Monday, April 6, 2015

Homosexuality is NOT a Choice

The lunacy of religion is reaching it's peak, as the ones claiming to be moderates just hate different people than the ones they claim are extremists. They all deny science in one way or another, and that makes them incapable of determining fact from fiction, which makes them inherently dangerous.

The most common one is denying that sexual attraction or love is genetic, when we know for a fact that it is by their own admission. The admission is simply that they think homosexuality is "unnatural," this means it cannot be a choice because you cannot choose to be their definition of natural.

That's the quick and easy refutation, this use of the concept of natural is inherently flawed, scientifically anything that behaves predicted by the laws of nature is natural, only that which does not is considered unnatural. Luckily, we have found that nothing is unnatural to this date, nor have we discovered anything that is supernatural, everything we have seen has been explained by natural laws.

So then that leaves them with absolutely no sane argument other than assert that it's a choice. You can generally make them admit that this is a baseless argument by asking them to be gay for a month, if they can choose to do gay sex for one month then go back to being straight they will have evidence that homosexuality is a choice.

But that doesn't prove it, they'd need at least 1k people to do the same thing and provide proof of their choices, then they could make the claim that it is a choice, but that's not a problem because not one of them can do it. So what drives sexual attraction and love?

Hormones and neurons, it's how you're born not who you are. We know for a fact that all emotions are chemical reactions, we describe them based on subjective sensations, such as heart rate changes and flushing.

All sexual attraction is driven by emotional responses to external stimuli, thus they can be influenced by environmental factors, they cannot be changed between sexualities though. The neurons responsible for the emotional responses are determined during fetal development, they are unchanging after that,  so our emotions have a predetermined set of triggers that are based on genetic chemical reactions.

So it is a simple and undeniable fact that sexuality is NOT a choice and ia therefore all natural, all of it, even the ones society does not allow. Society disallows sexual activities involving those who cannot are do not give consent, such a minors or other species of animals, inanimate objects don't feel so just have fun with those if they float your boat.

So there you have it, anyone who opposes gay rights is a bigot, and they are nothing more than that.

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