Monday, April 27, 2015

The Blight on Society is Soceity

As one walks down the streets of my local area, one has to wonder "what the hell did we do wrong?" But the problem is often mistaken for the cause, so as you look through these photos do not think of the homeless as the problem, because the contrast I captured is lost when you do.

You have probably walked by them many times, never looking them in the eyes, trying to keep yourself segregated from the very problem you caused. You pass them, dehumanizing them, justifying ignoring them with simple and ignorant platitudes.

"But if I give them money they'll just buy drugs" only works if you don't see their sober eyes pleading for food. "They're just lazy" only justifies you being too lazy to reach into your pockets for some spare change.

"I can't help them all" is only an excuse to avoid helping one. "It's none of my business" is an outright lie.

"If only they'd get a job" ignores the truth that many do have jobs that don't pay enough to rent a studio close enough to get to work. "It's not my fault" ignores you complacent agreement to the laws that trapped them in that situation.

The fact of the matter is that you avoid seeing them only because they are the fruits of your labor, the dregs and forgotten that you pass by are what you created. Your complacency has resulted in a system that requires someone else to blame, so you will continue to work as slaves for a corrupted system that you asked for.

Many will wonder why the cops have not yet jailed these poor souls, when you should be asking what you did wrong to make this happen to living beings. Many will call this justice for imagined slights, because a delusion called a god or spirit allows you to ignore your conscience.

They did not ask for this, they did not deserve it, they did nothing wrong. In spite of your uncaring spitefulness, they are still alive.

I know them, because only luck got me a home, for 7 years I was one of them.

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