Friday, August 14, 2015

Climate Change and the Scam

Global warming was once called global cooling, but not by scientists. That is the problem with this topic, too much mud in the water.

When our impact on the climate was first noticed, before any testing had even been done, Republicans came up with a brilliant marketing scam. Using the natural cooling trend, they cried about an impending ice age, saying that we needed to increase taxes and give the money to their companies.

People fell for the scare tactic, money flowed from the hard working individual into the pockets of the Republican funders. But then the cooling trend ended, not as predicted but as expected.

You see, the trend was predicted to end, but the time it ended was wrong based on historical projections. Not only that, there were obvious spikes at unpredictable points along the trend, nature usually only has a few such random events, not for the entire duration of a hundred or more years.

These seemingly random spikes, both up and down, in the global temperatures are what climatologists have been worried about, they coincide with our use of fossil fuels. Now the scientists are trying to find the actual cause, just saying it is fossil fuel use is simply not an answer.

The reason it is not an answer is because it does not offer an actual cause, so climatologists worked endlessly on this puzzle, in the mean time the politics of the issue went in a very unscientific direction. Republicans gave up milking the scare they created, and Democrats jumped on that bandwagon.

The scams were still there, they just got support from different people, and soon the actual science behind climate change was completely forgotten by the public. Mainstream media was not going to report on the boring science, they are only in the business of selling stories and often go so far as to make up news just for that reason.

So the public fell into a frenzy of who's scam was legal and which resource is best. Then all of a sudden we hear of a new alternative, labeled "green energy," these other methods of harnessing energy from the universe had not significant impact on the environment, but, they also had no way to be limited.

Oil, nuclear, and coal can have their supplies regulated by those who own them, meaning the ones who deliver it can set the price that the next step in it's process pays. The end result is hyper inflation, huge profits, and a system stacked against the consumer.

The new alternatives rely on resources that need no special methods of extraction, no multi-step processing, no steady manipulation of the costs. Most new sources, you buy the equipment about once every decade and you're good to go.

The end result is panic from those in charge, they remember that they lost control of information when we developed the internet and let people have it for free, they fear the same with energy. So they keep the waters muddy on climate change to keep people from focusing on the serious benefits of cleaning up our energy consumption.

Clean air, water, land, food, and all we have to do is take control of our energy from the government.

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