Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Service Industry Sucks Because of the Customers

The thought of training new employees in food service still gives me nightmares, not because of the new employees. Customers to food service are often skewed by the stereotypes of the employees there, resulting in a tendency to be rude and abusive.

Many times the customer will believe a mistake is made when it wasn't then go into a fit of rage when this is pointed out. Cognitive dissonance accounts for some, but most often it is the arrogance of thinking the food service employee is below them before ever entering the establishment.

The thing is that being the customer does not always make you right, or even intelligent. To the contrary, in most cases.

Customers believe service employees can do anything the customer demands. Sorry but moving mountains is not within the power of service employees anymore than you.

Arrogance of the customer believes that the service employee is a leech on the system or a failure in life, which is far from true. Most service employees are, in fact, people trying to make it in spite of the odds being stacked against them by you, the customer.

Recently businesses have had to always take the employee's side because the problems caused by customer arrogance. Now you have a really good reason to make most service employees love you, that means be courteous, friendly, and tip well.

But I know most customers will not do this, most will continue to be total assholes toward every employee because of their arrogance. So thanks, you assholes, for shooting your own foots off.

Now here's the kicker, consider this exact same problem applies to religion. Customers being the theists, and service employees being the atheists.

So that leads me to this final thought: Thank you, theists, for destroying your own religions.

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