Saturday, March 7, 2015

USA: Where You Are Free To Be Stupid and That's All

The irony of the USA is that while most of us still deny that we are animals, those same people behave just like cattle with guns. The breeding of our species has been our of control for so long, and we see the impact on the rest of the world quite clearly.

But in the USA most people act like cattle, focused on sex and fucking us all to the brink of extinction. Only China could possibly be worse about this than us, considering they don't even worry about the toxic air they produce.

But let's stick with the western world, because we should have the freedom to be smarter than them. I look around and see so many herds of cattle, I mean families, with many calves in tow, acting like they're somehow superior to those of us smart enough to not breed.

The sad part is that they could still keep fucking if they want, all they need to do is get sterilized or use protection to prevent becoming cattle. Then end result of this cattle like behavior is the propagation of the most idiotic people in the country.

There was a movie based on this that may just be a documentary about our future if the people in my own country don't start behaving more like animals.

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