Saturday, April 11, 2015

Doctors Love To Watch You Suffer

The meaning of pain is one which many people often delegate to existentialism, and that disgraces those who suffer from it. Existentialism is, in itself, a method of blaming the victim, regardless of how it is used, either the victim is the reason for their suffering or they are wrong to ask for it to stop.

So what is the meaning of pain? You must first understand what pain actually is, and medical doctors need to learn this most of all. Pain is the body telling the brain that something is damaged, it's as simple as that.

The phantom limb syndrome is not even remotely the same thing, phantom limbs are the brain noticing the absence of stimulation for neurons it once depended on for information. If the brain does not like a certain input, it will not notice the absence.

This is why doctors claiming my request for amputation of an organ that my brain (me) clearly has no desire to keep could result in phantom limb sensations, they're clearly insane or unworthy of their medical degree.  The fact of the matter is that my brain has already rejected the input, and all nerve results are seen by the brain as incessant nagging, which manifests as severe pain.

Yes, like many aspects if nerve messaging, the brain's own opinion of that organ has a huge affect on how those messages are perceived by the intelligence contained in the neurons. To oppose my assertions here requires actual scientific understanding of neurology, biochemistry, and psychology, very few doctors are qualified or capable of knowing what is stated in this blog, and yet you pay them a fortune under the assumption that they know.

Psychiatrists will never agree on the position on this because psychiatry is not science, yet you all assume psychiatrists are correct and allow them the power to destroy people. According to psychiatry, talking to your imaginary friend is sane, as long as you assert that it created the universe and deny all evidence to the contrary.

According to doctors, you can't find facts online, even after they just used Google to diagnose your illness. The hypocrisy of medicine is now coming to light, and I suffer because of that hypocrisy, and tax payers pay a fortune to the doctors on my behalf for that same reason.

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