Monday, January 16, 2017

Trouble at the Karlstrom

I live in a subsidized housing property, which is in itself not bad most of the time. Lately things are changing for the worse though.

The new manager for the building is a bit of a slumlord, as he has reduced what the maintenance are allowed to repair. For this reason my apartment has been flooded four times, the source being above my apartment.

Each time the maintenance says they "think" they fixed the problem, yet it keeps happening. The business that operates the building, I call them a business because that's how they now operate, is Compass Housing Alliance.

Recently many of the staff there retired, and the replacements for them keep getting less compitent. Now they offer more to the homeless people who use the shelters than they do to those of us who pay rent.

I would normally not care so much, except that I was blamed for the damage caused by the flooding. For this reason I am sending them this letter:

I know you care more about your homeless than those of us who pay rent, however I find you in violation of the lease at this time. The plumbing problem has not been resolved after three complaints; which has resulted in damage to me, my property, and my companion animals. Over $100 of medical supplies have been ruined by this issue now. My male companion animal continues to perceive the encroaching water as a threat and thus sprays that area routinely forcing me to spend $30 a month in cleaning supplies to remove the odor, and when the human has incontinence issues it is difficult to train a cat not to do that. This is now the fourth occurrence of the issue. If this forces me to move apartments Compass Housing Alliance will be responsible for all fees and costs during the transition as well as any costs related to emotional stress, cleaning, and medical supplies lost.

I'm very patient and extremely easy to negotiate with, however this issue has also resulted in the manager threatening to evict me in a way that he can profit. His actions may force me to utilize the legal system, I would prefer to discuss this with his employers and come to a compromise that will not harm anyone who is in need. In short, resolving this matter without a lawsuit would be my preference, however since Compass has eliminated communication channels I may be forced to have my lawyer contact those in charge through the courts.