Saturday, April 4, 2015

Christianity: Perpetual Persecution Complex

The notion of persecution is often perverted by the persecutors, religions demonstrate this all too well. Most contain commands to deny and even kill anything that opposes the claims made by their leaders, this gives the persecutors (religious followers) the feeling of being persecuted by the ones who stand up to their persecution.

Religious leaders depend on this perpetual persecution complex, the followers must believe they are always the victims even if they are the vast majority. One result of this complex is what we see in Indiana, a step to establishing a theocracy by encouraging the followers to discriminate and convince them that anyone opposed to this is persecuting them in the same thought.

The perpetual persecution complex of the christians has been responsible for untold horrors and the production of some of our greatest threats to peace and prosperity. However showing the follower what their beliefs have perpetuated will only trigger cognitive dissonance, which fuels theSo  persecution complex.

This is why we must work to prevent the indoctrination before it can establish this perpetual false victimhood in their minds, often something as simple as teaching critical thinking will inevitably result in too many unanswered questions from the leaders. The inability to answer questions with anything resembling sanity or fact is their weakness, all religions.

So get their leaders and parents talking, let them show their kids just how stupid religion has made them, let their kids see how insane their beliefs truly are. The christian rulers don't want them reading the bible, so post actual excerpts from that book regularly, it is the greatest too against itself, just focus on the crap they like to ignore.

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