Monday, August 24, 2015

Intelligent Design: Saying "God Dun It" Without Saying It

Creationism, often misrepresented as "intelligent design," which is really just another way of saying "god dun it." The fact of the matter is that creationism presents no facts, which is required for something to be scientific and sane.

Creationism itself is not even that old, it was started a few decades ago, after science had established that variety of life is an effect of evolution, the Earth was at least 4 billion years old, heavy elements are created by stars, and the Earth is not the center or reason for the universe. But creationism denies all of this and more.

The industry of creationism was started as a scam, to sell books and videos to uneducated fools. The talking heads of creationism never present facts, they always evade evidence, and know absolutely nothing about the scientific method.

They count on those who are too ignorant to ask questions, this is their target audience, this ignorance is actually born of laziness and lack of self esteem. It takes a lot of work to even understand the scientific method itself, much more effort than required to deny it.

The irony is that most of the people buying this creationism material never actually read it, then they present it as if it was evidence without realizing that all they present is the same debunked arguments used almost two centuries ago. If they read it and learned about the history of the theories they deny they'd feel really stupid for buying it.

Let's look at this as a creationist would, except we'll add facts to make it honest. Creationism was coined in the 1920s to describe Christian fundamentalists.

This movement was vanishing rather quickly, it is impossible to argue against facts that have been verified and most knew that. Then in the early 1990s we saw the arrival of online media, a rather inexpensive method of advertising products to billions.

The flaw was that you could say anything online, a flaw that the creationist con artists exploited to flood the internet with their baseless claims. Having made the internet easy to access for even the most stupid people, the target audience was flooding to these easy platitudes.

Science is hard, and platitudes like "we just can't understand it" instead of "here's the facts" are easy to swallow by the common moron. So with nothing more than simple platitudes, the creationist conmen were able to rope in millions of fools who were ready to buy a simple platitude to get through their miserable lives.

But here's the catch, none of what the creationists claim is even supported by the conmen who sold them the headline. This is why they don't even cite their sources anymore.

Behe, for example, no longer claims irreducible complexity is a thing, nor does he deny mutations in genes. But the creationist who bought his books will claim Behe proved irreducible complexity ... awkward.

The con artists have no interest in correcting their fools, they are the bread and butter of the industry called creationism. So that leaves us skeptics with a bunch of idiots to have fun with, dissecting their idiotic claims with only a few basic facts.

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