Saturday, March 14, 2015

Popularity is Inherently Wrong

The folly of popularity is that it is wrong more often than correct. Ideas that were most popular have almost always proven to be really bad ideas, such as slavery, sexism, superstition, and gods.

One well known example is the Earth being flat, an idea that was extremely popular even though it was not difficult to see that it was wrong. In spite of these basic observations we could have made, people were tortured to death by religious people simply for pointing out the possibility of the idea being wrong.

They were killed because they opposed the popular idea, not because they were wrong or even threatening. Today we still see this folly of humanity, from denying gay marriage to racism in the USA, denying science in place of simple and stupid mythology.

Even the concept of a "creator" or god is a popular idea that is just plain wrong. So it has been demonstrated by all of history that popularity has no inherent effect on ideas, it cannot be used to determine which is correct. However, based on human behavior, all popular ideas should be suspect and placed under the most strick scrutiny before they are excepted.

So to those idiots who are so proud of being popular, remember that you are probably wrong because you enjoy being popular. I have alwasy been popular, I have also always hated it because I have been forced to scrutinize all my decisions.

But to think on it, maybe that's why I am correct more often than not.

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