Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Globe Earth is a Conspiracy!

Nothing is more idiotic than the conspiracy nut, nothing. Even the creationists show some semblance of intelligence, but the conspiracy nut is just too extreme to comprehend.

The most obviously idiotic conspiracy nut is the flat earther, a rare breed of moron who actually thinks the Earth is flat and that everyone is covering it up. When I say everyone I mean everyone ... except them, of course.

They think that somehow they saw through the lies everyone else tells them, which is that whole "we're special and you're all evil" nonsense religion brought us. The stuff they ignore and the mental backflips they are willing to perform to make their conspiracy work is amazing, what is more amazing is that they actually ignore facts.

The conspiracy nut will never listen to reason, logic, or facts, they made up their mind and refuse to even consider the possibility they are wrong. Often they claim "hours of research," yes, hours of research, makes them an expert on the subject. Never mind that most experts in any field spend at least a decade of study before they even begin their own research just so they don't look foolish.

One tactic they love to use is photos, wait, not photos but drawings. Then they claim every actual photo is cgi or staged.

To the mind of a conspiracy nut, everything that opposes their claims is made up by some dark and evil entity, faceless and purposeless. Ask them why and they always evade the question because there is no logical reason for these conspiracies.

If you ask them for proof they will never show it, because they don't think they need it. In their tiny little brains they think that their own claims are enough and to challenge them makes you part of this grand conspiracy against them.

For those who have the patience, never betray your credentials and you will get days of good laughs at their expense. The moment you admit to being an expert in something, they will vanish.

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