Thursday, April 16, 2015

Religion Without a God

Many people will know of some of the glaring scams, religions without gods, and common superstitions. However when they are faced with opposition to the one scam they fell for they almost immediately fall into cognitive dissonance, defending their flawed position by ignoring logic and facts, while calling the one who asks for facts supporting their claims ad homs.

Take the spay and neuter scam, one that harms weaker species, I got into a discussion with a couple of relatively sane folks. One began discussing and was willing to consider that they had been lied to when they realized they had no good reasons to defend the practice.

The other person, however, started just ranting how insane I was for suggesting that not killing or mutilating them is the better idea. I have made it clear why spaying and neutering are wrong, ethically and scientifically, for any species that is capable of surviving the wasteland we're creating.

But why the cognitive dissonance supporting something so obviously damaging to another species and cannot be justified with any evidenced argument? The very same reason people insist that modern GMO is a bad thing, while suggesting that the old error prone methods are superior.

They don't want to admit that they fell for a scam, rather than risk losing a small amount of dignity, they sacrifice their sanity and morals supporting the lie, even forcing the lie into law. This is not unlike the god delusion, all they did was replace the god and demon duo with two industries or ruling powers.

The end result is a religion without a god, the followers are willing to repeat lies and half truths just to increase the flock, misery loves company after all.

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