Thursday, March 26, 2015

Don't Go Vegan, Go Synthetic

Vegan and vegetarian are a noble way to live, sadly my body cannot handle that much fiber. But I am against cruelty, and I can't stand the facf that because of a medical issue, I have to endorse an industry that I oppose.

This is not a single entity problem, many factors are involved in why we don't have manufactured, imitation, meats and bugs available. One is simply oppression of science by the farming industries by using tactics like fear against modern GMO and fear against synthetic chemicals.

But the subversive influence is from religion and the sense of entitlement and superiority religion gives us. This is something most humans are unwilling to discard, even when they shed the delusion of a god.

Almost a year ago they finally announced that we will be able to print meat, by assembling cells using machines. A few of us got really excited about no longer having to kill other animals for food, but the majority treated this as if it was the beginning of some bad apocalypse story.

Printed food means no more killing, no more danger, healthier humans, and better lives for everyone. It also means the end of farming, hunting, and other organic industries.

Modern GMO producers are happy about going out of business for this, feeding everyone without the risk is their goal. Those who oppose manufactured, synthetic, imitation products because they could no longer justify killing are all companies that claim that all natural and "organic" is safer, healthier, and better without presenting any evidence of this.

If synthetic means no longer destroying the only world we have for food, then nothing is healthier.

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