Sunday, August 23, 2015

Vegetarian, Industry, and People

Humans are omnivores, like all apes, this basic fact cannot be argued. However, omnivore diet is still mostly vegetables, so too much meat will be bad for us.

But here's the problem with people who call themselves carnivores, our digestive system evolved to consume bugs. Bugs are a type of meat, but the bacteria present is very different.

Bacteria are important to digestion, they are also a source of nutrients, the wrong bacteria can also kill us. For animal flesh we must cook it to make it safe, while bugs can be eaten live without any major risks.

One nutrient we got exclusively from bugs is iodide, necessary for our survival no other source is abundant enough to sustain us. So we add iodide to to our salt to ensure we have a source that is pleasant to consume.

The flaw in vegetarian and vegan diets is the lack of variety in the nutrients. Though some can subsist on a diet of just vegetables, it won't be sufficient for everyone.

This is caused by the variations in our species, making it impossible to create a diet suitable for everyone. Thus some will be forced to consume a meat, but the choices for meat are limited to unethical ones.

This creates a conundrum, you either support a vile and despicable industry or you suffer health problems. This is not how a free society works, nor is it how capitalism works.

Capitalism requires that everyone have choices, that all choices are ethical, and no industry is given government support. This creates a sink or swim environment, where if a business angers the consumers it falls under it's own wait because of boycotts and protests.

In the USA, we see no capitalism, it is skewed by government regulations that are determined by unethical politicians who are siding with those who pay them most. Instead we see religion being treated how business should be, at least now all religions are falling under their own weight, but companies which should are still going strong on government subsidies and handouts.

Tax exemption is not part of this equation so don't assume I am including that, no one should be tax exempt if you can afford to pay taxes.

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