Monday, March 30, 2015

All Religion is Extreme

Religion, theism of any type requires a religion, has to have doctrine to be a religion. Another word for doctrine is dogma, though that requires it to be unquestionable like Christian or Islam.

Many religions have a simple doctrine, a few basic rules of live and let be one must follow to be allowed to hang with the club. But those ones also update their doctrine to accommodate new information and it's always up for debate.

These few good religions are called pagan or heathen now, and the followers are usually the best deluded people I have met. Delusion on it's own is dangerous if the doctrine that enforces it endorses dangerous behavior, pagans lack dangerous doctrine and thus, like us gamers, only want short escapes from reality.

This is not, in any way, moderate. Both the pagan and gamers are extremists, you either do it or you do not, there is no in between. Pagans will likely understand this better than anyone, in spite of many being far too tolerant of the other religions.

Your religion is your doctrine, and so it is what you should be judged by, what laws you keep in that doctrine are laws you agree can apply when your delusion so commands it. You thought I was going to point out all the bad things the followers do, didn't you?

What the followers do is not important, what they claim they obey is. If they claim that on part does not apply today, that means it did apply before and can apply again, they are saying that they agree with that law.

Claiming it's allegory only makes it worse, since a scientific method is not applied to determine what is allegory, everyone can interpret it mean whatever they want, and change that meaning for any reason they so choose. This is, in itself, dangerous behavior.

So the choice is not who doesn't actually hurt people versus those who do, it's if your doctrine claims you can hurt people for any reason. All religious people are extremists, because they all claim to follow a doctrine.

Us gamers can be pretty religious about gaming too, but lacking a doctrine it is not an actual religion.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Don't Go Vegan, Go Synthetic

Vegan and vegetarian are a noble way to live, sadly my body cannot handle that much fiber. But I am against cruelty, and I can't stand the facf that because of a medical issue, I have to endorse an industry that I oppose.

This is not a single entity problem, many factors are involved in why we don't have manufactured, imitation, meats and bugs available. One is simply oppression of science by the farming industries by using tactics like fear against modern GMO and fear against synthetic chemicals.

But the subversive influence is from religion and the sense of entitlement and superiority religion gives us. This is something most humans are unwilling to discard, even when they shed the delusion of a god.

Almost a year ago they finally announced that we will be able to print meat, by assembling cells using machines. A few of us got really excited about no longer having to kill other animals for food, but the majority treated this as if it was the beginning of some bad apocalypse story.

Printed food means no more killing, no more danger, healthier humans, and better lives for everyone. It also means the end of farming, hunting, and other organic industries.

Modern GMO producers are happy about going out of business for this, feeding everyone without the risk is their goal. Those who oppose manufactured, synthetic, imitation products because they could no longer justify killing are all companies that claim that all natural and "organic" is safer, healthier, and better without presenting any evidence of this.

If synthetic means no longer destroying the only world we have for food, then nothing is healthier.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Being Polite Is Not Honest

Mincing words can be fun in a friendly debate with a linguist, note the qualifier. Many people think that just because they grew up using a language, that they're experts on said language.

Online this is often called "the grammar Nazi" but this is only one of many examples available. Often the ones I am talking about are those who think they're brilliant but when they are corrected by someone, they have to avoid admitting they were wrong.

When corrected there are two possible responses that don't make you look like a moron, auto correct (including swipe typing on the phone) is a valid excuse, or you can look like a genius and just say "oh, thanks for the correction." I prefer the latter, but my phone does seem to have a mind of it's own and I don't like to lie.

One example of when I, a person who takes etymology of language very serious, makes a mistake is in the difference between effect and affect. I have to look those up every time or just guess.

I use to be the same with too and to, but eventually I got my brain rewired to use those correctly. I get corrected on the affect/effect error often, and my response is always "thanks for the correction" or "yes, you idiot, I do confuse those a lot, you could have just told me without making yourself look like a moron."

You see, the idiot is the one that assumes they are smarter because they have one good habit the other person does not. It takes more intelligence and humility to admit you made a mistake, don't know, or to offer someone a nudge when you spot a mistake.

Stupidity is the notion that being corrected is insulting, or the notion that you must be insulting when correcting an inconsequential mistake. Being told you're acting stupid when you are is never an insult, if you're a creationist then everything you say about science is stupid, you should know this by now.

The reason we often just come out and call you stupid is because you deluded freaks constantly call us evil and stupid for wanting to learn. You are deluded, and your delusion prevents you from admitting that you're completely clueless.

Honesty demands that we do not sugar coat mistakes, but that does not mean it has to be included with attempts to insult your identity, family, or friends. When you are acting like an idiot, it's better to be informed of it than to think being an idiot makes you look smart, because you know we'll laugh at you, whether in front of you or behind your back.

If you prefer not to know everyone is laughing at you, then perhaps the delusion of religion is perfect for you, but don't expect to be allowed to make decisions for yourself or anyone else.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Unchanging Gods Are Impossible

Lately I have been noticing irony more than ever, like my blog post about popularity being bad is unpopular, and the irony of how religion purports that unchanging is a good thing while changing to suit the whims of it's leaders.

This idea of unchanging, something that is never improved, being some sort of quality of perfection is so blatantly wrong it makes me wonder if any humans are worth keeping around when I hear religious people say "I have this book that has not changed for hundreds of years." Physics experts will confirm that everything is in a constant state of change in the universe, even the laws we created to describe it.

I can just picture many morons still trying to say that any perfect being must be unchanging, which is literally impossible. The simple act of existing is, in itself, change. One must pass through time to exist, and time is the fundamental force of change.

For something to exist outside of time it must not exist at all, because for any particles to exist they must be in a constant state of change, or movement. Movement of any sort is change, so for something to be active it must change.

Thought is absolute change, so to think of creating something you have to change. Every idea must develop from nothing, and settle into an ever improving form. That is unavoidable, nothing that thinks can avoid change.

Exertion of will is also change, it is the manifestation of change. So for a god to do anything it must change, and thus we know that the "unchanging god" claims are all lies, we can dismiss these even if they present evidence.

Essentially, nothing can remain unchanging and exist or act, not in this universe or any other.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Popularity is Inherently Wrong

The folly of popularity is that it is wrong more often than correct. Ideas that were most popular have almost always proven to be really bad ideas, such as slavery, sexism, superstition, and gods.

One well known example is the Earth being flat, an idea that was extremely popular even though it was not difficult to see that it was wrong. In spite of these basic observations we could have made, people were tortured to death by religious people simply for pointing out the possibility of the idea being wrong.

They were killed because they opposed the popular idea, not because they were wrong or even threatening. Today we still see this folly of humanity, from denying gay marriage to racism in the USA, denying science in place of simple and stupid mythology.

Even the concept of a "creator" or god is a popular idea that is just plain wrong. So it has been demonstrated by all of history that popularity has no inherent effect on ideas, it cannot be used to determine which is correct. However, based on human behavior, all popular ideas should be suspect and placed under the most strick scrutiny before they are excepted.

So to those idiots who are so proud of being popular, remember that you are probably wrong because you enjoy being popular. I have alwasy been popular, I have also always hated it because I have been forced to scrutinize all my decisions.

But to think on it, maybe that's why I am correct more often than not.

Comforts Are Bad

Why did I buy that bag of potato chips when I know I hate potato chips now? The answer to this riddle is the same reason intelligent people can be fooled into the god delusion as easily as the idiots who never questioned it from birth.

To understand it we must look at a basic human need, comfort. Each organism will seek our comfort, either through familiarity or habit.

Because of this inherent need, intelligent organisms become prone to following the crowd, or even doing something they don't actually enjoy just for that comfort. The comfort is not actual comfort, it is a neurological redundancy that the organic brain uses as a baseline for all thought.

The benefit is that the brain has a method of determining if something is a potential threat to the colony, the drawback is that this baseline is established early in life and it is very difficult to change it.

Unlike popular belief, habits are just as difficult to break as drug addictions, because they are the psychological baseline used by the brain to define reality. This makes us susceptible to the delusions we call gods.

Due to the clustering of the species into social groups, our brain will see the group as a comfort, and thus it will use the group as a baseline for reality. Religion was so cleverly designed by the con artists that it offers a strong feeling of group while also opposing such things, allowing the con artists known as preachers to change it at will.

So pity the poor fools who fall for this, and try to retrain your brain to avoid the comforts that are dangerous for your own sake. Potato chips are the most inane of such habits, there are many that can cause serious harm.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

White Privilege Kills Kids

Racism is one thing we were told was gone before we had the internet. Today they can no longer lie to us and I am in awe at just how bad it really is.

I have always had mostly white friends, the few black people I have spent time with were always so wonderful and … well, like me. We listened to the same music, usually Stone Temple Pilots or Nirvana was the common link.

We loved the same art, manga and anime, beautiful since 1970 something. We even at at the same places, Jack in the Box tacos, hell yeah.

Our mannerisms and language were almost indistinguishable, though some had accents from the regions they grew up like New York or Arizona. Our only difference was that they had darker skin, and mine was dependent on the amount of sun I was exposed to.

Until recently I had never considered how lucky I was to have these friendships, but now I know they were lucky to have lived long enough in this country to have come into my life. This frightens me, considering how many really cool and awesome friendships I have missed just because some idiot with a power trip and a gun shot them for having a different color of something.

People who are racist are killing others for cosmetic differences, no different than killing someone for not having blond hair. Being able to see this problem has also opened my eyes to the stark contrast, what is often called "white privilege."

This does, in fact, happen all the time. I was once a casual marijuana smoker, we just called it pot, and enjoyed joints after work while watching lame television shows or keeping our security guard friend company during his night shift.

When we were intercepted by police they would confiscate the pot then let us go with a warning, every single time. Then I hear from people I know in other regions, thanks to the internet, who I forget have brown to black skin complaining about the cops harassing them.

It would have been better if the cops had harassed me when I was a pot smoker than to discover this discrepancy. These racists are killing children just because the kids were born with one chromosome different.

These kids are humans, people, one of us hairless apes no less valuable than any other. I am ashamed to say that most white people are not even worthy of being part of any kingdom of life, the other animals only kill out of necessity.

Service Industry Sucks Because of the Customers

The thought of training new employees in food service still gives me nightmares, not because of the new employees. Customers to food service are often skewed by the stereotypes of the employees there, resulting in a tendency to be rude and abusive.

Many times the customer will believe a mistake is made when it wasn't then go into a fit of rage when this is pointed out. Cognitive dissonance accounts for some, but most often it is the arrogance of thinking the food service employee is below them before ever entering the establishment.

The thing is that being the customer does not always make you right, or even intelligent. To the contrary, in most cases.

Customers believe service employees can do anything the customer demands. Sorry but moving mountains is not within the power of service employees anymore than you.

Arrogance of the customer believes that the service employee is a leech on the system or a failure in life, which is far from true. Most service employees are, in fact, people trying to make it in spite of the odds being stacked against them by you, the customer.

Recently businesses have had to always take the employee's side because the problems caused by customer arrogance. Now you have a really good reason to make most service employees love you, that means be courteous, friendly, and tip well.

But I know most customers will not do this, most will continue to be total assholes toward every employee because of their arrogance. So thanks, you assholes, for shooting your own foots off.

Now here's the kicker, consider this exact same problem applies to religion. Customers being the theists, and service employees being the atheists.

So that leads me to this final thought: Thank you, theists, for destroying your own religions.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Civility is Tyranny from Religion

Civility is one concept that has been redefined by idiots to mean that anyone who disagrees is just rude. It's a method of avoiding admitting they are too stupid or ignorant on a subject to be saying anything.

Civility has nothing to do with agreeing, or with the use of slang, or even insults and other such things, except that all those are part of being civil. At it's basic definition, civil is essentially a synonym for social, as to interact with someone of the same species.

The part of the word's definition that religious people abuse is the inclusion of social laws, rules of conduct which we assume others follow within any given situation. But these rules change with every combination of social structure, setting, and level of familiarity.

This means that being civil on one website on the internet can be very different from being civil on another and is certainly very different than civility on the street. Civility on the street has a different set of behaviors than civility within an office, and the difference between an office and home life is practically contradictory.

Religious people attempt to force everyone in all these situations to follow the social rules of their delusion, basically how one pretends to behave in church. The irony here is that they never behave how they assume others should behave anyway, it's one of many hypocrisies of religion.

Too add insult to injury, civility has nothing to do with language or words. That's gotta fucking hurt, Christians and Muslims.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

I Just Proved Your God Is A Myth

Christopher Hitchens once said "What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence." The logic is so simple, elegant, and completely undeniable.

This is why religious people hated him, he was such a great thinker and was capable of presenting inarguable conclusions to any argument. So now I present the argument against all gods ever proposed by all humanity.

This simple argument is undeniable and flawless, I dare anyone to attempt to oppose it using more than "nuh uh." Now let the fun begin.

1. Any fact will be arrived at, and provide identical results, through testing and verification of evidence.

2. Any god must be taught to children for the children to arrive at the conclusion as their parents.

3. Therefore gods are inventions of the human imagination and not fact.

Done, no god proposed by humans is a fact, and therefore believing it exists is delusional.

USA: Where You Are Free To Be Stupid and That's All

The irony of the USA is that while most of us still deny that we are animals, those same people behave just like cattle with guns. The breeding of our species has been our of control for so long, and we see the impact on the rest of the world quite clearly.

But in the USA most people act like cattle, focused on sex and fucking us all to the brink of extinction. Only China could possibly be worse about this than us, considering they don't even worry about the toxic air they produce.

But let's stick with the western world, because we should have the freedom to be smarter than them. I look around and see so many herds of cattle, I mean families, with many calves in tow, acting like they're somehow superior to those of us smart enough to not breed.

The sad part is that they could still keep fucking if they want, all they need to do is get sterilized or use protection to prevent becoming cattle. Then end result of this cattle like behavior is the propagation of the most idiotic people in the country.

There was a movie based on this that may just be a documentary about our future if the people in my own country don't start behaving more like animals.

USA, Home Of The Delusional

The price of religious belief is often obfuscated by the closet believers, those idiots who always defend religion with the old canard of "what's wrong with …" The fact is that everything is wrong with religion, everything.

I have gone into great detail about many of the inherent flaws with any belief that opposes reality, and why there are no true moderates. But one thing I never dud was state the simplest reason why belief that opposes reality is dangerous, because I always thought this was common sense.

If a delusion is present in one person we know they are at risk of that delusion causing their detachment from reality to affect their actions, bringing harm to themselves and others. We also know that the delusion will mask other possible mental problems, seriously dangerous and violent ones.

So we closely monitor this person for signs of other such dangers to reduce the chances of them bringing harm, making it possible to step in and hopefully prevent their delusion from getting out of hand. Now assume we did not recognize the delusion, or we called it something else, and considered it acceptable.

Delusions have this funny effect, making a person lose their ability to discern reality from imagination. When the delusion focuses on a television series we immediately understand the fact that it's delusion.

But when the same level of delusion focuses on a god we dismiss it as belief or religion. We make the delusion acceptable and pay less or no attention to those who suffer from it, but it is no less a loss of ability to discern fact from fantasy.

To make matters worse, many ideas that are common in humans are considered delusions because of this god delusion, even though the ideas do not conflate fact from fantasy in any way. Transgender, sexual fetishes, games, even cosplay are considered delusions and bad, by the delusion called religion.

Even today, people in the USA are allowed to discriminate, even commit violence, against these harmless and perfectly sane aspects of life. But we protect the obviously, demonstrably, harmful delusion called religion and allow it's followers to make laws for which the rest of us must abide by.

We, the USA, allow people who think they can make up reality as they go, to define what reality is for everyone. This makes the entire country delusional.

Do Not Raise Minimum Wages

A successful economy works best with the least amount of government influence, either direction, for the same reason theocracy is a failure. Once you have finished reciting your propaganda lines, please, continue reading.

We see the reason clearly when minimum wage is increased in the USA, though not in other countries. The reason for this discrepancy will become clear very soon.

Consider the copyright system, originally it was made into law because offering the inventors a time to recuperate the costs of development would increase the number of people willing to invest in innovations. Today the copyright laws are outrageous, insanely oppressive because of a few corporations pulling the strings of the politicians.

So in order to sell a version of a product that is made more efficiently and with less costs the copyright holder must be paid whatever they ask, until the day the species becomes extinct. Resulting in absolutely no savings to pass onto the consumer and thus the original producer gets to decide the value of their product no matter how necessary it is for survival.

The end result is that the labor used in the entire process of selling the product to the consumer is added to the total cost, and the only people really earning massive profits are those who hold the copyrights. Walmart is often wrongfully blamed for this discrepancy.

Often people will use the profit value of the corporation, which is a total sum of all their holdings. The outlet stores are only a small portion of their profits, the company owns many other companies which it makes the bulk of it's profits from and no one ever looks at the problems these others are causing.

It's legerdemain, the outlets are given focus by the primary company so that no one realizes just what the company is actually guilty of. Most of the corporations are doing this now, using the minimum wage and their trademarked outlets as smoke screens to cover the real problems.

Should minimum wage be increased? Maybe. We can't know for certain at this time because the costs of everything are hyper inflated by the fact that super wealthy people are being counted as middle class.

Here's the guideline: if you can afford a new phone and computer each year and own a home or a car newer than 2005, you are super wealthy. Most of us are lucky to own a computer that's not more than a decade old or a phone that is now discontinued, and if we're really lucky we have a studio closet … sorry, I meant apartment.

My cat Pepper is the least expensive thing I own, compared to my PS2 that I have had for 7 years even. Ironically, she is more valuable to me than my own life.

So no, do not raise the minimum wage, simplify the fucking laws involved with the relationship of corporation and government so that the corporations cannot get away with atrocities or influence our politicians more than the voters do.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I Just Blocked You

The new "I'll pray for you" is "now you're blocked." Neither has any more impact on an intelligent person than the other because saying those phrases is nothing more than an attempt to bruise the other person's ego.

Since there is absolutely no effect from either phrase or action, there is no effect on anyone who has half a brain when they are stated. It's all about the believer's ego, like all religious nonsense.

Most religious people complain that us atheists are arrogant, well, some of us are, so fucking what? The hypocrisy of religious people is that they are not only arrogant, they claim that arrogance is a sin then deny their arrogance.

This makes them inherently liars, the belief that they chose the correct religion out of thousands is the most arrogant idea they have. This idea is required for their belief, and thus they are inherently arrogant, ergo they are inherently liars.

So they adopt these ego boosting phrases, which can be fun to toss back at them to really kill their self worth. They feed on the fear that they feel, the fear of being wrong.

To them it is a paralyzing fear, most of us atheists don't understand the fear as we never felt it. Tell an atheist we're wrong and back it up with evidence and we will learn from it and improve.

Tell a believer that they are wrong and they will scream a denial, attempt to shut you up, then continue to repeat the same mistake until they die. This is the arrogance manifesting for the world to see, fueled by the fear of being wrong.

This is why they hilariously believe Pascal's Wager is a valid argument, even though employing this actually proves they are wrong. Pascal was feeding on the believer's fear of being wrong to garner respect from those who don't even respect themselves enough to admit they're liars.

The truly hilarious part about the blocking, they almost never actually do it. They have to prove their point, ultimately showing just how stupid they really are.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Bums And Their Wars

Military, a necessary evil that is becoming obsolete. Currently the least amount of war is present in our world than ever before, taking into account population and resource inequality.

Yet there are those calking for more war while the majority of us love the idea of a world without it. Profit, the driving force of why they want war, it's not legitimate profit though.

A legitimate business caters to the individual consumers, their success or failure and profits depend on the value and demand of their products. War is not this, war generates profits from compulsory customers through the financial collective called the government.

Thus war is just welfare for those who don't need any. I hear and read of many people complaining about the poor and needy who collect a pittance from the government here, costing a small fraction of the taxes collect by the government.

Often the poor and needy are called lazy, I get it, they sit around in offices all day gossiping about who fucked who or playing games on the company's internet connection … wait a minute, that's the upper class I just described. Okay, those lazy poor people, always going on shopping trips in their limos paid for by taxes to pay thousands of dollars of taxes on a single outfit for a fundraiser to convince the politicians to give them more money … wait, those are the warmongers in Congress.

The laziest thing I see poor people do qualifies as a job, standing on a street corner in freezing or scorching weather asking for a sandwich. Middle class does this as well, though they enter businesses and beg for food in the form of a job.

So who are the lazy scumbags draining our taxes? You tell me.

You're Picking On My Religion

Every atheist has heard this cry at least a million times, not only is it fallacious, it demonstrates the selfishness, egocentric, and arrogance of religion in one simple phrase. "Stop picking on my religion," or some other variant.

By nature of being an atheist we are inherently dismissing everyone's god claims, usually for lack of evidence (still waiting for just one of you god nuts to present empirical evidence of your claims). Atheist means we are without any belief in any form of god, by any name or description.

Being an atheist does not demand one be a skeptic or even sane, we have our own nuts like those denying medical science and those who think Bigfoot exists. However we all wind up being atheists, eventually, if we use our brains and ask questions.

So what about us vocal or "militant" atheists makes one think that we're picking on their religion and not others? Egocentrism, specifically. Egocentrism is the idea that only you exist, or only your "kind."

Each religion demands that all other religions are wrong, and evil. Thus when facing something like the atheist, with no inherent religious affiliation, it is incapable of demonizing us, or pretending we don't exist, the way it does other competing brands.

Then they feel the need to be the victim, a clear display of selfishness. This is a tactic used by preachers to keep their followers blind, they convince them that everything is out to hurt them just for being them, they are told that being the victim is inevitable and the followers are too stupid to see beyond what they are told by their leaders.

Now the final phase is the one where they believe they are inherently correct, that they have exclusive knowledge which everyone else is lacking. This is the display of arrogance that religion fuels in the minds of the blind followers, they cannot possibly be wrong because they are special and chosen by some magical sky fairy.

Thus they always fall into the belief that us vocal atheists are picking on them, they believe this because the preachers have told them thus as a tactic for protecting the mental engineering done to the believers. It keeps them insane and ignorant so the preacher can continue to profit off their stupidity.

Pity those poor fools, but more importantly, make them show it in public more and more. This is our only tool for fighting this delusion at this time, one day we will have the weight to use medicine to help these poor people.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Republicans Are Not Conservatives

Political parties and ideals are often considered interchangeable in the USA, this is rather idiotic as a Republican is not conservative and conservatives typically support Democrats. There are several tests online go figure out your political leaning, most are pretty accurate and telling.

The reason for their lack in popularity is because politics has become a circus, and nothing more. It's all for show as a means of distracting the voters from the reality of the world around them, like religion, it's to keep you from asking questions.

So here is yet another plea from a Democrat supporting, atheist, conservative to learn and use the labs correctly. Republicans are not conservative, and Democrats are not liberal, those are parties with platforms, and they're suppose to be opposing platforms, within reason.

The parties have abused the names of the ideologies so much as to convince the public that they are the same thing as the party that claims to abide by them. The irony is that the parties do not abide by the ideals they even claim to.

Democrats are very conservative lately, trying to pull government out of many aspects of our lives, especially in areas governed by emotion. Where as Republicans have become very liberal, attempting to regulate things which the government never had any right to do anyway, especially in areas that even public opinion should have no effect.

Gay marriage is one great example, and the abuse of labels here is so thorough it's lunacy. The liberal ideal would be to regulate who can or cannot be married with an iron fist, no exceptions, regardless of the reasons.

The conservative ideal on this topic would simply be … the government has no business on who you marry only on upholding the contract involved to the letter of the law as a method of maintaining fairness. Contracts are a legal agreement between two parties, in marriage it's a merging of assets and responsibilities between two individuals, in business speak it's simply called a merger.

The "institution" is really just a myth, there was never such a thing and religions that claim to be the reason for it are all lying. It has always been a legal contract and it will always be one no matter what claim is made, we could call it a merging and it would be the same thing.

Another is abortion, again the liberal ideal would be to regulate it, even a little, in the laws. The conservative ideal is to allow the medical professionals the responsibility of regulating it, as this is part of their job, and only involve the law when a dispute occurs.

Actually, that's the simplistic method of determining if it's truly liberal or conservative, liberal means more, conservative means less, "government" is implied when used for politics. So it's more or less government influence, and it's that simple.

Republican and Democrat are parties, and they shift between liberal and conservative, religious and secular, etc based on which politicians are in charge. The names are based on nothing more than selling points, Democrat was originally an anarchist label and Republican was a label representing organization.

There you have it, the reason USA voters are mostly inbred idiots incapable of thinking in three dimensions on anything. I am an atheist conservative who currently supports Democrats and their current platform, and this is in no way a contradiction.

Evolution, The Greatest Show Everywhere

There is an idea in programming that is relatively new and really bad, it goes like this:

Don't reinvent the wheel.

As appealing as it sounds, there are many reasons this idea just sucks. The most important one being that modern technology is only possible because we did indeed reinvent the wheel, several times.

The very first wheels were likely wooden cart wheels, the only similarity they have to modern wheels is that they are round. The only similarity between the millions of different modern wheels is that they too are round.

Each new wheel is a reinvention of the previous ones, it is not simply an improvement. Someone took the idea of a wheel then worked to make that idea help in a completely new way, from gears to steering apparatuses, each one is a unique invention that uses the same idea as the original wheel.

This is also how successful applications are, they are reinventions or all new. Redundant applications, ones that are identical to older ones, never succeed.

This is how all reality works, you see it in nature, the chemical reactions we call life are reinvented every generation. Ideals are the same as well, a fact that is ignored or even denied by religious people.

Ideology is often founded on very bad ideas, notions and prejudices of a primitive mind incapable of understanding the world, the universe, around them. The time when religions are born their ideals sound great, slavery and genocide are merely self defense.

As time progresses we reinvent our ideals, slavery and genocide are not justifiable and were just bad ideas of a primitive mind. Religion, however, opposes this because it proves that their old ideals are barbaric and unjustifiable.

So, like the original wagon wheel, these bad ideals are replaced by better ideals in societies that choose to advance. Sadly there are societies that refuse to move forward, they refuse to use the reinvented wheel just because they are fooled into thinking the old one is comfortable.

A great thinker, who has a few problems of his own, once said that evolution was the greatest show on Earth. He was mistaken, for it is the greatest show in reality.

Our ideals must evolve, we must reinvent them in order to discover what is truly a perfect set of ideals or we will, inevitably, destroy our minds and then our selves.