Friday, April 3, 2015

Sexuality of all Types is Genetic

There are many short, simple, marketable catch phrases for this topic. All of those are all wrong though.

As catchy as they sound, and they can be helpful, they don't address the real problem here, science denial. Christians have a long history of denying facts that don't support, or worst oppose, their idiotic mythology.

Most religions do, but Christians are the ones who claim not to do it while living in my country. The facts are basic, all things affecting reproduction are the result of chemicals produced by genes.

That's it, undeniable and observable, tested millions of times with the exact same results, altering the chemicals present in the body changes what you are attracted to, if anything. Us asexual humans were the ones who really unlocked this for genetics, our very existence was denied by the science deniers for a long time.

Oddly, psychiatrists didn't accept we could exist until psychologists began analyzing us. But the very fact that we have a moderate chemical level, often appearing naturally androgynous as a side effect, and that we cannot be drawn into any sexual activity when engaged with anything even remotely interesting to us is demonstrable and undeniable proof that chemicals control attractions.

For example, video games are useful for this demonstration because some people prefer them over sexual activity. The fact that sexual contact will illicit no positive reaction while playing video in some who are not asexual, demonstrates that it is indeed a chemical response, so us asexuals are the result of chemicals that are the result of chemical interactions with the DNA, it's genetic.

Now that also means the same holds true for all sexuality, it's chemical, and therefore it's genetic. Since most sexuality is harmless it is not something we should control, if it involves only adults of the same species and no harm, then enjoy it, it's who you are.

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