Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Unchanging Gods Are Impossible

Lately I have been noticing irony more than ever, like my blog post about popularity being bad is unpopular, and the irony of how religion purports that unchanging is a good thing while changing to suit the whims of it's leaders.

This idea of unchanging, something that is never improved, being some sort of quality of perfection is so blatantly wrong it makes me wonder if any humans are worth keeping around when I hear religious people say "I have this book that has not changed for hundreds of years." Physics experts will confirm that everything is in a constant state of change in the universe, even the laws we created to describe it.

I can just picture many morons still trying to say that any perfect being must be unchanging, which is literally impossible. The simple act of existing is, in itself, change. One must pass through time to exist, and time is the fundamental force of change.

For something to exist outside of time it must not exist at all, because for any particles to exist they must be in a constant state of change, or movement. Movement of any sort is change, so for something to be active it must change.

Thought is absolute change, so to think of creating something you have to change. Every idea must develop from nothing, and settle into an ever improving form. That is unavoidable, nothing that thinks can avoid change.

Exertion of will is also change, it is the manifestation of change. So for a god to do anything it must change, and thus we know that the "unchanging god" claims are all lies, we can dismiss these even if they present evidence.

Essentially, nothing can remain unchanging and exist or act, not in this universe or any other.

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