Monday, August 3, 2015

Guns, Abortion, Common Sense

A fetus is not a baby, a baby is not a child, but the idiots who oppose healthcare will use the wrong term to describe a fetus as an attempt to play on emotions. This tactic is, by definition, terrorism.

It is a common tactic used by people who oppose health, freedom, and safety. To them, only they should make all the decisions for everyone else, sound familiar?

The same tactics are used by gun nuts, one common one is by cling your idea unpopular to try to scare you from voicing it. Ironically, they just show how insecure they are, they think that popularity makes something right.

Which is made more ironic as we notice that they are no longer even popular. From demonstrations of lacking education to the use of terrorist tactics, the right wing morons have made themselves irrelevant.

This is why we are trying to remove their ability to harm others, one not often ignored, as they are clearly incapable of making intelligent decisions on their own. If the anti-abortion idiots had a solid argument, they'd not need obviously fake images and terrorism to make a the argument.

Gun nuts have the same issue, often citing that criminals don't obey gun laws they out themselves as criminals, most have not undergone a real background check as the current laws require. Most gun nuts are obviously incapable of passing a psychological stability exam.

So why all the hype about these two topics? Control.

They tried to control people by banning one type of marriage, and they failed miserably because even our SCOTUS is beginning to see that troglodyte laws are damaging to our culture. So now they're in full fear mode.

But the anti-abortion is not about controlling women, it is about forcing more kids to be born so they can indoctrinate them by blaming everyone else for the kids' problems. They essentially let these kids suffer, then point their fingers at the mothers and convince the kids to raise arms against the system.

This makes abortion and guns their last bastion for abusing children to accomplish their own ends. Legal abortions means fewer children born into destitution, destitution can be used to easily sway people, as we have seen in the supporters of the Republicans, the ignorant and destitute are easily convinced of any crazy idea as long as you hold a tasty morsel in front of them as a distraction.

But the future is bright, kids today are not nearly as stupid as the past generations, they are also more educated. The modern kids born to these psychotic nuts are often silent on all matters until they grow up, then they turn on their own parents.

The parents are too stupid to realize that their kids are smarter than them, and so they incorrectly assume that their kids agree with them, silence is often complacency. But their silence is only because they're smart enough to know when to strike, we taught them that.

When I say we, I mean all generations before them, marketing for various products has always utilized timing. Our culture here is inundated with marketing, it is our culture, packaging, sales, catchy slogans and logos.

So our corporatism has served one great role in our culture, it prepared the USA to step forward today.

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