Friday, May 22, 2015

The Woes of Josh Duggar

I have heard every excuse for why the Josh Duggar should be "forgiven," none hold water but one is a clear example of how ignorant religion makes you. Hormones are not an excuse, never have been a valid excuse, never will be a valid excuse, for harming other people.

The last part of that is very important, hormones have unique effects on the organism, while some affect physical changes, others affect personality traits, cravings, attractions, etc. But the hormones do not affect both, it's a singular effect for each one.

Many hormones are so specific, because of physiology, that the effect is limited to very specific body regions. So no, the hormones released through puberty cannot control you, cause you to misbehave, or even alter your personality.

This is a lame excuse used for thousands of years to enforce misogyny, yep, men would excuse their bad behavior using the exact same reason they would claim women were inferior. It created the tautology of "boys will be boys," which helped to keep males blameless for every female they hurt.

Not to dismiss the fact that it happens in the reverse in some cases, but this is the history of this lame excuse I am focusing on. Christians are touting other lame excuses, like saying their god forgives him and expecting the victims to just accept the abuses.

The fact of the matter is, until they prove their god exists they cannot even be taken seriously about what this god says. So this is merely another excuse to allow an abuser to avoid facing justice, and that's all it is.

The Christians have invested so much in the ability of media to turn off your thinking and inject any lies they want, but whenever the people charged with speaking for them are exposed as the horrible beings they are, they know their scam is about to be weakened.

This trend of all religious leaders being shown for the monsters they are is unique to the age of information, and with the internet we can deatroy the con artists by simply keeping these stories alive. No child today wants to listen to a known abuser, it is not until they are isolated from facts and reality that they can be convinced these monsters are good people.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Synthetic is Superior

The fact of life is that living organisms must consume other living organisms to get the nutrients to survive, because all the nutrients available are now being used by one organism or the other. This is an undeniable fact of the matter and one cannot deny this.

There is, however, an alternative for humanity. Using tools developed through scientific research, we have a unique opportunity to harvest elements then synthesize nutrients, in essence we can create the very chemicals of life from inorganic and nonliving sources.

Currently, we are limited in our ability to accomplish this, our best option is to produce a super food source using modern genetic modification methods. We are utilizing mostly corn and wheat with this goal, someday we could replace all food sources, even animal flesh, with these crops.

Essentially, we will be removing ourselves from the food web, which is really awesome for those who's empathy is strong. But until then, what are acceptable food sources?

This is where morals, science, and survival all crash, resulting in one huge existential argument about right, wrong, and fact. Technically we cannot say with absolute certainty that any one source is okay without also allowing for other sources, so it comes down to what is acceptable socially.

To more clearly illustrate this we must dispel all myths around all food systems. First, and easiest myth, is the one stating genetic modification is bad.

Yes, we can combine all arguments against modern GM methods into one, they're all the exact same argument regardless of how you word it. The fact is that old methods, like crossbreeding, rely on mostly random factors which quite often produce dangerous hybrids.

Modern GM methods use a focused change, planned based on well understood phenomena, resulting in an expected and planned product. Essentially the modern GMOs have almost no guess work involved while "organic" is nothing more than guesswork.

Often people will claim that meat is the only source of one chemical or another, they always forget the food we evolved to consume feeds on meat but does not process those chemicals. As a species, we evolved to eat maggots off rotting corpses, the maggots consume all the dangerous chemicals and convert them into benign and useful chemicals for us.

This process is inefficiently replicated by the act of cooking the flesh. As our numbers grew, without the knowledge of how to farm insects, we turned to this alternative.

It allowed our species to thrive to an extent, but in exchange we have begun to damage the ecosystems we depend on. Our only option now is to remove ourselves form the food systems or begin farming insects to better suit our needs and our conscience.

Then there is the question of which species we should be consuming for food, and the lines become completely subjective, which totally sucks. The reason this annoys me is because one cannot consume any meat if they are to stand the high ground on this specific issue, meaning that it becomes an all or nothing situation.

For me, because of empathy, certain species are completely off limits due to our social needs and responsibilities. Cats and dogs are certainly off the menu, we engineered them to be companions, meaning they think more like us than most people realize, they also feel the things we do.

Swine should also be removed, they are nearly as intelligent as us and we should show our peers much more respect than slaughtering them. This includes dolphins and whales, what monsters are we that slaughter animals who may be more intelligent but pose no threat?

Of the remaining animals, we must take care how we treat them. We cannot be certain how they feel about things, or what they can understand, and to terrorize or torture them makes us monsters.

So I shall leave you with this one final thought and plea: can we, as a species, just stop being idiotic troglodytes?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tattoos Are All Atheist

Tattoos are often associated with anarchy and toughness, but the reality is far more fascinating. Tattoos have a huge social significance in every ancient culture.

Even today, many cultures regard them as records, diaries writ on your skin. Even the less existential cultures regard them as expressions of the self.

Today, many cultures have began to regard them as an art form, far less significant but just as valuable to those who create them. They are the soul of the artist merging with the soul of the canvas to produce a living painting.

The most awesome facet of those who wear tattoos, staring is encouraged.

The this inhibition is something we should all strive to enjoy, and that is what frightens the Abrahamic religions. Religions focus submission through fear and peer pressure, discouraging those who dare to be themselves as a means of controlling the masses.

Tattoos are the epitome of self expression, a way to be an individual, to display accomplishments, a way to make connections permanent without the boundaries set by religious leaders. In essence, tattoos are the ultimate expression of freedom.

So to all the artists that help the common folk become unique, thanks. To those who allow the artists to paint your skin, thanks.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Best Friends Are More Valuable Than Family

The loss of a family member can be hard on those close, but the loss of a best friend is far more devastating. To those who deny this, you have never truly had a best friend.

In my life I have lost many, a few of them were human, most were four legged or feathered friends. With family there is a social obligation, for those not free enough to ignore, we are conditioned to love our family regardless of how horrible they are to us.

This is why child abuse has been so rampant in the past, society has convinced us that we must love our family. But we don't choose family, they are genetic contributors or benefactors, we have a responsibility to care for our offspring but that is the only obligation we truly have.

We do choose our beat friends, and if we're smart, we choose at least a few really close ones that we would do more for than we would do for any family member. Most often our best friends will not be of the human species.

Unconditional love, as I say, is not a human skill, we can learn it but we must be taught by other animals. We lost this skill because of religion indoctrinating us into believing that unconditional love has conditions.

So we become confused, thinking that it is our genetic relations and social contracts that make love instead of considering how they treat us, until we experience that true love that crosses the species boundaries, a love without condition, without obligation, without social pressures. We become so connected with those best friends that even family comes second to their needs.

Recently my neighbor lost his best friend, a little dog that adored him. This was his only true friend, he even has no family as they all just forgot he existed.

I usually do not get along with him, but now I cannot even consider being rude. He lost his world a few days ago, and I cry for him because I know his pain.

I hope he finds this blog so he can read this, because I know he needs to hear it but I don't know how to approach him. The heartbreak, the pain, it's worth it for that pure and fleeting love.

The companionship, for as short as their lives are, cannot be found in another human because humans are corrupted by social pressures. It hurts when we lose it, but "a thing isn't beautiful because it lasts."

The short time they impact our lives is what makes our lives worth living, we learn to keep them alive in our minds, to remember their effect on us is how they remain with us. The trials we go through to keep them as long as we can makes the loss of that final moment a bigger struggle, but it also makes those moments when they're there for us so much more valuable.

Companions for which we gain nothing of physical value from are the ones which have the greatest personal value, they have nothing to offer so they give us everything they do have. These companions give us more trust than any family member ever has, more compassion when we need it than any human has.

Our friends, the true friends, regardless of species, are the ones we not only benefit the most, they are the ones we need most. Hold onto their memories, even while moving on to another friendship, to keep all of them as alive as you are.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pity Those Who Believe In A God

The only thing that religious people ever offer are platitudes, yet they think these platitudes are actually answers. They have been trained to think this way, it keeps them from asking questions and probing more deeply.

So here's a complete list of their platitudes and what they actually mean. You'll be amazed at how small this list actually is.

"Give your trust to this god and forget your problem for this god has a plan for you." The meaning is quite clear, it means shut up and stop complaining about things, just give up, don't you dare try to make your life better.

"This god cannot be tested, all the answers you need are in this book about this god." Subversively placating your curiosity, it tells you to stop asking for the evidence, in this way the preacher can tell you that the god says anything they want it to and you cannot oppose it.

"Everything is proof of this god." This is patently wrong, it is also a platitude, specifically it's known as a "gotcha."

The aim is to get you to stop asking for evidence of any claims, by causing an emotional reaction of being backed into a corner they often succeed with this stupid remark, but there is one that you can use in retaliation "prove it." That is a full stop argument, meaning there is no way they can, but they did set the premise that such an absolute is possible so they are now stuck.

"If you pray this god will answer your questions." My personal favorite because it is so easily deflected, they are telling you that in order for you to believe in this god you must first believe in this god, they admit that this god does not exist by doing so.

"It takes more faith to not believe than to believe." A common one that is essentially them admitting they believe only because they convinced themselves it's true, since they know that faith is a bad thing they must project that onto the unbeliever.

"Nothing is possible without this god." This platitude means "you can't do anything, you're useless," pretty basic on this one, and it leads nicely into the next one.

"Your sins are the reason for the bad stuff." In essence, preachers destroy self worth by belittling people, that way they are more easily swayed, as well as trapped by their own self loathing.

They are convinced they need the forgiveness of this god but only the preacher seems to have the ability to hear it because of this imagined flaw. So it creates the perfect trap, they seek the preacher for ways to make themselves worthy and the preacher can tell them anything they want, resulting in a population of mindless robots under the control of the preacher.

Pity them, for the followers know not what they do, they are lost in a simple trap of the mind, a simple spiral into oblivion.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Empty Suits Suck - Personal Advice

Suits, pantsuits, tuxedos, "little black dress," are all obsolete. The lack of color destroys a person's individuality, those who wear these act like clones, their mannerisms all become identical and boring as hell.

Sadly, this is by design.

We were all told that in order to be successful you had to dress this way and act that way. The reality is that the most successful people are those who stand out, those who leave an impression on the people they meet.

I have been making some local contacts, and a few friends in the process. The only similarity between those successful is that they are all unique.

They are not empty suits, one doesn't even like to wear much clothing at all, another wears rock band logos and loves those ever too close hugs. Another highly successful person speaks with their hands and wears a fedora, jeans, and a tee-shirt.

These are business people, wealthy and in charge of their lives, not just some wage slave in a suit who is paid more than they are worth. The job creators are also not supporters of Republicans, most support no particular party.

The trick they mastered, the one I only recently figured out, is that you must stand out of the crowd. Your equity is based on factors that make no difference as to how you dress, speak, or act, but to be successful you must be your own advertisement.

I never knew how big I was until I started mingling with these people, almost all of them knew me from online. My impression on them was made, and unforgettable, I say things many are thinking but very few dare speak.

Luckily, I am also like that in local society, I do not magically change into a shrew in the light of day like most people in this country. If you want attention, you stand next to me, and you will get your fill.

Back in school I was the self hating popular kid, rebelled by hanging with the low life. I could never shake how much attention I got, the harder I tried to become disliked, the more popular I became.

Online the same thing happened, I still fought it. But recently I gave in, weathered and tired of trying to make everyone but a few people hate me, I turned my displeasure into power.

I embraced that one thing about me that got your attention, the very fact that I don't give a fuck what you think about me, but it's nice if you like me. So tell those empty suits that they suck, to their faces.

Let them know you don't want to see a sea of monochromatic apes anymore, let those stuffy attitudes fall like all outdated ideas. We are not slaves, not robots, and until we stop behaving like them our species is doomed.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Teach The Controversy: Leprechaunism

As we hurtle through space at breakneck speeds, we seek but one truth. What is the reason?

As an atheist, I have come to terms with making my own answer to that question. Whether there is some grand scheme makes no difference, we all create our own purpose.

We can safely assume there is no grand purpose because of infinite regress. Consider that a grand purpose would, itself, demand a purpose for it's existence, and that would need a purpose as well, and on down ad infinitum.

So whether we create our purpose from some cookie cutout version in an ancient and obsolete book, or we just make one from scratch, we are all making our own purpose. Mine is simple, to ensure no one else has to live the horrors I have.

This same logic follows for any and all gods, if a god is required for the universe then one is required for the god, and on down ad infinitum. For without a purpose, according to religion, there is no reason for it to exist therefore the god requires a reason as well.

The way preachers convince their livestock is by offering them a double standard, usually by saying it's outside of the universe. This often trips even atheist people up because they don't know how to break this cycle of illogical nonsense offered by religious people.

So entering into this argument is pointless, their cognitive dissonance will not allow them to oppose their preachers. However, there is one flaw in their entire belief that is often overlooked, their gods are all leprechauns.

There is more evidence suggesting leprechauns exist than there is for any god. Every culture talks of little people, capable of magical tricks, who hoard valuables of some sort.

One example is the tooth fairy of North America, gremlins of Europe, and pigmies of Africa. All tales of small people with magical powers who hoard valuables and decide who gets shares based on arbitrary rules.

According to the religious people, leprechaunology must be taught in schools as science, as an alternative to finance and math. This is exactly the same as their argument for creationism, actually, leprechaunism has far more evidence and relevance than their god creator monster.

So that leaves us with the problem of how to tell what is fact and what is just made up stories, anthropomorphization, or wishful thinking. Enter the scientific method, that's what we call it today though it has been used by the greatest minds for centuries.

The method is simple, you collect evidence then test it. Then you show the evidence to other people and dare them to prove your test results wrong.

They then repeat your tests and compare results in front of the world. If those results vary then you cannot call it a fact.

This means that no gods can be claimed as fact, because there are so many claimed to exist and everyone who tests the evidence produces different results. They call this "interpretation," but that is merely admitting that it's just a fairy tale,