Wednesday, March 11, 2015

White Privilege Kills Kids

Racism is one thing we were told was gone before we had the internet. Today they can no longer lie to us and I am in awe at just how bad it really is.

I have always had mostly white friends, the few black people I have spent time with were always so wonderful and … well, like me. We listened to the same music, usually Stone Temple Pilots or Nirvana was the common link.

We loved the same art, manga and anime, beautiful since 1970 something. We even at at the same places, Jack in the Box tacos, hell yeah.

Our mannerisms and language were almost indistinguishable, though some had accents from the regions they grew up like New York or Arizona. Our only difference was that they had darker skin, and mine was dependent on the amount of sun I was exposed to.

Until recently I had never considered how lucky I was to have these friendships, but now I know they were lucky to have lived long enough in this country to have come into my life. This frightens me, considering how many really cool and awesome friendships I have missed just because some idiot with a power trip and a gun shot them for having a different color of something.

People who are racist are killing others for cosmetic differences, no different than killing someone for not having blond hair. Being able to see this problem has also opened my eyes to the stark contrast, what is often called "white privilege."

This does, in fact, happen all the time. I was once a casual marijuana smoker, we just called it pot, and enjoyed joints after work while watching lame television shows or keeping our security guard friend company during his night shift.

When we were intercepted by police they would confiscate the pot then let us go with a warning, every single time. Then I hear from people I know in other regions, thanks to the internet, who I forget have brown to black skin complaining about the cops harassing them.

It would have been better if the cops had harassed me when I was a pot smoker than to discover this discrepancy. These racists are killing children just because the kids were born with one chromosome different.

These kids are humans, people, one of us hairless apes no less valuable than any other. I am ashamed to say that most white people are not even worthy of being part of any kingdom of life, the other animals only kill out of necessity.

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