doctors refuse to acknowledge this well known, scientifically demonstrated, fact on account of their dogma or profit. The end result is transgendered forced to live on taxpayers, costing states billions in medical, and being placed in danger by society.

Now many will think that they just have to pay for it like everyone else, but that is far from the truth. Medical doctors will refuse, even if there is a medical emergency and the transgendered patient has the money in hand, to remove the genitals or modify them in any way.

This is dogma, they make many excuses and invoke many fallacies to justify denying this basic right, then imprison the patient at the cost of the state under the guise of them being a danger to themselves. This is all based on the archaic church called psychiatry.

Psychiatry is often touted as scientific, but it is actually dogma that must be corrected by the truly scientific discipline of psychology. But society is slow to move forward and most people still think psychiatrists actually care about helping people.

So to get ones inconsequential organs removed, a cisgender person must present a life threatening situation, while a transgendered person must go through a long period of humiliation, abuse, and harassment only to be told some lame excuse as to why they can't get it done.

SRS is excessively hoarded by cisgender in the USA and most transgendered patients are denied for no logical reason. So we are forced by society to live off their table scraps and find ways to manipulate the system, even file million dollar lawsuits to at least have a chance at a decent life.

The cost of neglect for transgendered people in the USA is several thousand per year, per taxpayer. I alone account for the expenditure of $200,000 dollars at minimum per year, and I only need a $5,000 surgery to get back to work, which doctors refuse to do simply because it's also elective.

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