Monday, March 9, 2015

Civility is Tyranny from Religion

Civility is one concept that has been redefined by idiots to mean that anyone who disagrees is just rude. It's a method of avoiding admitting they are too stupid or ignorant on a subject to be saying anything.

Civility has nothing to do with agreeing, or with the use of slang, or even insults and other such things, except that all those are part of being civil. At it's basic definition, civil is essentially a synonym for social, as to interact with someone of the same species.

The part of the word's definition that religious people abuse is the inclusion of social laws, rules of conduct which we assume others follow within any given situation. But these rules change with every combination of social structure, setting, and level of familiarity.

This means that being civil on one website on the internet can be very different from being civil on another and is certainly very different than civility on the street. Civility on the street has a different set of behaviors than civility within an office, and the difference between an office and home life is practically contradictory.

Religious people attempt to force everyone in all these situations to follow the social rules of their delusion, basically how one pretends to behave in church. The irony here is that they never behave how they assume others should behave anyway, it's one of many hypocrisies of religion.

Too add insult to injury, civility has nothing to do with language or words. That's gotta fucking hurt, Christians and Muslims.

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