Saturday, March 7, 2015

USA, Home Of The Delusional

The price of religious belief is often obfuscated by the closet believers, those idiots who always defend religion with the old canard of "what's wrong with …" The fact is that everything is wrong with religion, everything.

I have gone into great detail about many of the inherent flaws with any belief that opposes reality, and why there are no true moderates. But one thing I never dud was state the simplest reason why belief that opposes reality is dangerous, because I always thought this was common sense.

If a delusion is present in one person we know they are at risk of that delusion causing their detachment from reality to affect their actions, bringing harm to themselves and others. We also know that the delusion will mask other possible mental problems, seriously dangerous and violent ones.

So we closely monitor this person for signs of other such dangers to reduce the chances of them bringing harm, making it possible to step in and hopefully prevent their delusion from getting out of hand. Now assume we did not recognize the delusion, or we called it something else, and considered it acceptable.

Delusions have this funny effect, making a person lose their ability to discern reality from imagination. When the delusion focuses on a television series we immediately understand the fact that it's delusion.

But when the same level of delusion focuses on a god we dismiss it as belief or religion. We make the delusion acceptable and pay less or no attention to those who suffer from it, but it is no less a loss of ability to discern fact from fantasy.

To make matters worse, many ideas that are common in humans are considered delusions because of this god delusion, even though the ideas do not conflate fact from fantasy in any way. Transgender, sexual fetishes, games, even cosplay are considered delusions and bad, by the delusion called religion.

Even today, people in the USA are allowed to discriminate, even commit violence, against these harmless and perfectly sane aspects of life. But we protect the obviously, demonstrably, harmful delusion called religion and allow it's followers to make laws for which the rest of us must abide by.

We, the USA, allow people who think they can make up reality as they go, to define what reality is for everyone. This makes the entire country delusional.

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