Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Dangers Of Psychiatry

If you Google the origins of psychiatry you find many conflicting tales of how it was started by some such group or person, with the general consensus of it originating in the 1700's or 1800's. This sounds just like a church, right?

To make matters worse, the scientific method did not appear before the 1900's, at minimum a hundred years after psychiatry was established. Of course this does not, in itself, show that psychiatry is lacking in scientific evidence.

What psychiatry did is evidence of that, psychiatrists treated mental disorders as demonic possession before the more scientific discipline of psychology appeared. You read that right, psychiatry never opposed the unscientific, dogmatic, superstitions until they were no longer popular.

Even today we see many psychiatrists stating obvious lies, one being that homosexuality is a severe mental disorder. In the meantime, psychology has found answers, such as that homosexuality is not the problem.

Today we know for a fact that social persecution for things which cannot be controlled causes symptoms mimicking major mental disorders such as depression, a fact which psychiatry refuses to acknowledge. But, as with all dogma, many of the uneducated and indoctrinated masses refuse to see the problems inherent in this unscientific field.

So why do psychiatrists exist? Power.

Simple enough, their egos drive them to commit atrocities in the name of their horrific practices, such as running high voltage through the most sensitive organ, the organ that is you. They will have perfectly sane individuals declared unfit to care for themselves so they are legally allowed to force these people to become their guinea pigs.

We have discovered other uses for some of their mad experiments, however these real uses were not discovered by psychiatrists. Psychology works closely with neurology, resulting in scientific analysis of how the brain responds to such things, instead of torturing and even killing patients for their own egos.

The result is that we have found some great new tools in the horrendous experiments of psychiatry, but that is no excuse to send anyone to those gallows.

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