Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Homelessness Isn't the Problem, Society Is

Often a misconception of homeless and poor people permeates our culture. Today that misconception is the notion that they're all junkies, drug addicts.

Ironically, the misconception is spread by real junkies, in their offices or on radio, even on television. This is because they don't want you to notice that they're using your tax dollars to pay for their drug habit and vacations at rehab centers.

While there are some junkies who are on the streets, most have homes and jobs, many are politicians, and some pretend to be homeless for sympathy. However, the vast majority of the poor begging for money on the street are no addicted to any substance at all.

There are many legitimate reasons for someone to be unable to access help, such as a mental disorder, discrimination for being GLBT, and even caring for a best friend who is not allowed in the shelters or homes. That latter is a problem caused by the hatred for life common in our society.

Most people are too wealthy to be at risk of being in such a position, they wrongfully believe they are middle class or the oppressed. Unless you have had to live on a diet of noodle soup, food bank handouts, or garbage for an extended time, you are rich.

If you have never been one paycheck away from losing everything, then you have never been poor. If you have never used rocks for pillows, you have never been desperate.

Homeless people are those who's families have discarded them for all the wrong reasons, who had so called friends betray them when they needed it most. These are the people society hates for no good reason, or they were used up by society then dumped.

Homeless people are the ones you mock to mask your inadequacies, the scapegoats of the weaker humans. They are the ones you point your fingers at to distract other from your horrible flaws.

The homeless are the people you use to justify not caring, there are just too many to help so you'll just pop into a bar instead. They are the people you need to kick when they're down so you don't have to face the mistakes you made in your life.

The needy are the ones you can blame for all your mistakes when they don't work out, they are the leeches in your twisted mind. The homeless are the demons hiding under your beds, corrupting your children so you don't have to admit what a horrible parent you are.

The needy are the ones you can blame for your own laziness, they won't get a job so you shouldn't have to work for your money. They are the people who corrode the government even though they have no power to affect it.

Those who starve suffer so that you don't have to, feeding your sadistic need to see someone worse off than you. They are the other people, the ones who don't matter, they are your modern slaves.

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