Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Reality of Transgender

The problem with attempting to explain what being transgendered is like to cis people is that cis people have absolutely no comparable problems, none. It's like trying to explain to a dolphin what it's like to be an ape.

Without the a good comparison or base explanation you are left with using extreme situations which no one can relate to, to which most cis simply smile and nod with the "whatever you say" expression in their eyes. The condescension we get from cis not only insulting to us a humans, it's insulting to intelligence itself.

For lack of a better term, you do experience cis privilege. You do not have to fear using public restrooms, where many transgendered are assaulted and threatened just for needing to drop of some waste materials; makes me wonder what perverter things cis people do in there that they're so scared of being discovered.

You do not have to worry if the doctor you see will simply have you declared unfit for freedom, have you committed, then killed by psychiatrists just so they don't have to face you. Any forced alteration of a personality or memory kills the person who was in the brain and results in a new person developing.

You do not have to suffer, screaming in silence, just because the doctors think you're faking it just to get free surgery, like many of us do. Most of us are diagnosed with depression and placed on disability to become tokens for political plays, this makes it impossible for us to get hired anywhere, resulting in us being lost in a system, suffering without any real voice.

You don't ever have to watch over your shoulder just walking down the street, regardless of who passes, for fear of being brutally slain. In all but one state they can avoid punishment by lying and claiming the transgendered person made an unwanted pass at them, it use to be a way to attack gay people but now it's mostly used to justify killing transgendered.

You are NOT ridiculed on television for the miniscule time that you are even mentioned, just for existing, in which they mock you for being different than everyone else. Of course, unless you're the lying token transgendered for the Republican party, in which case you should be mocked but are not.

You do not require any therapist's permission, the very therapists that are continue to spread lies about being transgendered, just to make a life choice. Only transgendered are required to get therapy for a simple and inconsequential surgery that is performed on cis millions of times a year with no questions asked.

Transgendered people are considered ineligible for hiring by most businesses, the excuse is that we're unbalanced, insane, and thus a danger to the workplace. This is all thanks to the unscientific, barbaric, and sadistic field of psychiatry, the same people doctors in the USA use to have perfectly healthy transgendered people legally slain.

So no, you cis have absolutely no way to relate to transgendered, unless you're gay, black, and atheist.

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