Sunday, August 16, 2015

Gods and Devils: The Fake Illness

Snake oil salesmen have these lists of questions that they think are "gotcha" questions, meaning they think these questions actually prove anything. They ask them then at the end claim that your answers mean you have some ailment for which they have no evidence.

This us how snake oil works, it distracts you from the facts so they can attempt to persuade you into buying their claims, but this tactic is failing today. The reason it is failing is quite simple, we now have it all in text and can go back to see what they did to change the topic.

This prepares us for keeling our rationality even in verbal communications. Ultimately, they don't even care about the well being of anyone, they just want you to believe their claims without question.

The method is a form of control, it keeps them in control of the conversation, or it allows them to think they're in control. The reality is that they truly have no evidence to support their claims and they know it.

Then they claim that all these answers which they claim are bad were caused by an illness they claim exists, fun fact, it's all just claims. So have fun with this, they know they lost.

Answer the questions, and be honest for some extra fun, then at the end mention that according to Ra followers, these are considered good qualities and Ra forbid the other gods from interfering with them.

Or mention that Scientology says that these are caused by etons, asking how they can prove they are not. Another is that dark elves are causing them, according to the early pagans.

Another personal favorite is that these negative things are caused by gremlins that infest machines like computers to pester humanity. Or that djinn cause them, or that these are just pranks by faeries and you need to hire a witch to be rid of them.

These are all identical claims, all of equal validity, and none are scientific or proven, just like the christian claims of demons.

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