Wednesday, April 29, 2015

White Folks Justice

When the law enforcement becomes the criminal there is no rule of law. We are seeing that in affect in the USA now.

Many have stated that these people, who have been systematically oppressed and silenced, ruin things by rioting. Well, news flash, the rioters are the ones the cops at a protest assault, and are often not even part of said protests.

Take Baltimore for example, the rioters were mostly kids just coming out of school and having to walk through a barricade to get home. That was not enough, the police tossed debris at them, obviously wanting to incite the riot.

The police became the criminals, the rule of law crumbled, and in all the cause the protestors were, once again, silenced by the media. Of all the discussions on social media, only a very small number actually talked about the real problem, systematic oppression based on racial stereotypes.

To the fellow humans who happen to be black, I cannot apologize enough for forgetting about your struggle. But I am here now, and I'm pissed as fuck about the other white folks lying to me about this issue, but I'm raging mad that it took the destruction of several promising young black folks for us to remember.

The riots were justified, and would be justified as protests even though the fact is that none of the riots were actual protestors. The riots were not even the majority of the community, and in many instances the rioters were fucking white folks pretending to support the black residents, they didn't actually care about anyone but themselves.

So instead of bothering trying to reason with you racist fucks who are berating them for being angry about kids being destroyed by racism, I am going to talk about the riots that were exclusively white folks that you so enjoy forgetting about. So let's do this.

A hysterical white girl related that a nineteen-year-old colored boy attempted to assault her in the public elevator of a public office building of a thriving town of 100,000 in open daylight. Without pausing to find out whether or not the story was true, without bothering with the slight detail of investigating the character of the woman who made the outcry (as a matter of fact, she was of exceedingly doubtful reputation), a mob of 100-per-cent Americans set forth on a wild rampage that cost the lives of fifty white men; of between 150 and 200 colored men, women and children; the destruction by fire of $1,500,000 worth of property; the looting of many homes; and everlasting damage to the reputation of the city of Tulsa and the State of Oklahoma. -- Walter F. White, "The Eruption of Tulsa," The Nation, June 29, 1921

* Super Bowl XLIII: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals (2006)
* Super Bowl XXXIII: Denver Broncos vs. Atlanta Falcons (1999)
* World Series: Detroit Tigers vs. San Diego Padres (1984)
* NCAA Final Four: Michigan State vs. Duke University (1999)
* Stanley Cup Finals: Montreal Canadiens vs. Los Angeles Kings (1993) for more from the sports riots, with images.

Then the most famous riot in the country, perpetrated by almost exclusively white folks, against an oppressive law enforcement. You should know this as the Boston Tea Party.

So before you ever call rioting against oppression bad, remember, of all the times us white folks rioted, only one can be considered to be for a good cause.

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Blight on Society is Soceity

As one walks down the streets of my local area, one has to wonder "what the hell did we do wrong?" But the problem is often mistaken for the cause, so as you look through these photos do not think of the homeless as the problem, because the contrast I captured is lost when you do.

You have probably walked by them many times, never looking them in the eyes, trying to keep yourself segregated from the very problem you caused. You pass them, dehumanizing them, justifying ignoring them with simple and ignorant platitudes.

"But if I give them money they'll just buy drugs" only works if you don't see their sober eyes pleading for food. "They're just lazy" only justifies you being too lazy to reach into your pockets for some spare change.

"I can't help them all" is only an excuse to avoid helping one. "It's none of my business" is an outright lie.

"If only they'd get a job" ignores the truth that many do have jobs that don't pay enough to rent a studio close enough to get to work. "It's not my fault" ignores you complacent agreement to the laws that trapped them in that situation.

The fact of the matter is that you avoid seeing them only because they are the fruits of your labor, the dregs and forgotten that you pass by are what you created. Your complacency has resulted in a system that requires someone else to blame, so you will continue to work as slaves for a corrupted system that you asked for.

Many will wonder why the cops have not yet jailed these poor souls, when you should be asking what you did wrong to make this happen to living beings. Many will call this justice for imagined slights, because a delusion called a god or spirit allows you to ignore your conscience.

They did not ask for this, they did not deserve it, they did nothing wrong. In spite of your uncaring spitefulness, they are still alive.

I know them, because only luck got me a home, for 7 years I was one of them.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Reality of Transgender

The problem with attempting to explain what being transgendered is like to cis people is that cis people have absolutely no comparable problems, none. It's like trying to explain to a dolphin what it's like to be an ape.

Without the a good comparison or base explanation you are left with using extreme situations which no one can relate to, to which most cis simply smile and nod with the "whatever you say" expression in their eyes. The condescension we get from cis not only insulting to us a humans, it's insulting to intelligence itself.

For lack of a better term, you do experience cis privilege. You do not have to fear using public restrooms, where many transgendered are assaulted and threatened just for needing to drop of some waste materials; makes me wonder what perverter things cis people do in there that they're so scared of being discovered.

You do not have to worry if the doctor you see will simply have you declared unfit for freedom, have you committed, then killed by psychiatrists just so they don't have to face you. Any forced alteration of a personality or memory kills the person who was in the brain and results in a new person developing.

You do not have to suffer, screaming in silence, just because the doctors think you're faking it just to get free surgery, like many of us do. Most of us are diagnosed with depression and placed on disability to become tokens for political plays, this makes it impossible for us to get hired anywhere, resulting in us being lost in a system, suffering without any real voice.

You don't ever have to watch over your shoulder just walking down the street, regardless of who passes, for fear of being brutally slain. In all but one state they can avoid punishment by lying and claiming the transgendered person made an unwanted pass at them, it use to be a way to attack gay people but now it's mostly used to justify killing transgendered.

You are NOT ridiculed on television for the miniscule time that you are even mentioned, just for existing, in which they mock you for being different than everyone else. Of course, unless you're the lying token transgendered for the Republican party, in which case you should be mocked but are not.

You do not require any therapist's permission, the very therapists that are continue to spread lies about being transgendered, just to make a life choice. Only transgendered are required to get therapy for a simple and inconsequential surgery that is performed on cis millions of times a year with no questions asked.

Transgendered people are considered ineligible for hiring by most businesses, the excuse is that we're unbalanced, insane, and thus a danger to the workplace. This is all thanks to the unscientific, barbaric, and sadistic field of psychiatry, the same people doctors in the USA use to have perfectly healthy transgendered people legally slain.

So no, you cis have absolutely no way to relate to transgendered, unless you're gay, black, and atheist.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Building the Perfect Android App

Most Android SDK environments have a default target, and most often it's way too high. So that is your first constraint, find the lowest SDK version to build against, then update your settings right away.

Often devs will think a feature requires a much higher version than it actually needs. One example is the wearable libraries, which have propagated to as low as 4.4 (SDK 19), so if the feature is only a convenience you can target the lowest possible SDK to increase your audience.

The most important constraint is not to use the NDK unless you have absolutely no other option. Twitter devs need to learn this but they won't listen.

The NDK can bypass everything, even built in libraries that are required for device compatibility. Devices are not identical in avalailability of systems, they have not been since the first Pentium computers were sold.

The NDK is only useful if you are targeting specific systems, like the GPU, in specialized ways that require intense CPU processes. Any other time it is not only useless, it can make an app useless.

Yes, realtime, OpenGL or editing, multimedia is the only valid use for the NDK at this time. Anything that has an Android library should use that library only if you want your app to not suck.

Ensure your manifest is complete and perfect, if your app requires a specific feature then make sure the manifest knows this. Do not overload the widgets, or create simple widgets that display images which store the least frequently updated displays.

An example, if you have three widgets overlapping that are never updated after loading, use a software image, paint it once, then use one widget to display the result. Layered widgets get refreshed any time their parent is, which triggers a refresh of all widgets those overlap.

Again I remind you, keep it simple. Make sure all classes have only the includes they need, even they are not used all include lines are linked, this is the most common and devastating error in any Java language.

The final constraint is to test, test, test. You can never test an app too much, but it's easy to test an app too little.

Mobile Web Development Constraints

Mobile is still, relatively, new so I'm not totally surprised to see so many mistakes made by app and web developers. But before launching anything people need to start actually considering the constraints.

There is no hard rule, that is why it's difficult for many new devs to figure this out before the headaches. So here are some pro tips.

For web development you must never use more than one animation per page, and never animate the background. This goes for both mobile and desktop though the mobile one requires you follow this constraint because of memory.

The main reason to limit the animations is that they will distract from the content, products become harder to locate and text becomes harder to read, which ultimately ruins the experience. For mobiles this will eat data and stress the memory, looking at Googles console shows that most phones in use are less than a gig in RAM.

A simple and small animation used multiple times can look classy if done well, but never animate the background, ever. Background animations require a complete refresh of the view, meaning every element must be redrawn for every frame of animation.

Such a stress will lag on all computers, and many mobile devices will result in the browser crashing. It also looks horrible, no matter how well the dev thinks it should look, to the user it's often a deal breaker.

Pages should also never be more than a screen and a half on the average resolution, some leeway is allowed for clearly bulleted lists. Too much will eat memory or result in a tl;dr user experience.

If the page takes too long to load you will not get new customers as fast as you lose them, so test on a slow device/connection before you launch. Now we enter the most common mistake I am seeing, too much JavaScript.

There is no golden ratio, because the amount of work the scripts do is the real deciding factor and variances in browsers make it difficult to gauge. So consider all script constraints at the same time, or you'll have a highly incompatible website.

Use long names, for variables and marker names you should make sure that one wrong character won't result in the script closing the browser unexpectedly. Mobile networks get a lot wrong during transmission, comparatively.

Usually at least one byte per web page will be wrong, it's because transmission over the air will always be affected by interference. A well developed web page will not be affected by one incorrect byte at any location, the unsung benefit of HTML.

Do not use repeating animation scripts and limit the use of response animation scripts. Due to the variations in mobile technology, an animation can often destroy the user experience, for best results use a single swipe animation for one menu, then leave it at that.

Also use CSS feedback instead of scripts for mobile sites, those are optimized for the individual device. This leads to the colors, the most annoying thing on many websites is usually color schemes.

Keep all tailored colors balanced with the global defaults, as in either use the same hues or use the same brightness, and always use the same contrast direction. Do not, ever, not even for one element, invert the contrast.

The color constraint is because not all browsers recognize all color attributes, you can break this if you do browser specific code foe every browser in existence. If possible, test the mobile site on the big three; FireFox, Chrome, and Apple's latest.

If you really want to increase your customer base, develop targeting the default Android browser, if it looks good and doesn't crash that browser it will likely attract more customer than the big three. Do not target IE, unless you want to target only a small subset of Windows users, IE uses nonstandard labels.

Final note on websites in general, keep it simple. Do not use elaborate security measures on account logins, avoid cascading menu systems with more than one layer, always allow the choice between mobile and standard, and make the customer want to visit a lot.

One great example of a website done well is, the one animation is used for ads, the menu is well done, and the account system is perfect. I wish J had more great examples like that but I can't stop going to them for moat of my online needs.

Special note for Android that site developers must consider, the apps on Android have strict limits on memory usage, when they are reached the app closes. Browsers cannot know exactly how much a page needs until it loads the whole thing, so it is possible to reach this limit while rendering.

I'll do mobile apps in the next post, but it will have a lot of Android specific advice.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Scam of the Organic Food Industry

Earth Day is often marketed by people who have the idea that their ideas are better. But that is a misuse of the day, Earth Day is a day to remember the wonderful planet life has created, life includes us.

But we have ruined much of the planet because of refusing to move forward. Many industries that are obsolete are often sold as better in spite of their products being partially responsible for the problems

One such example is the "organic" food industry, one which spreads propaganda and lies to convince people to outlaw progress. These "organic" methods are old, error prone, methods that have caused more harm than good, creating predatory species of plants and animals which are free of natural predators.

Crossbreeding, the oldest form of genetic modification, has produced lot of weed species which must be destroyed after being harvested to protect the environment. But the lobbyists and advertisers for this industry project this, by claiming the modern methods produced these.

Modern GM methods are working to correct these genetic flaws, using scientific methods produced by the scientific method itself. To place this into perspective:

The "organic" industry uses only trial and error, mixing plants with desired qualities and hoping the right genes transfer and mutations do not produce a monstrosity. The results are completely random, unpredictable, and could result in a poisonous weed, it was "good enough" in the past, but now we have to produce food for 8 billion and this means more errors.

The modern methods, of which there are many and most companies use their own proprietary method, use careful planning and affect only the genes needed. This means a margin of error that's nearly zero, and no guesswork, we know how the genetic changes will affect the new organism, genetics is not that big of a mystery now.

Only a few "organic" seed producers remain, all others have upgraded to the more modern methods, that's why they can charge the outrageous prices. This is a golden opportunity for the remaining seed makers in that industry to monopolize the seed industry, the modern seed industry is now the bulk of seed producers, so eliminating them eliminates the bulk of the competition.

This is the goal of the "organic" industry, considering they only focus on the only seed company who uses modern methods that they can scare you with, their boogyman.

Monday, April 20, 2015

So You Think Your Odds Are Better

So you think that out of the thousands of gods you could have been indoctrinated into believing, you got lucky enough to get the one that's not a myth. You think that because no one can prove your god doesn't exist that not only does a god exist, it just happens to be exactly how you describe it and everyone else is wrong.

This god that happens to exist, in spite of having less evidence than the existence of Bigfoot, and likes only people exactly like you, as well as punishes everyone you hate. This one in a trillion chance of you being correct, and you think you are just because …

Well, because it allows you to hate and kill without remorse. By considering yourself better, chosen as you call it, you are arrogantly assuming you get to command the universe itself.

But here are the odds you are facing, if you consider Pascal's wager enough reason to believe. There have been at least 5,000 gods proposed, 3,000 of those during recorded history and 2,000 estimated beyond historical reference.

So you base odds are one in 5,000 if you ascribe to one of the cookie cutout gods without any interpretation. Any time you interpreted the god's assumed words you are creating your own god, since this is considered acceptable practice by modern religions we have some math to do.

There are over one trillion people who believed and still believe in a god, estimated total since the beginning of time lessened by those who are atheist. Assuming at least half of these ascribed to the allowance of interpretation, means we have to decrease your odds by 500 billion to make them more accurate.

Now, if you do interpret your god's words, then you have undoubtedly changed how you interpret those words, meaning you changed which god you believed in and created a new one each time. Assuming you are 20 years old and likely changed your interpretation at least twice you get lucky, by changing your opinion you increase your odds by about 10% for a situation like this.

Thus, your odds are 500 billion + 5,000, then subtract 10% for 1:550,005,500, or one in 550,005,500, or a chance of 1.818163637×10-9% of choosing the correct god. That's a smaller chance than being eaten by a shark, or being struck by lightning.

Atheists fair much better in odds. Consider that more than half, approximately 75% of the known gods proposed by humans only get angry if you worship the wrong one, they do not demand worship, we have odds of 0.25 in 5,000 of choosing wrong, that means the odds of us being valued above you are one in 750.

So next time you think odds are in your favor and don't realize that using that as an excuse for believing means you are lying about your belief, consider that an atheist has way better odds by being honest, if any one of the gods humanity has created turn out to be true.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Religion Without a God

Many people will know of some of the glaring scams, religions without gods, and common superstitions. However when they are faced with opposition to the one scam they fell for they almost immediately fall into cognitive dissonance, defending their flawed position by ignoring logic and facts, while calling the one who asks for facts supporting their claims ad homs.

Take the spay and neuter scam, one that harms weaker species, I got into a discussion with a couple of relatively sane folks. One began discussing and was willing to consider that they had been lied to when they realized they had no good reasons to defend the practice.

The other person, however, started just ranting how insane I was for suggesting that not killing or mutilating them is the better idea. I have made it clear why spaying and neutering are wrong, ethically and scientifically, for any species that is capable of surviving the wasteland we're creating.

But why the cognitive dissonance supporting something so obviously damaging to another species and cannot be justified with any evidenced argument? The very same reason people insist that modern GMO is a bad thing, while suggesting that the old error prone methods are superior.

They don't want to admit that they fell for a scam, rather than risk losing a small amount of dignity, they sacrifice their sanity and morals supporting the lie, even forcing the lie into law. This is not unlike the god delusion, all they did was replace the god and demon duo with two industries or ruling powers.

The end result is a religion without a god, the followers are willing to repeat lies and half truths just to increase the flock, misery loves company after all.

Monday, April 13, 2015

No Neuter Or Spaying

I am shocked to have to reiterate this point, but it appears that many so called animal rights activists still don't get it. Now this will be from a naturalistic position, removing all anthropomorphism and emotion from the equation, just pure facts and logic.

Anyone who knows anything about the natural world will understand why this is necessary for evaluating our responsibilities and mistakes in matters of domesticated species. Because of our excessive population we are inherently a threat to all life as it is.

Let's start with the numbers, to date we are 100 times our sustainable population limit, that means we are using 100 times the amount of resources that our niche produces and produce 100 times the waste that the symbiotic niches are capable of processing. This is causing a huge imbalance in the world, one which mimics what the dinosaurs had caused.

We also kill without reason, hunting for fun and slaughtering other animals as a result of our own wars, ultimately we have destroyed over a millions species, they are extinct only because of us. This compounds the problem because in creates vacuums in niches they once filled, which results in niches that the remaining animals fill becoming incomplete.

These problems will result in our inevitable extinction, effects on climate will accelerate this but let's keel this very simple. We have engineered species to live in sub-niches, little pocket niches inside our ever expanding and consuming niche.

We call these pests or "pets," the domestic species should never be considered to be property and thus should only be called companions. We destroy both these types without warrant, based on fears created by industries looking to make profits.

The problem is not the industries, or the lies like "they'll overpopulate," the problem is that people who claim to care about nature are too ignorant to realize that these are lies. Overpopulation in nature is a part of natural selection, trilobites overpopulated and that resulted in the our species being possible.

The other fallacious fear is that they'll bring diseases to us, well, we have vaccines for those now so just shut up and tame your meds. The real threat is if we destroy them, the domestic species are the only animals that can live in the world we're creating by our overpopulation, mutilating them, poisoning them, hunting them down and slaughtering them without impunity, will destroy the last of the other animal species.

We are committing genocide of the entire planet when we spay or neuter, mutilate, cats or dogs. We are destroying many species of animals when we cage them, force them to be our property, then kill them when no one wants them. You are fueling a dishonest industry doing these things, the price is our own existence.

Trophy hunting, culling, pretty much all hunting now, is nothing more than slaughtering our own. The solution is to learn to live with them, or die to make way for a better species of animal.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Doctors Love To Watch You Suffer

The meaning of pain is one which many people often delegate to existentialism, and that disgraces those who suffer from it. Existentialism is, in itself, a method of blaming the victim, regardless of how it is used, either the victim is the reason for their suffering or they are wrong to ask for it to stop.

So what is the meaning of pain? You must first understand what pain actually is, and medical doctors need to learn this most of all. Pain is the body telling the brain that something is damaged, it's as simple as that.

The phantom limb syndrome is not even remotely the same thing, phantom limbs are the brain noticing the absence of stimulation for neurons it once depended on for information. If the brain does not like a certain input, it will not notice the absence.

This is why doctors claiming my request for amputation of an organ that my brain (me) clearly has no desire to keep could result in phantom limb sensations, they're clearly insane or unworthy of their medical degree.  The fact of the matter is that my brain has already rejected the input, and all nerve results are seen by the brain as incessant nagging, which manifests as severe pain.

Yes, like many aspects if nerve messaging, the brain's own opinion of that organ has a huge affect on how those messages are perceived by the intelligence contained in the neurons. To oppose my assertions here requires actual scientific understanding of neurology, biochemistry, and psychology, very few doctors are qualified or capable of knowing what is stated in this blog, and yet you pay them a fortune under the assumption that they know.

Psychiatrists will never agree on the position on this because psychiatry is not science, yet you all assume psychiatrists are correct and allow them the power to destroy people. According to psychiatry, talking to your imaginary friend is sane, as long as you assert that it created the universe and deny all evidence to the contrary.

According to doctors, you can't find facts online, even after they just used Google to diagnose your illness. The hypocrisy of medicine is now coming to light, and I suffer because of that hypocrisy, and tax payers pay a fortune to the doctors on my behalf for that same reason.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Religion is the Root of Racism

Many people are vehemently afraid to acknowledge this, yet the fact is that religion is what has fueled racism. Religion was born of a man trying to convince everyone in his group that he deserved all the wealth and power, by using an invented illness and offering an imaginary cure.

But the followers would soon have nothing more to offer, do these men then used the fear of the unknown to convince the followers to take what the people who were not like them so they could pay for this cure. This would still cause the resources to run out, so the men also needed to convince the followers to make more.

Thus they convinced the followers force those who were not like them to do the work, by now the leaders had to convince the followers they were special. Now we have the subjugation and slavery of anyone who looked different, what we call race.

This is the birth of racism, in reality the birth of all prejudice. Today it is fueled by the religious beliefs, us versus them and invented illnesses called sin.

The disconnect is actually cognitive dissonance appearing. Even those who, like me, just don't accept the myths of religion are often scared to accept all the problems perpetuated by the myths.

This is because religious dogma has infected our cultures so thoroughly that we become uncomfortable facing it. We become dangerously complacent, and thus complicit, when faced with these facts of the matter.

It is not that religion is the only cause, it is that religion is the ones cause that can even convince intelligent and sane people to behave as if ignorant and insane.

Homelessness Isn't the Problem, Society Is

Often a misconception of homeless and poor people permeates our culture. Today that misconception is the notion that they're all junkies, drug addicts.

Ironically, the misconception is spread by real junkies, in their offices or on radio, even on television. This is because they don't want you to notice that they're using your tax dollars to pay for their drug habit and vacations at rehab centers.

While there are some junkies who are on the streets, most have homes and jobs, many are politicians, and some pretend to be homeless for sympathy. However, the vast majority of the poor begging for money on the street are no addicted to any substance at all.

There are many legitimate reasons for someone to be unable to access help, such as a mental disorder, discrimination for being GLBT, and even caring for a best friend who is not allowed in the shelters or homes. That latter is a problem caused by the hatred for life common in our society.

Most people are too wealthy to be at risk of being in such a position, they wrongfully believe they are middle class or the oppressed. Unless you have had to live on a diet of noodle soup, food bank handouts, or garbage for an extended time, you are rich.

If you have never been one paycheck away from losing everything, then you have never been poor. If you have never used rocks for pillows, you have never been desperate.

Homeless people are those who's families have discarded them for all the wrong reasons, who had so called friends betray them when they needed it most. These are the people society hates for no good reason, or they were used up by society then dumped.

Homeless people are the ones you mock to mask your inadequacies, the scapegoats of the weaker humans. They are the ones you point your fingers at to distract other from your horrible flaws.

The homeless are the people you use to justify not caring, there are just too many to help so you'll just pop into a bar instead. They are the people you need to kick when they're down so you don't have to face the mistakes you made in your life.

The needy are the ones you can blame for all your mistakes when they don't work out, they are the leeches in your twisted mind. The homeless are the demons hiding under your beds, corrupting your children so you don't have to admit what a horrible parent you are.

The needy are the ones you can blame for your own laziness, they won't get a job so you shouldn't have to work for your money. They are the people who corrode the government even though they have no power to affect it.

Those who starve suffer so that you don't have to, feeding your sadistic need to see someone worse off than you. They are the other people, the ones who don't matter, they are your modern slaves.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Evolution Does Not Affect Religion in any Way

Denying science is bad enough, but creationists cannot even deny the correct science. This is a more light hearted post because the level of stupid achieved by creationists is often not fully appreciated by even atheists.

Evolution in no way affects their myths, it has as much impact on their myths as a housefly has on vehicular traffic. The impact evolution has on their stories is the same impact that removing the letter 'z' from Romeo and Juliet has.

The theory of evolution has as much impact on their religion as a drop of homeopathic medicine has on illness. Evolution is not what threatens their entire god claim, it's a simple discovery that really threatens it, the very high probability of life existing on two moons in our solar system,

If we discovered life on these moons, and we are planning to explore them, the entire empire of Banana Man, Ken Ham, the Hovind clan, and child actor Kirk Cameron are gone. Their net worth would be less than my socks, if totaled, all because of a few thousand dollars spent on a spacecraft to explore another planet that they forgot to mention.

If we discovered life on those moons then all claims of humans being special, of life being unique, of the universe being created for us, become lies. In one fell strike, all religions are shown for the delusions that they are, yet none of them ever seem to notice that we have ships out there heading to explore these moons already.

There are almost a hundred unmanned craft exploring our solar system right now, mostly funded by private parties. There is a reason the creationists salesmen ignore these, because no one can stop the exploration now.

If the Christians ever figured this out those creationist salesmen would lose millions, when we discover life on one moon their empires crash completely. So they distract the morons they market to with something that has no affect on their nonsense anyway.

Next time they try to deny evolution, explain this point to them, then enjoy watching their heads explode as they they try to figure out who's really lying to them.

Homosexuality is NOT a Choice

The lunacy of religion is reaching it's peak, as the ones claiming to be moderates just hate different people than the ones they claim are extremists. They all deny science in one way or another, and that makes them incapable of determining fact from fiction, which makes them inherently dangerous.

The most common one is denying that sexual attraction or love is genetic, when we know for a fact that it is by their own admission. The admission is simply that they think homosexuality is "unnatural," this means it cannot be a choice because you cannot choose to be their definition of natural.

That's the quick and easy refutation, this use of the concept of natural is inherently flawed, scientifically anything that behaves predicted by the laws of nature is natural, only that which does not is considered unnatural. Luckily, we have found that nothing is unnatural to this date, nor have we discovered anything that is supernatural, everything we have seen has been explained by natural laws.

So then that leaves them with absolutely no sane argument other than assert that it's a choice. You can generally make them admit that this is a baseless argument by asking them to be gay for a month, if they can choose to do gay sex for one month then go back to being straight they will have evidence that homosexuality is a choice.

But that doesn't prove it, they'd need at least 1k people to do the same thing and provide proof of their choices, then they could make the claim that it is a choice, but that's not a problem because not one of them can do it. So what drives sexual attraction and love?

Hormones and neurons, it's how you're born not who you are. We know for a fact that all emotions are chemical reactions, we describe them based on subjective sensations, such as heart rate changes and flushing.

All sexual attraction is driven by emotional responses to external stimuli, thus they can be influenced by environmental factors, they cannot be changed between sexualities though. The neurons responsible for the emotional responses are determined during fetal development, they are unchanging after that,  so our emotions have a predetermined set of triggers that are based on genetic chemical reactions.

So it is a simple and undeniable fact that sexuality is NOT a choice and ia therefore all natural, all of it, even the ones society does not allow. Society disallows sexual activities involving those who cannot are do not give consent, such a minors or other species of animals, inanimate objects don't feel so just have fun with those if they float your boat.

So there you have it, anyone who opposes gay rights is a bigot, and they are nothing more than that.

Call Me Racist or Bigoted, I Will Still Fight For Your Rights

Calling someone racist for pointing out that religion is the primary source of hatred is literally shooting the messenger.  Which is more ironic when you complain that the messenger, who happens to be transgendered, "don't know what it's like" to be persecuted.

But that is the result of the poison called religion, whether Muslim or Christian, even Buddhism can become poisonous if they ever return to their old ways. It's the persecution complex, where you must always be the victim and no one else could possibly know what you're going through.

You'll notice that, to this day at least, no atheist transgendered person will focus on themselves, we will stand aside for the ones who have it worse but always seek equality for all, not just ourselves. Now the crux of the issue, does racism exist? Yes, undoubtedly.

Is being called names persecution? Yes, but that's far from the worst of it. So let's compare tit for tat here just to put this all in perspective.

Homosexuals are often harassed by everyone, no matter the skin color, who is straight to the point of committing suicide before they are even adults. This is pretty horrible, and it goes beyond just being called names, we're talking about actual threats of murder and physical attacks by large groups.

Imagine going about your day, just trying to get good grades, and then the hallway is filled full of bullies who just push you around, strike you, threaten you with implements of harm, and you have no way to get away from it. Black students use to go through this too, yet now they have joined the bullies in many incidents.

These are the areas where racism is not an affair of violence, racism still exists in those places but it's more subtle, the point is that one does not outweigh the other in terms of importance. Then there are the areas where racism is horrible and the previous incidents are no less.

We hear of cops killing black kids for no reason, the reason actually exists it's just one that people want to deny. They kill black kids because their bible tells them that those who are different are to be slaughtered, many will make excuses for these commands but they are in the bible, end of story.

These are the incidents I care most about, someone complaining about being called a name once in a while should be eclipsed by kids getting shot just because a book tells the law enforcers that it's okay. This is an immediate problem that plagues our species, yet the transgender like me who are willing to address this, to call the law enforcement out, to fight against racism, are often brushed aside or even attacked by the very people we defend.

I got called racist for pointing out that the bible is one of the primary causes for racism, by a young lady of darker skin. I have been threatened by people just for using the bathroom, physically harassed by people for asking for a job, kicked to the streets in the dead of winter just because the guy I rented the room didn't realize I was transgendered, denied housing just because there are two names on my records, harassed and arrested by cops just for walking down the street, denied medical care even today just because I don't fit their stereotypes.

I complain about these things often, but I NEVER belittle another person's real problems because of them. I have gone through mine for forty years, I'm so use to suffering that I don't remember what true joy feels like, only Pepper is able to make me feel happy now.

My goal is that no one become as use to being harassed and tortured as I am, for that I even fight for the black kids who harass me regularly. The irony is that they don't know that I'm even fighting to end racism because they only want to hate someone else, but I will fight for them, for the gay people who also harass transgendered as well, only because it's just the right thing to do.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Christianity: Perpetual Persecution Complex

The notion of persecution is often perverted by the persecutors, religions demonstrate this all too well. Most contain commands to deny and even kill anything that opposes the claims made by their leaders, this gives the persecutors (religious followers) the feeling of being persecuted by the ones who stand up to their persecution.

Religious leaders depend on this perpetual persecution complex, the followers must believe they are always the victims even if they are the vast majority. One result of this complex is what we see in Indiana, a step to establishing a theocracy by encouraging the followers to discriminate and convince them that anyone opposed to this is persecuting them in the same thought.

The perpetual persecution complex of the christians has been responsible for untold horrors and the production of some of our greatest threats to peace and prosperity. However showing the follower what their beliefs have perpetuated will only trigger cognitive dissonance, which fuels theSo  persecution complex.

This is why we must work to prevent the indoctrination before it can establish this perpetual false victimhood in their minds, often something as simple as teaching critical thinking will inevitably result in too many unanswered questions from the leaders. The inability to answer questions with anything resembling sanity or fact is their weakness, all religions.

So get their leaders and parents talking, let them show their kids just how stupid religion has made them, let their kids see how insane their beliefs truly are. The christian rulers don't want them reading the bible, so post actual excerpts from that book regularly, it is the greatest too against itself, just focus on the crap they like to ignore.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Sexuality of all Types is Genetic

There are many short, simple, marketable catch phrases for this topic. All of those are all wrong though.

As catchy as they sound, and they can be helpful, they don't address the real problem here, science denial. Christians have a long history of denying facts that don't support, or worst oppose, their idiotic mythology.

Most religions do, but Christians are the ones who claim not to do it while living in my country. The facts are basic, all things affecting reproduction are the result of chemicals produced by genes.

That's it, undeniable and observable, tested millions of times with the exact same results, altering the chemicals present in the body changes what you are attracted to, if anything. Us asexual humans were the ones who really unlocked this for genetics, our very existence was denied by the science deniers for a long time.

Oddly, psychiatrists didn't accept we could exist until psychologists began analyzing us. But the very fact that we have a moderate chemical level, often appearing naturally androgynous as a side effect, and that we cannot be drawn into any sexual activity when engaged with anything even remotely interesting to us is demonstrable and undeniable proof that chemicals control attractions.

For example, video games are useful for this demonstration because some people prefer them over sexual activity. The fact that sexual contact will illicit no positive reaction while playing video in some who are not asexual, demonstrates that it is indeed a chemical response, so us asexuals are the result of chemicals that are the result of chemical interactions with the DNA, it's genetic.

Now that also means the same holds true for all sexuality, it's chemical, and therefore it's genetic. Since most sexuality is harmless it is not something we should control, if it involves only adults of the same species and no harm, then enjoy it, it's who you are.