Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I Just Blocked You

The new "I'll pray for you" is "now you're blocked." Neither has any more impact on an intelligent person than the other because saying those phrases is nothing more than an attempt to bruise the other person's ego.

Since there is absolutely no effect from either phrase or action, there is no effect on anyone who has half a brain when they are stated. It's all about the believer's ego, like all religious nonsense.

Most religious people complain that us atheists are arrogant, well, some of us are, so fucking what? The hypocrisy of religious people is that they are not only arrogant, they claim that arrogance is a sin then deny their arrogance.

This makes them inherently liars, the belief that they chose the correct religion out of thousands is the most arrogant idea they have. This idea is required for their belief, and thus they are inherently arrogant, ergo they are inherently liars.

So they adopt these ego boosting phrases, which can be fun to toss back at them to really kill their self worth. They feed on the fear that they feel, the fear of being wrong.

To them it is a paralyzing fear, most of us atheists don't understand the fear as we never felt it. Tell an atheist we're wrong and back it up with evidence and we will learn from it and improve.

Tell a believer that they are wrong and they will scream a denial, attempt to shut you up, then continue to repeat the same mistake until they die. This is the arrogance manifesting for the world to see, fueled by the fear of being wrong.

This is why they hilariously believe Pascal's Wager is a valid argument, even though employing this actually proves they are wrong. Pascal was feeding on the believer's fear of being wrong to garner respect from those who don't even respect themselves enough to admit they're liars.

The truly hilarious part about the blocking, they almost never actually do it. They have to prove their point, ultimately showing just how stupid they really are.

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