Monday, April 13, 2015

No Neuter Or Spaying

I am shocked to have to reiterate this point, but it appears that many so called animal rights activists still don't get it. Now this will be from a naturalistic position, removing all anthropomorphism and emotion from the equation, just pure facts and logic.

Anyone who knows anything about the natural world will understand why this is necessary for evaluating our responsibilities and mistakes in matters of domesticated species. Because of our excessive population we are inherently a threat to all life as it is.

Let's start with the numbers, to date we are 100 times our sustainable population limit, that means we are using 100 times the amount of resources that our niche produces and produce 100 times the waste that the symbiotic niches are capable of processing. This is causing a huge imbalance in the world, one which mimics what the dinosaurs had caused.

We also kill without reason, hunting for fun and slaughtering other animals as a result of our own wars, ultimately we have destroyed over a millions species, they are extinct only because of us. This compounds the problem because in creates vacuums in niches they once filled, which results in niches that the remaining animals fill becoming incomplete.

These problems will result in our inevitable extinction, effects on climate will accelerate this but let's keel this very simple. We have engineered species to live in sub-niches, little pocket niches inside our ever expanding and consuming niche.

We call these pests or "pets," the domestic species should never be considered to be property and thus should only be called companions. We destroy both these types without warrant, based on fears created by industries looking to make profits.

The problem is not the industries, or the lies like "they'll overpopulate," the problem is that people who claim to care about nature are too ignorant to realize that these are lies. Overpopulation in nature is a part of natural selection, trilobites overpopulated and that resulted in the our species being possible.

The other fallacious fear is that they'll bring diseases to us, well, we have vaccines for those now so just shut up and tame your meds. The real threat is if we destroy them, the domestic species are the only animals that can live in the world we're creating by our overpopulation, mutilating them, poisoning them, hunting them down and slaughtering them without impunity, will destroy the last of the other animal species.

We are committing genocide of the entire planet when we spay or neuter, mutilate, cats or dogs. We are destroying many species of animals when we cage them, force them to be our property, then kill them when no one wants them. You are fueling a dishonest industry doing these things, the price is our own existence.

Trophy hunting, culling, pretty much all hunting now, is nothing more than slaughtering our own. The solution is to learn to live with them, or die to make way for a better species of animal.

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