Monday, August 31, 2015

The Conspiracy of Science

Of course not all atheists are smart, not all atheist people even use science, our only common ground is that we lack a belief in any god. Though this is usually because of being skeptical, skepticism does have an unhealthy extreme.

We call them conspiracy theorists, though theorist is is not the proper word. These people are so extremely skeptical that they even doubt demonstrable facts, which forces them to make it all up.

Ultimately the conspiracy nut is not scientific, and that is where the extremism comes from. Skeptics must remain scientific at all times, it is the only way to know fact from fiction, there really is no other method.

Conspiracy nuts dismiss science as a conspiracy in itself, which betrays their ignorance. They believe science is some elitist club that just feeds people information, which is far from the truth.

Science is a method used to test and verify facts, anyone can contribute but you cannot expect to be taken seriously if you present no evidence to be verified. Once evidence has been tested and verified it is demonstrably fact, though there is a recent issue discovered in the system used for this, caused by our population explosion, which is beyond this blog.

I recently explained how credibility is earned, but conspiracy nuts still think it's bought and sold. An example is wifi, which one of the key developers was an actress, a female movie star with no credentials at a time when women could not get respect.

A simple search of scientific contributions and one will notice that today more youth are contributing to scientific advancement than older people. A disturbing and encouraging trend, disturbing because my generation is seriously failing.

Yet the conspiracy nuts still claim that science is some grand conspiracy to keep people stupid, rather ironic that the conspiracy nut usually doesn't understand basic physics. Often they will cling to those who have been laughed out of the scientific community for submitting papers with false, fabricated, or no evidence.

The method finds those falsifications, which is why it has worked so well, and if you expect to be taken seriously after publishing such then you're a bigger fool than creationists.

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