Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Scam of the Organic Food Industry

Earth Day is often marketed by people who have the idea that their ideas are better. But that is a misuse of the day, Earth Day is a day to remember the wonderful planet life has created, life includes us.

But we have ruined much of the planet because of refusing to move forward. Many industries that are obsolete are often sold as better in spite of their products being partially responsible for the problems

One such example is the "organic" food industry, one which spreads propaganda and lies to convince people to outlaw progress. These "organic" methods are old, error prone, methods that have caused more harm than good, creating predatory species of plants and animals which are free of natural predators.

Crossbreeding, the oldest form of genetic modification, has produced lot of weed species which must be destroyed after being harvested to protect the environment. But the lobbyists and advertisers for this industry project this, by claiming the modern methods produced these.

Modern GM methods are working to correct these genetic flaws, using scientific methods produced by the scientific method itself. To place this into perspective:

The "organic" industry uses only trial and error, mixing plants with desired qualities and hoping the right genes transfer and mutations do not produce a monstrosity. The results are completely random, unpredictable, and could result in a poisonous weed, it was "good enough" in the past, but now we have to produce food for 8 billion and this means more errors.

The modern methods, of which there are many and most companies use their own proprietary method, use careful planning and affect only the genes needed. This means a margin of error that's nearly zero, and no guesswork, we know how the genetic changes will affect the new organism, genetics is not that big of a mystery now.

Only a few "organic" seed producers remain, all others have upgraded to the more modern methods, that's why they can charge the outrageous prices. This is a golden opportunity for the remaining seed makers in that industry to monopolize the seed industry, the modern seed industry is now the bulk of seed producers, so eliminating them eliminates the bulk of the competition.

This is the goal of the "organic" industry, considering they only focus on the only seed company who uses modern methods that they can scare you with, their boogyman.

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