Monday, April 6, 2015

Call Me Racist or Bigoted, I Will Still Fight For Your Rights

Calling someone racist for pointing out that religion is the primary source of hatred is literally shooting the messenger.  Which is more ironic when you complain that the messenger, who happens to be transgendered, "don't know what it's like" to be persecuted.

But that is the result of the poison called religion, whether Muslim or Christian, even Buddhism can become poisonous if they ever return to their old ways. It's the persecution complex, where you must always be the victim and no one else could possibly know what you're going through.

You'll notice that, to this day at least, no atheist transgendered person will focus on themselves, we will stand aside for the ones who have it worse but always seek equality for all, not just ourselves. Now the crux of the issue, does racism exist? Yes, undoubtedly.

Is being called names persecution? Yes, but that's far from the worst of it. So let's compare tit for tat here just to put this all in perspective.

Homosexuals are often harassed by everyone, no matter the skin color, who is straight to the point of committing suicide before they are even adults. This is pretty horrible, and it goes beyond just being called names, we're talking about actual threats of murder and physical attacks by large groups.

Imagine going about your day, just trying to get good grades, and then the hallway is filled full of bullies who just push you around, strike you, threaten you with implements of harm, and you have no way to get away from it. Black students use to go through this too, yet now they have joined the bullies in many incidents.

These are the areas where racism is not an affair of violence, racism still exists in those places but it's more subtle, the point is that one does not outweigh the other in terms of importance. Then there are the areas where racism is horrible and the previous incidents are no less.

We hear of cops killing black kids for no reason, the reason actually exists it's just one that people want to deny. They kill black kids because their bible tells them that those who are different are to be slaughtered, many will make excuses for these commands but they are in the bible, end of story.

These are the incidents I care most about, someone complaining about being called a name once in a while should be eclipsed by kids getting shot just because a book tells the law enforcers that it's okay. This is an immediate problem that plagues our species, yet the transgender like me who are willing to address this, to call the law enforcement out, to fight against racism, are often brushed aside or even attacked by the very people we defend.

I got called racist for pointing out that the bible is one of the primary causes for racism, by a young lady of darker skin. I have been threatened by people just for using the bathroom, physically harassed by people for asking for a job, kicked to the streets in the dead of winter just because the guy I rented the room didn't realize I was transgendered, denied housing just because there are two names on my records, harassed and arrested by cops just for walking down the street, denied medical care even today just because I don't fit their stereotypes.

I complain about these things often, but I NEVER belittle another person's real problems because of them. I have gone through mine for forty years, I'm so use to suffering that I don't remember what true joy feels like, only Pepper is able to make me feel happy now.

My goal is that no one become as use to being harassed and tortured as I am, for that I even fight for the black kids who harass me regularly. The irony is that they don't know that I'm even fighting to end racism because they only want to hate someone else, but I will fight for them, for the gay people who also harass transgendered as well, only because it's just the right thing to do.

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