Monday, April 6, 2015

Evolution Does Not Affect Religion in any Way

Denying science is bad enough, but creationists cannot even deny the correct science. This is a more light hearted post because the level of stupid achieved by creationists is often not fully appreciated by even atheists.

Evolution in no way affects their myths, it has as much impact on their myths as a housefly has on vehicular traffic. The impact evolution has on their stories is the same impact that removing the letter 'z' from Romeo and Juliet has.

The theory of evolution has as much impact on their religion as a drop of homeopathic medicine has on illness. Evolution is not what threatens their entire god claim, it's a simple discovery that really threatens it, the very high probability of life existing on two moons in our solar system,

If we discovered life on these moons, and we are planning to explore them, the entire empire of Banana Man, Ken Ham, the Hovind clan, and child actor Kirk Cameron are gone. Their net worth would be less than my socks, if totaled, all because of a few thousand dollars spent on a spacecraft to explore another planet that they forgot to mention.

If we discovered life on those moons then all claims of humans being special, of life being unique, of the universe being created for us, become lies. In one fell strike, all religions are shown for the delusions that they are, yet none of them ever seem to notice that we have ships out there heading to explore these moons already.

There are almost a hundred unmanned craft exploring our solar system right now, mostly funded by private parties. There is a reason the creationists salesmen ignore these, because no one can stop the exploration now.

If the Christians ever figured this out those creationist salesmen would lose millions, when we discover life on one moon their empires crash completely. So they distract the morons they market to with something that has no affect on their nonsense anyway.

Next time they try to deny evolution, explain this point to them, then enjoy watching their heads explode as they they try to figure out who's really lying to them.

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