Wednesday, April 29, 2015

White Folks Justice

When the law enforcement becomes the criminal there is no rule of law. We are seeing that in affect in the USA now.

Many have stated that these people, who have been systematically oppressed and silenced, ruin things by rioting. Well, news flash, the rioters are the ones the cops at a protest assault, and are often not even part of said protests.

Take Baltimore for example, the rioters were mostly kids just coming out of school and having to walk through a barricade to get home. That was not enough, the police tossed debris at them, obviously wanting to incite the riot.

The police became the criminals, the rule of law crumbled, and in all the cause the protestors were, once again, silenced by the media. Of all the discussions on social media, only a very small number actually talked about the real problem, systematic oppression based on racial stereotypes.

To the fellow humans who happen to be black, I cannot apologize enough for forgetting about your struggle. But I am here now, and I'm pissed as fuck about the other white folks lying to me about this issue, but I'm raging mad that it took the destruction of several promising young black folks for us to remember.

The riots were justified, and would be justified as protests even though the fact is that none of the riots were actual protestors. The riots were not even the majority of the community, and in many instances the rioters were fucking white folks pretending to support the black residents, they didn't actually care about anyone but themselves.

So instead of bothering trying to reason with you racist fucks who are berating them for being angry about kids being destroyed by racism, I am going to talk about the riots that were exclusively white folks that you so enjoy forgetting about. So let's do this.

A hysterical white girl related that a nineteen-year-old colored boy attempted to assault her in the public elevator of a public office building of a thriving town of 100,000 in open daylight. Without pausing to find out whether or not the story was true, without bothering with the slight detail of investigating the character of the woman who made the outcry (as a matter of fact, she was of exceedingly doubtful reputation), a mob of 100-per-cent Americans set forth on a wild rampage that cost the lives of fifty white men; of between 150 and 200 colored men, women and children; the destruction by fire of $1,500,000 worth of property; the looting of many homes; and everlasting damage to the reputation of the city of Tulsa and the State of Oklahoma. -- Walter F. White, "The Eruption of Tulsa," The Nation, June 29, 1921

* Super Bowl XLIII: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals (2006)
* Super Bowl XXXIII: Denver Broncos vs. Atlanta Falcons (1999)
* World Series: Detroit Tigers vs. San Diego Padres (1984)
* NCAA Final Four: Michigan State vs. Duke University (1999)
* Stanley Cup Finals: Montreal Canadiens vs. Los Angeles Kings (1993) for more from the sports riots, with images.

Then the most famous riot in the country, perpetrated by almost exclusively white folks, against an oppressive law enforcement. You should know this as the Boston Tea Party.

So before you ever call rioting against oppression bad, remember, of all the times us white folks rioted, only one can be considered to be for a good cause.

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