Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Bums And Their Wars

Military, a necessary evil that is becoming obsolete. Currently the least amount of war is present in our world than ever before, taking into account population and resource inequality.

Yet there are those calking for more war while the majority of us love the idea of a world without it. Profit, the driving force of why they want war, it's not legitimate profit though.

A legitimate business caters to the individual consumers, their success or failure and profits depend on the value and demand of their products. War is not this, war generates profits from compulsory customers through the financial collective called the government.

Thus war is just welfare for those who don't need any. I hear and read of many people complaining about the poor and needy who collect a pittance from the government here, costing a small fraction of the taxes collect by the government.

Often the poor and needy are called lazy, I get it, they sit around in offices all day gossiping about who fucked who or playing games on the company's internet connection … wait a minute, that's the upper class I just described. Okay, those lazy poor people, always going on shopping trips in their limos paid for by taxes to pay thousands of dollars of taxes on a single outfit for a fundraiser to convince the politicians to give them more money … wait, those are the warmongers in Congress.

The laziest thing I see poor people do qualifies as a job, standing on a street corner in freezing or scorching weather asking for a sandwich. Middle class does this as well, though they enter businesses and beg for food in the form of a job.

So who are the lazy scumbags draining our taxes? You tell me.

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