Monday, March 30, 2015

All Religion is Extreme

Religion, theism of any type requires a religion, has to have doctrine to be a religion. Another word for doctrine is dogma, though that requires it to be unquestionable like Christian or Islam.

Many religions have a simple doctrine, a few basic rules of live and let be one must follow to be allowed to hang with the club. But those ones also update their doctrine to accommodate new information and it's always up for debate.

These few good religions are called pagan or heathen now, and the followers are usually the best deluded people I have met. Delusion on it's own is dangerous if the doctrine that enforces it endorses dangerous behavior, pagans lack dangerous doctrine and thus, like us gamers, only want short escapes from reality.

This is not, in any way, moderate. Both the pagan and gamers are extremists, you either do it or you do not, there is no in between. Pagans will likely understand this better than anyone, in spite of many being far too tolerant of the other religions.

Your religion is your doctrine, and so it is what you should be judged by, what laws you keep in that doctrine are laws you agree can apply when your delusion so commands it. You thought I was going to point out all the bad things the followers do, didn't you?

What the followers do is not important, what they claim they obey is. If they claim that on part does not apply today, that means it did apply before and can apply again, they are saying that they agree with that law.

Claiming it's allegory only makes it worse, since a scientific method is not applied to determine what is allegory, everyone can interpret it mean whatever they want, and change that meaning for any reason they so choose. This is, in itself, dangerous behavior.

So the choice is not who doesn't actually hurt people versus those who do, it's if your doctrine claims you can hurt people for any reason. All religious people are extremists, because they all claim to follow a doctrine.

Us gamers can be pretty religious about gaming too, but lacking a doctrine it is not an actual religion.

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