Thursday, August 13, 2015

Target, Guns, and Animal Rights

There are a million things on my mind, but animal rights is usually at the forefront. Since humans are animals, fighting for their rights is fighting for our rights as well, but there's a catch.

I fight to protect them for one reason, my rights to health and safety will never be achieved in this society so I fight for them, in turn I fight for me by proxy. Which is why I do no support spay and neuter.

Being transgendered in a world still healing from the damage done by religion is like walking a minefield just to buy bread. While we are attacked socially, we are also neglected medically.

So Target does something right, they are working toward gender neutral bathrooms, which is a step forward to making their stores safer for everyone, especially transgendered. But this us not a new, or novel, concept.

In the past there was no segregation for restrooms, even in Europe the segregation was never popular. But as a species we are fundamentally insane, we always have to blame the weaker or fewer people for all our problems.

Our species is also the only species to celebrate psychotic tendencies, even to elevate them to positions of power. Thanks to religion, psychotic behaviours are actually encouraged and considered divine.

Since gods are made by us, perhaps there is truth there, we created divinity therefore it would contain our social flaws. But religion contains only our flaws and none of our positive traits.

I have seen humans risk their lives to rescue other animals, as I have seen other animals rescue those of other species. A puma once adopted the fawn of a deer she had killed for sustenance, and she raised that fawn as her own, as if she felt guilty for orphaning it.

Wolves have commonly adopted other species into their packs, they even defend humans they regard as friends. Lions bond to humans who rescue them, and it's a beautiful thing to see.

Other apes rescue other animals, even whales will befriend dolphins and learn to work together. So what is wrong with us?

We can't even offer our own decent healthcare, safety, and piece of mind just because of an inconsequential difference.

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