Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The USA versus Sweden - An Example of Social Engineering

Social experiments were very common when I was in high school, but anytime before that we were not explained how they work under the guise of protecting us. What they really did was try to avoid allowing us the faculties needed to see through the delusion called god.

So all generations prior to today were ill equipped to handle the latest social experiment developed by an unknown individual. The fact is that we don't walk faster as a species, but some cultures do have a faster pace than others.

This is not what the article said, the first one stated "studies show that humans now walk faster." Looking at the title objectively you can see that this explains exactly nothing about what scientists have discovered, but this was the wording chosen to sell news.

Most people only read the title, even other reporters, and eventually the title of "scientific studies determined that we walk faster than we once did." A laughable and easily dismissed claim, I have historically walked at a faster pace than almost everyone simply because it's boring to walk across the city.

So I paid no attention to this headline, as with pretty much all headlines containing the word "scientific." Genetically, the speed at which we walk is limited to our form of locomotion, muscle development, and skeletal stride, all of which there was no significant change during the last 100+ years.

Socially though, our paces fall in line with the social groups we tend to associate, many times leisure paces are encountered in my region, and in moat of the USA. An average of maybe 1 mile per hour, I walk twice that on average.

Then this article hit the news media, about a month ago it caught attention and mainstream media started reprinting the article with only enough changes to make it not plagiarism and a new headline. The result, people have actually started walking faster.

This is the perfect example of social engineering, demonstrable change in social behaviors based on a popular claim even if said claim opposes any actual evidence. This was not the original intent, as far as I can tell, but the result is now undeniable.

This is not an isolated event either, society is more easily swayed by popularity than by facts, we see it's effects every day for such scams as "organic," "all natural," vaccines, and religion. This is why almost everyone who "finds god" in a region becomes a member of the most popular religion of that region, the rare exception to the rule occurs in areas with more diversity, like Seattle.

Society is the most pliable substance of the organic species, even in other species of animals it is relatively easy to alter their behavior with enough decoys or aesthetic pressures. The hardest thing to change though, individual behaviors, when someone is an individual among a majority it is virtually impossible to convince them to change, and for good reasons.

An individual is often attacked or even pressured by the majority to conform, even if subliminally. The very act of pressuring someone to behave like the majority causes a fight or flight instinctively driven reaction.

The very defiance of the majority is, in itself, healthy to the species because it prevents the extinction of better ideas, the majority and popular opinion is most often incorrect or even dangerous. Very few societies have come to understand this, and even fewer have known this long enough to see the results of what is labeled a "secular society."

Secular does not mean atheist, nor does it focus on just religion, secular means that all ideas are taken on their own merits and popularity or opinion of the masses is not considered evidence for the idea's validity. Everything plays on an even field.

The result is a better society, like in Sweden, than in those who base it all on popular opinion, like the USA. Democracy has a place, but as it is really just popular opinion, it cannot be allowed to censor the facts of any matter.

That is the secret to Sweden, facts are presented on equal footing, evidence is not censored just because it offends someone, but said evidence must be supported by facts and not claims or religious bull. This is not what the USA does, actually the USA constantly attempts to censor the facts and even replace evidence with claims, as a result we are a much less haply society and prone to kill each other over stupid ideas.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Animal Abuse - Caused by Christianity and Islam

Torturing of other animals continually shows up, yet so few people are willing to do anything to stop it because of the reason for this torture. Most religions, like the Abrahamic ones, enforce an arrogance in humanity that allows them to justify harming the other animals by denying the fact that humans are animals.

This denial creates a huge divide between our species and the other animals so wide that it allows for the destruction of even our own. The result of losing diversity, polluting the environs, and slaughtering those who demonstrate intelligence is that we doom ourselves, we destroy the very things we need for survival.

This is not the only damage done by the delusion of religion and god claims, but this is the most pressing damage we need to address. We have to stop the rapid loss of life caused by our decisions made based on this religious idea that we are superior, separated, and protected by imaginary friends called gods.

The reality is more humbling, we must admit we are animals first, then admit we are part of a bigger system that is not segregated from us, we are stardust. This humility is impossible for Christians and Islamic people to ever understand, much less live by, yet their own actions demonstrate how much of the reptile brain still remains.

While other apes are moving further from the tendencies of reptile arrogance and self destruction, the vast majority of our population still clings to that violent and egocentric attitude. Reptiles are not the best option, this is why most of them have gone extinct naturally, and by their own hands.

So we continue the reptile tradition of self destruction enforced by arrogance and egocentrism which is not common to other mammals, if cretins understood this fact they could actually use it as a case against evolution, but then they'd admit to being reptiles in the same breath. The irony of denying evolution thickens to a point that it now requires a diamond tipped drill to cut through.

The only way we could possibly survive the next century is to destroy religion, utterly wipe it out, save the few pagan traditions which are at least humble enough to admit we need the planet to live on. One can never trust life and death in the hands of those who believe death is not the end, never trust the claims of one so arrogant as to think our species is nor connected to the rest.

Religion - A Delusion By Any Other Name is Still Delusion

The only consistency of religious people is a total lack of comprehension of the difference between fact and fiction. This is even seen in the very few religious people smart enough to understand the scientific method and why it works, think about it though, they don't apply said method to the thing which they use to define their life the most.

I will grant those few intelligent religious people one thing, they know they have no evidence supporting their god claims. Many pagans go one step further and just admit it's a placebo for them, which is the most honest thing a theist could ever say.

But let's focus in the intellectually retarded people who claim to know their god exists and then never once present evidence. One of my friends in Twitter calls then Tortucans, apt but the reference is obscure, I prefer to just call them what they are, deluded.

The nature of delusion was clouded by centuries of psychiatric mumbo jumbo, but modern psychology has managed to unravel the evidence and find the truth on the matter. Psychiatrists do not like the facts on this because they cannot use it as an excuse to abuse patients and kill perfectly healthy people anymore, to them I say fuck you, you are wrong, deal with it.

The simplest definition of delusion is a belief that opposes demonstrable reality, but this definition is for to broad and ends up including optical illusions as well. Optical illusions are not delusion, they are momentary and cannot be avoided, delusion can be permanent and is usually avoidable.

The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of people choose delusion over fact, because delusion is simple and comforting, like a pacifier to an ape infant. So a more accurate definition in the simplistic vernacular that even someone as idiotic as a cretin can understand is: an explanation of reality that opposes or denies demonstrable facts or empirical evidence.

The god delusion is the perfect example, let's choose one of the over 3,000 god delusions to demonstrate, Athena is a perfect choice for this demonstration. When a person is indoctrinated, the delusion is not inherent but the resistance to said delusion is decreased drastically.

In her heyday, when the majority believed she was the greatest of the gods, Athena was given credit for emotions. Today we understand emotions so well we can actually control them using refined chemical compounds called medicine.

Back then the children were constantly told that no one can understand emotions because it would upset Athena, and thus you should just accept them and stop asking questions. They did just that, and for a century no one ever thought to find a way to help those plagued with uncontrollable emotional responses that made them dangerous to society.

Along comes a new god, more popular because he encouraged humans to seek answers, as long as they were subjugate to him and not Athena. So the kids were told not to question that god but to question all the others instead.

The result is doubt for what anyone said but those who claimed to hear this god, the new delusion of the century. The trick of this is that it made the people no longer accept the Athena claims, but kept them blind to the new claims, and when they got to the age of reason this was habit.

This habit of not questioning something that clearly is untrue is called delusion, the loss of the Athena delusion allowed the medical class to eventually find medicines to help calm emotional responses, but the new god that took her place was given credit for lightning and thus people stopped looking for ways to harness that power. The ultimate cost of the god delusions.

Now we have discarded both of those and began studying electricity, chemical compounds, even the forces of nature, because those delusions no longer plague us. A new set of delusions does plague us, ones which threaten our medical advances by discouraging study into biological sciences necessary for further advancement.

To make this worse, this delusion is still packaged by people who do not suffer the delusion and sold to those they know are gullible enough to buy it, we call those snake oil salesmen preachers. We call the gullible sods too stupid to question the preachers theists.

But to get these deluded people help we must destroy the barrier they claim as freedom or tolerance by ridicule and mockery, until religion is no longer protected or given special privilege our species will always be oppressed by it. This delusion is not easy to break through either, science has gotten so much evidence and collected so many facts as to appear scary to the deluded fools.

Religion continues to offer an excuse for the comforts of egocentrism, arrogance, and even crimes against the universe. Religion also offers easy responses to complex problems, and these responses appear to be answers but do not truly offer anything useful.

Those who claim that this is just a placebo, also known as "moderates," are infected by the delusion as well and displaying cognitive dissonance in such responses. Moderate atheists are just enabler, moderate religious people do not actually exist because they still follow that horrible doctrine.

This is why I give special consideration for pagans, you will never hear one pagan use the no true Scotsman fallacy or claim there are moderates, because they learned their lesson and ditched the delusion and the horrible doctrines while admitting that others could exist who still follow the bad ideas. The reason for this difference is that pagans admit everything must change for it to be perfect.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Gender Equality - Why Transgender Got it Right

Gender is considered a "touchy" subject by those who are really ignorant on the sciences involved. So let's open with the fact that bothers the ignorant morons the most: gender is entirely unnecessary and arbitrary, in other words, gender is subjective.

First the sexism, females did not evolve to be better or worse in the brain, while the hormones appear to have an effect on the brain's structure, this is not primarily genetic. Hormones vary depending on foods consumed, environment, even emotion.

High emotions absorb more of the chemicals that are associated with the female of the species, resulting in the body needing to produce more to maintain the balance it has determined best. Each individual will have a perfect balance for them, as determined by trial and error in the brain until the brain feels comfortable.

As we grow up our brain constantly tests reality around us, the result is that it can adapt to the environment which it resides in, and the way the brain communicates this to the other organs is by adjusting the hormone mixture, sort of a word soup. Our species is becoming more adapted to sedentary life, and more dependent on the brain, thus we are seeing an increase in hormones responsible for these, hormones incorrectly associated with females.

The result is a lower metabolism, needing less fats and proteins to survive, and a greater need for chemicals like caffeine to increase the brain's activity without ingesting too much fat. Many media outlets misread that, or spin it, to make it sound like coffee has been determined to be healthy, or some other nonsense.

The reality is that caffeine has been seen to be effective in helping us to adapt to our new environments better. Fat is not bad, neither is cholesterol, we just need less of it because our muscles are less important and thus need less fuel.

But fat is still necessary, and people who's bodies store it well have the greatest value to us because we still need builders. So stop reading the media crap about science.

As you can see, hormones are not associated so much with gender as you are told, though it does determine how the body starts to build it's first cells, but this is still not gender dependent. The hormones "fed" to the developing organism do affect it's development and determine the initial balance, thus hormones have the reverse effect in the womb.

This is why the bearer of the developing organism has very chaotic hormone levels during the pregnancy, which becomes more stable each time as the body loses it's ability to change the balance with age and stress. Now the reason doctors once thought there was a genetic imperative for this, the chromosomes that determine the reproductive organs.

These chromosomes have no direct effect on the hormones produced, the hormones are determined by which genes in the hormone producing cells are turned on. The genitals, collection of reproductive organs on apes and most mammals, were once thought to be so important that any modification to them would profoundly impact the organism.

Which is hypocritical, because we modified other species in irreversible ways but refuse to allow our own species to do the same. Just pure hypocrisy and egocentrism, no wonder why the USA is most notorious for this.

It does alter the hormone presence a lot, gametes are made of the cells that produce some key hormones, specifically testosterone and estrogen which are integral in emotional stability. Us humans can take medications to stabilize or even alter these, but we do not even offer other species thus basic right when we remove their gametes.

The loss of the genitals has no other ill effect, we know this as a fact, and sexism and bigotry is so rampant in the medical industry that doctors will allow women to have their gametes and even the rest of the genitalia to be removed, but say it's bad for males or transgendered to ask for the same thing. It's because male parts are considered sacred to the medical industry while women are thought to be disposable sex dolls and incubators.

You're welcome, medical assholes, nothing stays secret with me for long.

The reality of the matter is that we need the females to be kept untarnished far more than the male parts, and by not allowing transgendered to modify themselves accordingly you only increase the chance of our genes propagating in the entire population. So why does it all seem important?

Because society sucks, the most popular ideas are almost never the best ideas, and often cause far more harm to the entire species than the least popular ideas could. So stop being dicks, because you are the root of all our problems.

Media Lies - A Plea to End Ignorance Forever

"Is that a fact, or did you hear it on FOX News?" Sadly, thus phrase works for almost all media, I say almost only because I don't have the time (or stomach) to go through all the media.

When the Twin Towers were destroyed by religious people fighting over their imaginary friend I heard about it on the street before the news even aired it. Homeless people in Seattle knew before the news stations even knew what they were suppose to say to the public.

That alone is sad, then Charlie Hebdo thing happened and news media did not say anything about their own being shot for at least a week. It was all over the web the second it happened.

Nostalgic morons will tell you that this has not always been true, they're wrong. One musician said it best, the media are nothing more than trolls disguised as professionals (paraphrased Akira the Don: Don't Feed the Trolls).

There is a method to their madness that we have never truly understood until the advent of social media, when news came at us in real time and world wide. Our information overload phase is long past, so why do people still buy into media's trolling?

The answer is something that makes me sad to publish, considering we have had 20+ years to break the cycle. Religion is part of the cause, but the bigger impact is the reason people buy into religion still, that feeling of belonging to an exclusive club that knows something no one else knows.

It is also the same reason people buy into conspiracies and meaningless fads like organic or homeopathy. It's a genetic imperative to belong to a small group, we are not really a social species on a large scale.

Our species is group oriented only within very tight limits, if the group gets too big we start to go insane. At least that's nature's prerogative, we should have adapted past that a long time ago and if we don't we will destroy ourselves.

Admittedly, allowing the species to destroy itself has a pleasant ring to it and I have been reluctant to offer this warning in the past, but then I lose all my cool technology, medicines that keep me alive, and Starbucks. The fact of the matter is that we must cut back our population growth, and we must manage it reasonably.

We must also stop pushing people to be social in person, online you can easily shut off the overflow of attention and manage your groups better. But most importantly we must adapt to the global community so these scams and religions will die off on their own, when you no longer need made up answers the groups based on those will die on their own.

This also means you must turn off the news, all of it, and listen to the global community instead. In the 80s we were lucky if we got a snowstorm warning more than 5 minutes before the power died because if it, and that was only if you were tuned into a newscast or media program at that time.

Online we often get messages and even notifications and phone calls hours before the snow falls, directly from the actual weather stations the weather reporters use. The big difference is that it's not censored, filtered, rerouted, or reworded like all media is.

The government regulates media, all of it except social media and private forums. This has many problems, one is that all information must be filtered by the regulatory agency first, that same agency is trying to force the internet to abide by it's rules.

Enter hacktivists, Anonymous is the biggest group and is made up of more than just script kiddies, though script kiddies are employed to launch attacks. If you want the truth about Anonymous, you will never find it.

This particular group is not run by a single power, but only a single idea, all life is equal and no one can control information. Because of this no organization is ever needed, everyone knows their goal and the missions are easy to spot.

The really funny thing about Anonymous, then back on topic, it's made up of all the people who you made fun of in school. Maybe you should be wary of who you mock now.

Anyhow, the need to belong to an exclusive club is the lure of media, and of trolls, it is what they use to draw in an audience. Another example of why you do not except news for facts, a cable channel that claims to air scientific programs aired one on how mermaids were possible.

First of all, no, mermaids are not possible because the skin cells are an all or nothing effect of genetics. You cannot have half an animal with cold blooded skin and the other half with the brownish skin of a warm blooded organism, one of the skins will die.

The chemicals responsible for making hair or scales would effect the entire organism or not be present, not half and half. The chemicals are one or the other, mixing both would have a completely different effect.

Another such "scientific" program tried to state that flying, fire breathing, dragons were possible. Anyone who knows about reptiles would laugh so hard at this claim they'd probably have a heart attack.

Flying reptiles are not unlikely, but at that size they'd have to be eating every minute of the day just to fly for a few minutes at a time unless they were on Luna, it's why birds got smaller. So no, dragons are not possible, and fire breathing anything is laughable beyond sanity.

There is so much wonder and splendor in the real world, in reality, that to believe something just because it sounds cool in a headline is ludicrous. To accept something as fact just because it's easy is lunacy.

The chemical reactions involved in life and the universe are so fabulous, so wonderfully simple and elegant in their chaos. The forces of nature interacting offer us a ballet of such poetry that each atomic twitch, each vibration, every electron's movement is one grande story of reality.

The way in which hydrogen bonds to oxygen to form H2O makes you so happy to be a part of a universe in such a profound way, for we are the universe trying to understand and improve itself. We are reality's manifestation, the hands used to perfect it's chaotic and self destructive universe, we are one of the species capable of bringing actual order to the universe.

Instead we squander our talents, we give into our base instincts and kill each other over fears of the unknown, we deny the very reality that needs us to help bring order to the universe. We slaughter each other over mythology, and let others die out of greed or ignorance.

So here's a challenge to the entire species, use the tool we created for testing reality and learn how reality itself works, stop anthropomorphizing everything, and stop being so damned egocentric. We must prove ourselves worthy before we can ever claim to be better.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Folly of the Afterlife - No Delusion is Harmless

The most wonderful discovery made by science is the very thing that Christians in the USA are most opposed, the fact that we are all connected in the most profound ways. From the particles that make up your body to your DNA, everything is part of a great chemical reaction called the universe, and we are all an integral part of this.

The reason they deny this is because it removes the necessity of a god, ironically it does not remove the possibility. This frightens them because Christians, like the other Abrahamic religions, are invested in a life after death, so they have given up trying to make this one better in the false hope of a reward after death.

Having invested nothing in this life, anything that makes a life after this one less likely (especially the one they believe in) makes them realize just how much of this life they have wasted preparing for something they don't even know exists. We call this type of denial cognitive dissonance, but to make it easier to understand it is better described as a fear of wasting your life on a false hope.

The notion of a life after this one is not without merit, back when we did not have the time and resources to improve our lot it kept us from giving up. But it is inherently dangerous, as we can see with all religions who claim there is one.

First, if you waste this life investing in a future that may not happen you are wasting the one thing you know you have, this life is real, you know it's real, but anything beyond is only speculation. So you are wasting your real life on a speculation, one of thousands such speculations have been made and only a few actually demand investment anyway.

As horrible as this is, it's not even the worst problem with believing in a life after, suicidal encouragement is the worst part. Not content with this life, one who believes there is a "better" life after will be more willing to end this one, to hurry to the better life based on nothing more than speculation and wishful thinking.

This is where atheists or reality based religions differ. We have no choice but to invest our efforts in improving our lot for this life, it is all we know we have.

Religious people will often demonstrate their complete lack of rationality and logic at this notion, saying crimes are the inevitable result of not having a promise of an after life, they also display their sociopathic and psychotic personality traits with these claims as they need eternal reward to not kill, rape, steal, or torture other people.

Yet humans are not the only life on this planet, nor are we the most important, so even religion does not prevent these people from harming us all. Enter the "no afterlife" world view, because we need no reward to invest in our future.

Humanists have figured out one important fact, we will eventually conquer death, but to be there for that you either have to be such a good person that enough people want you back, or you have to help society get there faster. This is a true eternal reward, a second chance that we know will happen someday, likely in my own lifetime now.

But this is not even the best reason to be a good person, the main reason is that when you hurt others you ultimately increase the chances of you being hurt back, the inverse is also true, the more you help the higher the chances of you being helped in return. Many people call this karma, but the real name for it is herd immunity.

While herd immunity is often cited for vaccines, it applies to everything and encompasses the entirety of the world, even the other animals. We need other animals, even the plants, to survive as a species.

This means we must take care of the entire planet and do as little damage to it, lest we drive ourselves extinct for the arrogance of thinking that we are special and rewarded for believing instead of actually being good.

The Good Religion - Witches, More Correctly, Wicca

"Everybody loves kittes." This statement, while inane and wishful thinking, is completely false because it is tautology. Yet almost all religious claims are this statement, only the wording changes.

This is one of the the absolute proofs that religion is inherently wrong, an actual "gotcha" point which could be made against any religion. But not religious claims are dangerous, many can be inane or inconsequential, one such example are the Wiccan claims.

For that matter, let's look at the Wiccan claims exclusively for this post just because I need one decent religion mentioned in my blog. Wiccan believe in something like "and it harm none, do what thou wilt."

This phrase, thus one law, is much like the Golden rule, but unlike other religions, this is actually part of every Wiccan teaching and anything that opposes it is never considered true to Wiccan beliefs. Wicca is only one of the many pagan religions, and one that has a pretty solid doctrine.

The difference between a Wiccan saying "that's not Wiccan" and Christians saying "that's not Christian" is that the entire Wiccan doctrine is "and it harm none, do what thou wilt." Christians have a doctrine that contradicts itself and requires interpretation, while the Wiccan doctrine is pretty clear and easy to remember, the wording often changes but it's always clear.

Comparing Wiccan to Islam is no contest, the Quran is just badly written poetry with no inherent meaning other than "kill everyone who opposes this book." Wicca would never kill you for dismissing their claims, or even for opposing them.

There's the rule they live by in action, the modern Wicca have never been recorded doing anything as horrible as any of the other religions, and many of them love science more than us atheists. Most Wicca do not even claim any god as fact or adopt a deistic view of the universe, this makes them pretty damned cool.

A Wicca would never deny reality in place of their fanciful stories and mythology, and they will not get angry when you point out that their stories are mythology. This is because of their mindset, a pretty awesome and empowering idea that our lives are gifts given, and to squander this life or cause harm to others is to invite disaster.

Ironically they are so very close to reality with this idea that no sane person could ever deny it as fact. We pollute our planet and destroy the other animals, Wicca believe we are all connected, even the other animals.

Still more beliefs that fit reality, Wicca believe that our actions impact the entire world, if you deny that this is true then you are a danger to everything. The result is that most Wicca are very Earth friendly, doing everything they can to help everything, even people of other religions who treat Wicca with death and torture.

To forgive is divine, according to one religion that believes in eternal punishment, Wicca actually live by this and often allow slights to go without much more than an apology, often not even that is needed for them for forgive. Their only flaw is that they often forget as well, which invites more abuse, allowing the offender another opportunity to bring them harm.

Now the crux of it, I can safely state with all honesty that no Wicca will oppose anything I have written about them in this article, though some may say that what I wrote about the other religions is bad. This demonstrates why Wicca, and many other pagan religions, are safe from my anti-theistic wrath, they actually want peace on Earth now.

There is a "although" in here, in the past the religions that Wicca used to build their modern doctrine were not so nice, many were warmongering savages just like the Abrahamic religions. The difference is that they removed all that from their doctrine and even adopted a new name for themselves, based on an old word meaning "witch."

It is this drastic change in their beliefs that made them superior to the other religions, and the fact that they don't deny their dark and horrible past. Like scientists, they learned from their mistakes and corrected their behavior, and their doctrine, something the Abrahamic religions fail to do even after 100+ years of atrocities committed because of their doctrine.

So I say this to my atheists, mock the Wiccan doctrine for laughs, know that at they won't be shooting or beheading us for it, most often they will laugh with us as we laugh with them for jokes at our expense. This is what a good delusion looks like, oh wait, the final blow to Abrahamic religions, Wicca are not delusional.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Organic Foods - The New Religion of Lies

Those who fall for the scam called "organic foods" are just a new religious cult. Many times they display cognitive dissonance and often refuse to even acknowledge the science behind their claims, often referring to the old religious canard of "everything proves it."

So here I am, detailing the follies of the scam for all to read, and to verify if you have the courage. I only accept scientific papers as evidence, and this always invokes violence from religious people of all types, even the people naive enough to fall for the organic scam.

The reason is simple, scientific papers offer evidence that can be verified and detailed explanations of the tests performed to verify said evidence, nothing else ever presents these things and thus nothing else is valid. So if you ever want to try to debate something about reality with me, be prepared or look a fool stumbling through your collections of baseless assertions.

Back to the topic at hand. Any biologist can inform you that natural selection makes mistakes, and our form of selection called cross breeding makes even more mistakes.

The reason is simple, natural selection chooses based on what can fit within a niche best, or the fitness of a organism. This means anything that has minimal impact on the fitness will not be selected against or for, and will often be retained in the species even if it poses a long term threat.

Human driven selection, used in the past for almost all our foods, is jot based on what makes a species more fit but what makes it more aesthetically appealing. For food this means flavor and texture only, a small amount of appearance influences it but not much.

Because of thus we have produced a lot of weeds while trying to get some plants to be edible, weeds are an invasive species capable of destroying entire environs. These archaic methods are what is labeled "organic," and yet the scam here is that all living organisms are organic.

An organic chemical is merely a chemical produced and fundamental to living organisms, cyanide is one such chemical, so is ascorbic acid. Minerals are inorganic, utilized by organisms but not produces by them, for example.

So the scam is to arrest the word and redefine it in a way that causes people to avoid the cold hard truth, "organic foods" are supporting the status quo that results in people starving to death and farmers being allowed to gouge the customers. This archaic method results in thousands of tons of food to be wasted, because the aesthetic is not up to par and the farmer wants a yacht.

The modern methods replacing cross breeding are planned, with the environment, safety, and how edible it is in mind. This produces safer foods with higher yields, thus lower prices and fewer children starving to death without having to destroy all the natural environs for space to grow it.

The drawback is the same as cross breeding, only with a much lower risk, we must control the spread of the resulting organisms to prevent them from destroying more than the land needed for foods. But the higher yield results in less land needed for to feed our species, our species is still growing out of control as well.

So now we enter the biggest threat of the old methods, the reason many scientists have pushed to refine our genetic manipulations and RNA mapping, and why us environmentalists should be supporting modern science instead of the outdated and dangerous methods of old. The amount of space for crops is making our species unsustainable, resulting in the total destruction of the organisms we need to continue our own existence.

This us caused by our population growth, something which almost no one wishes to become responsible for, so we need to reduce the space we use for necessities, like food. Enter modern genetic modification methods, we can plan the genetic changes so as to produce a food source that fills our needs while avoiding the dangerous mutations caused by cross breeding, we reduce the risk.

Ultimately, the result is that these modern GMOs are easier to control, not prone to as many errors, and less likely to infect the wild species with any of the traits we introduce to the RNA. But this not a concern of those selling "organic foods," they care nothing about safety nor the environment, they only care about profit.

Now the irony of the "organic food" scam, they target only one company that uses modern methods, because they cannot create a believable fallacy about the others to frighten the gullible morons. Monsanto once accepted a government contract to produce a population pacification chemical, the first version of pepper spray.

The result was what is called agent orange, which did precisely what the government wanted and helped to win a war, time was of the essence so further development was not possible and Monsanto did not want to make weapons so they dropped it once the government was satisfied. The same way we got the hydrogen and nuclear bombs, as well as super glue.

So they make people afraid of them by using a causation fallacy, they made a weapon and thus all their products are inherently weapons. This fallacy easily drives the ignorant masses into paranoia, making it easy for them to buy into the opposing scam, to even produce laws to offer the scamming businesses compulsory profits.

This will cause our species more illness, suffering, and the destruction of more wildlife, pollution, and eventually mass extinction. All because some companies want to be able to set their own prices at the expense of their own species.

It is not using old methods that kept our species alive, not at any time in history did our old methods ever prove to be better than the ones we had most recently developed. From refinement of medications to the invention of digital computers, the newer technologies and methods have always proven to be better for us, and better for the world we need to live on.

Animals - Our Best Family Members

It is often pointed out that "today's animal abuser is tomorrow's serial killer" by us animal rights activists, but many still ignore the impact religious doctrine has on this phenomenon. Continuing on my "why there are no true moderates in religion" line of discussion.

For a human to bring harm to any other living thing they must believe themselves to be different from that which they kill, such as not being an animal in spite of being the very definition of what an animal is. This allows them to ignore their empathy, conscience, the very things that make them mammals.

In essence, religion makes one behave like reptiles, we should have evolved beyond such behaviors. For this reason, today's believer is ultimately tomorrow's serial killer.

Once a person believes they are in any way better than anything else without earning such a title, they no longer worry about destroying it. This is why religious people must oppose any efforts to protect the environment, defend other animals, even deny our inherent and proven connection to the other animals.

Many will claim this is only the fundamentalists, but then ignore the fact that the ones they claim to be moderates are following the same doctrine, and prone to the same violent responses when their doctrine is challenged. When something need interpreting it is no longer objective, nor fact, and all interpretations become just as valid.

This opens the gateway for the religious preachers, their leaders, to change the interpretation when it suits them, and then convince the followers to do anything they want. We see this every day, in all countries that give religion special status.

To become more specific I will focus on the one I know best, the bible followers. Putting aside the hundreds of different versions and thousands of different "interpretations," the book was written to be contradictory as a tool to control the mindless masses it produces.

The scam of the bible is, itself, a wonderful example of how human thoughts can be manipulated when the human is prevented access to any information that contradicts it. The oldest snake oil claim is "anyone who denies my words is merely a tool for the opposition," a phrase reworded many times in all religious texts that claim absolutes.

A quick side note, the pagan religions rarely claim absolutes so I do acknowledge that some religious beliefs are nit founded on the delusion of an absolute. Please do not consider yourselves the same as Christian, Islam, or even Judaism. Judaism is one that's quiet but still a possible threat, which is why most Jewish people, like me, no longer follow it.

The doctrine of the absolute claims contain many verses discouraging the exploration of reality, thus allowing the leader to supplant whatever reality they wish into the masses. Then the doctrine commands that the followers breed more, and indoctrinate their offspring, thus increasing the number of mindless slaves to the religious leaders.

See, the one way to actually break this cycle of indoctrination is for us atheists to accept responsibility, for the religious leaders are our bad apples. Religious leaders are the atheists who consider the masses so stupid that they can be manipulated with something so obviously a scam.

Eventually the religious followers will see it, the more we remind them that their leaders think they are fools enough to fall for their scam, a scam created by atheists to allow atheists to manipulate the masses, a scam called religion. Reminding them of this fact will push them to begin to break the indoctrination, because it is the last realization of any atheist.

I first noticed this fact when I was really young, about 10 years of age. When the religious leaders of the church first discovered I was asking questions that shattered the doctrine they took me aside and filled my time with teaching instead of learning it.

I was about 8 years of age when they first began to prepare me for helping them to manipulate the flock of sheep, to prepare these sheep for whatever slaughter they wished. After a couple years I began to see what was truly going on, behind the curtains, where even the elders of the church were not allowed, but they allowed me there.

My mother thought it was some calling from their god, the leaders told her that, and she was so very proud in spite of the fact that even if this was true, she had nothing to do with it. It was my deductive reasoning that conquered all indoctrination, making it impossible for them to convince me that snakes talked, even as a metaphor. But it was my empathy and conscience that prevented me from accepting this chance to rule.

It also had a bit to do with the misogyny, a thing I could not support even before transitioning. Males were the ones in charge, because women were too kind to spread the indoctrination and scam, if they had not denied the genetic cause of being transgendered they'd have realized I was more woman than their own wives.

So I bided my time, pretending to lead while actually empowering the other youth, my mother bought it, and only a few of those youth still believe that religious nonsense because of my efforts. Yes, it is us who are ultimately destroying religion, the ones Christians attack and deny exist, as we hide among you to avoid your wrath and violence.

Now some preachers who are cishet have also joined the effort to destroy the  hold religion has, I shall not name them, nor shall I say which churches they reside over, but their efforts are noted by me. Today is the greatest day to be alive, for it is always a step forward.

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Fallacies and Follies of Religion

The reality of a situation often escapes our senses, a fact that religious people only mention when trying to support the result of this fact. The ironies of  religion are so numerous that one could spend decades listing, I wish to detail a few of them here.

The first one is the age of the universe, often religious people claim it's a few thousand years, and act as if this is a really long time. Even when Christians admit the Genesis account is made up they often say a day for the god could be "a thousand years," again thinking this is a long time.

They also fail to grasp what eternity means, citing that their god's idea of paradise is worshiping it "for all eternity." To understand what eternity is though, you must also understand what time actually is.

Time is an effect or force of existing, so it only applies to that which exists in a universe or reality like ours, outside of this time will be very different. However, the definition of eternity will apply to realities that do not even have a force of time.

Consider for a moment what that implies, reality defines time but time does not define eternity, in the same way that humans define math but math does not define infinity. So to grasp what eternity means to a being who is under the influence of our reality we must use what we call imagination, and once you understand the nature of time you realize how frightening eternity is.

Existing forever would destroy the sanity of a time bound mind, especially if that existence only includes one repetitive and mindless task. In essence, even in a paradise we would eventually beg to no longer exist.

It is said that by 2030 we will have conquered death, an unheard of claim until we applied scientific knowledge to it. This means we will have the option of living forever, for eternity, until this reality ceases to be.

But most will last maybe 500 years then switch off, allowing oblivion to claim them, if only out of boredom. Our minds are incapable of existing forever by nature of being bound to time, specifically linear time.

Consider this analogy: to a domestic feline 20 years, one fifth the lifespan of a human today, is an eternity. Yesterday 100 years to a human is an eternity, our observation of time is relative and so we cannot fathom eternal in any way, so to claim we know something is eternal is to lie.

An entire industry is dedicated to the fact that we cannot trust what we see, hear, or even feel. Our brains have this rather useful habit of trying to make sense of the world around us, but because of this we can fool it by presenting it with something which is nonsensical.

Religious leaders have historically used this same habit to sell their snake oil, because even concepts are affected by this habit. So how do you determine which is fact and illusion?

Religious people just go by what feels good, in other words, they fall for the illusion without ever questioning it. Enter the greatest tool invented by humans, science.

Science offers us a method of testing something to determine if it is fact or illusion, we can even use this in our everyday lives. The tests results are the key, should too many results differ then we know it's illusion.

The part often ignored by religious people is that the results must not differ, the claims are inconsequential to this. Touch a table and your hand cannot pass through, you don't truly know it's solid until you witness many hands being stopped as well, that is the scientific method.

The result is the same no matter who tests it, not matter who sees the results, no matter what the claim ever was, you can verify the results. If one person claims their hand passed through but did not do the test publicly you can reasonably ignore their claim, they did not present the results for public scrutiny.

Religious leaders are claiming their hands passed through the table while never showing anyone that they even tried the test. Religious followers often call this faith, but religious faith is only delusion.

Some pagan religions do leave their findings for public scrutiny and many will even change their beliefs to match reality, but none of their modern doctrine call for indoctrination, war, or death to those who oppose them. This is the best of both worlds, and one which can be tolerated, the alternative is to live as the Amish, apart from the rest of the world.

Denying humans are apes, the most heinous of fallacious dismissals of all. The deluded people will deny that we are apes because of the arrogance, if we admit we are animals then we must recognize that all other animals are our equals.

Often they say we would act like animals if we were yet they call for needless wars and torturing of their own, other animals don't, so how are we really better than the other animals, the beasts who only kill for necessity and instinctual drives, or us who have the ability to behave rationally but instead promote and spread violence and fear simply for the sake of violence and fear.

Another aspect of animals that we deny is unconditional love, anyone who cares for a domestic animal can tell you that humans know nothing of how to give love unconditionally. Unconditional means precisely that, not a single condition is required to be doted on in love, neither behavior, appearance, nor reciprocal love is required if the love is unconditional.

Religious people demand there always be conditions to love, either you must love them back, or the imaginary friends they call gods. Many even require you not "be" a certain way, like homosexual or black.

No cat I have ever met has had conditions to their love, even abused domestic animals will show love for the abuser, there is no condition to their love. But to demand that we love something or be tortured forever is conditional love, no matter how you try to justify it.

It appears I have some regular readers now, I would like to extend a quick thank you. You are the reason I have begun writing more lately, may logic and reason continue to guide your lives.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Transgendered Allies - A Call to Arms for the USA

A short while ago I wrote a blog post about how those we stood for vanish when transgendered people are attacked, often they join the attackers. The posting of the brought out some unlikely allies, people who have nothing to gain by transgendered equality.

If this is the trend in the world today, we have not moved ahead much. Progress is not made by offering special privileges, but by offering equality, gay and black rights are special privileges if they ignore the transgendered, Asians, etc.

This we see, black kids attacking and killing transgendered being heralded as heroes by the media, gay people refusing to acknowledge transgendered people with respect. So who are these allies I speak of?

The very people the gay and black folks are being oppressed by: straight white people, and Mexicans. The irony is so very thick in this revelation that I find it too difficult to swallow.

These are people who are standing with the transgendered against their own privilege, against their own class of people, to admit that how we are treated by their own is bad. They offer help, but most of all, they offer a simple and effective "I'm sorry."

By standing with us they prove that the stereotypes their own often cling to are completely wrong, these stereotypes were created and enforced by psychiatrists, only psychology works to dispel this. Ah, the connection is made.

The huge difference between the cishet who stand with us and the others is the scientific mind, they think in ways that remove the need for stereotypes. Suddenly they realize one simple truth, us being who we are has no more impact on their lives than someone who gets a nipple pierced or a tattoo of Elvis on their bum.

In reality, changing one's gender is no different than having silicon implanted into your body to shape it, technically the gender change is safer and can even prevent future illnesses caused by the presence of gametes. So why do psychiatrists claim transgendered people are insane?

The phrase is "status quo." Psychiatrists, unlike psychologists, have used the population as test subjects in mad scientists like experiments since the occupation came into existence, who better to experiment on than those they have convinced others are insane?

The results of their experiments are the deaths of millions of people, which they used stereotypes to convince others that these people are better off being dead. Enter the group who cannot be stereotyped, the transgendered.

Historically, transgendered people have always been revered, even among the most violent cultures, though also left to the gutter at the same time. we have been the untouchable minority of history, until psychiatry came along. Psychiatrists saw us as the biggest threat to their power, we demonstrated that no living thing can ever be expected to fit into a box.

So they worked hard to convince their pool of test subjects that we were more insane than anyone else, which opposes everything we have learned since. Scientifically speaking, transgendered is simply another gender which cannot manifest in the mammalian genome, due to the fact that our genes only produce a binary gender system.

This creates a huge gray area which cannot be expressed by any one gender trait, so the organism must find a balance between the two genders that best serves to make it comfortable. We call thus gray are transgendered, and like black holes, the term is maintained even though it's highly inaccurate based on what we have learned.

The notion of gender disphoria is wrong, an incorrect label created by the nonscientific cadre called psychiatry as a way of claiming we were insane, psychology admits that no such unifying label can ever be applied to the collective differences included in transgendered. So now we have a huge problem, in the USA people still cling to the power hungry, mad scientist mentality, of the sadistic cadre called psychiatry, and largely ignore the scientific field of academia called psychology.

So the psychologists do what the can to help the transgendered, they allow us the protection of disability, using many of the effects of social oppression to justify it by labeling us as depressed, antisocial, etc. just so we can at least stay out of society and in the safety of our own homes. But this has a price, one which I will no longer pay, of being hidden.

The heart of psychologists is in the right place, they offer us a means of remaining hidden and therefore safer from the oppressive majority, but this has resulted in it being more dangerous for us to venture or even participate in society. So now we begin to speak out, seeing many of our brothers and sisters being slaughtered and ridiculed by the majority just for being unique has fueled our resolve.

We are now seeing a huge group of allies, true allies, who have the power to severely hurt the majority of society while remaining safely Anonymous. Yes, our greatest ally and a group many of us now belong to has demonstrated the ability to destroy society by removing the very tools we created for it is a true ally to the transgendered.

So I offer this call to arms, disband all psychiatric powers, replace them with the scientifically based psychology, and stop oppressing the transgendered people. We are watching now, USA, your move.

Islam is Humbug - So are the Other Gods.

Typically I do not focus on one particular religion or god, for none are innocent of horrible doctrine. However, the Abrahamic ones are the most offensive today, and they continue to kill because their imaginary god is so weak that it needs it's mortal followers to kill, torture, and oppress for it.

This includes the cults of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, they all worship the same war god and claim to follow nearly identical doctrine. All the doctrines of these cults are sadistic, violent, misogynistic, and insults to the species.

The sad tact is that the vast majority of followers of these doctrines either know little about their doctrine, or they lie about it to manipulate people into accepting their claims. The tip off is when they ask you to accept their claims without questioning it, they call it faith, the actual label is gullibility.

The god of Islam is so weak, such a whiny little brat, that the believers have to do all it's work for it. If this god truly existed it should be able to fend for itself, if it is worthy of anyone's worship, but instead it must demand the mortals carry out it's demands.

The Christian god is no different, as Christians in the USA demonstrate constantly. It is almost as if neither of these beliefs are accurate, or perhaps this particular god does not actually exist, like Thor and Bast, this god of Abraham is nothing more than myths of deluded old men in a time that we thought the universe revolved around us.

Judaism is much like the others but remains quiet and to itself, much like the only tolerable cult of Christianity called the Amish. The others are in a sad frenzy trying to prove their god exists while ultimately demonstrating that their god does not exist except in their own minds.

Insulting Islam is suppose to be a death sentence, but the god they follow seems oddly absent when insults are made and it's followers have to carry out this sentence instead. Making it impossible to believe that this god even exists, if it is unwilling to defend itself, or it is such a weak little rodent that the claws of human intelligence can shred it should it make it's presence known.

The Christian and Judaic god is weak against iron chariots, the Islam god is weak against humor. The more we think on this, the more likely these gods died a long time ago, dead of old age because they were nothing more than power hungry men that figured out how to take advantage of the deluded minds of timid and inconsequential men.

As I look outside I see the damage done by religion, men clinging to women as if they are property, women moving out of the way to allow the males to pass unhindered. Children afraid to speak up when they know their parents are wrong, nature trampled and banned from the city as if it has no value or is worth less than our species.

Technology wasted in the hands of those who just search for kitty videos and claims made by their leaders so they don't have to think for themselves. People still watch television or listen to the radio for news, this is simply asking to be spoonfed lies and garbage.

Change is resisted because of the religious mindset, a mindset that plagues many atheists in this country as well. Science is leant an ear only when it does not suggest any change, or the change is comforting.

This is all because of religious parents being allowed to indoctrinate the children, and religion being given a special exception to every law. An atheist must justify our actions with sound logic and evidence, while a religious person is allowed to hate, bully, even kill in almost all countries simply because it's their belief.

This privilege must no longer be tolerated, if you cannot present a clear and definitive danger then you cannot excuse killing anything, even the animals that are not human. If the words do not incite hate or are said in jest, then you have no cause for persecution of the one who penned them.

You have a right to be offended, you do not have a right to harm those who offend you, and it is time we enforce the right to offend across the globe. So pen those jokes, post those offensive ideas, make a mockery of the delusions we call religions until everyone knows it is not acceptable to be deluded.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Blasphemy is Our Duty and Your Cure

The stories of people outraged over blasphemy in the USA are laughable, and more frightening than those of the Middle East. Freedom to worship what you want does not give you the freedom to place ideas ahead of lives, especially human lives.

But this is what we see more often than not in the USA still, and the law prosecutes those who blaspheme or mock religion as if they bombed an abortion clinic, but bombing an abortion clinic is treated like it's okay because it was his beliefs. The double standard is dangerous and will cause our country to fall behind even the Middle East in morals and ethics.

Many will attempt to call this a slippery slope fallacy, but we have seen it happen many times already. When ideas are given more value than human lives countries fall into chaos and war, innocent people are put to death without even breaking the insane blasphemy laws, and the land is taken over by religious gangs spreading their myths with violence and fear.

Here's the deal, all of you deluded enough to believe the myths told in books written thousands of years ago, if what you claim is truth truly had any value, it would be the inevitable outcome of any human logic. This means you would not have to teach it, especially indoctrinate children, nor spread it by force.

The very fact you have to protect your weak god with the use of force is undeniable proof your religion is nothing more than mythology and bad poetry. If your god were not weak, then you'd have nothing to fear when we deny the claim you make of him existing.

The irony of you creating laws to enforce arbitrary rules in the name of your god is evidence that either you don't know a god, or one does not even exist. The difference between an atheist and a theist is this: an atheist must justify our morals, religious people are never called to do that but they are the ones who would put a child to death just for insulting their doctrine or god.

The meat of this issue is that religious people prove their gods don't exist by their own actions, how they vote or why they attack others. They have no justification for their arbitrary rules, and when pressed they always point to the very books they never actually read, which is also a set of arbitrary claims.

So the irreligious atheists must ask for empirical evidence, and to date not one bit of evidence has been provided for any of the religious books. I challenge you to find some and present it for scrutiny.

Taking things on faith is admitting you don't know but just want to accept the claims to belong to a majority. The greatest thing about having a brain is that we can scrutinize everything to determine what is real, and what is just a shadow playing tricks on our mind.

Now people from the 80s and earlier are still naive and ignorant enough to forget that each generation knows more than the previous ones, we ride the shoulders of our elders to rise above their mistakes. So they complain about youth in the USA today being irreverent and unbehaved.

Let me remind you of what we did for entertainment in the 80s:

● My friends once got bored during Christmas and went through the neighborhood moving all the lawn decorations onto the roofs of every house, without the owner's knowledge. Nativity, cross, and Santa were all hanging out on the roofs of those who dared to make the neighborhood tacky with their manufactured crap.

● My brother, a few friends, and I snuck out in the middle of the night. After a rousing game of "hide/run from the cops" we decided to rip up all the temporary lines on the road, they were repaving and used reflective tape until they could paint it. We then made a huge peace sign in the middle of the neighborhood with them. It was even in the news, though no one knew it was us.

● Walking home from work was always risky, when I was 17. The gangs of the area made moving through the streets a life or death situation, and work was on the other side of several territories. I was accosted many times before I moved, simply for walking on their street.

● Downtown Seattle was worse when I was young. Many times you'd be mugged in broad daylight and no one helped because they feared becoming a victim themselves. In contrast to seeing even disabled and poor people today standing with the victim.

● Tucson was always overrun with weed smokers, I know, I was one of them. The cops could never catch us with evidence because we smoked it all up before they figured out we were high as kites. My friends there would regale me with tales of how the Wild West was still unlawful until the 90s. Even after the 90s we were certainly criminals, we just duked it out in video games instead of gunfire on the streets.

● Almost no one under 30 knew that an atom was made of smaller particles when I was growing up, and we also did not understand how chemicals reacted to DNA to produce the effect we call life. Today children in grade school are writing scientific papers, developing new technologies, and advancing our species beyond my generation's dreams.

So no, your religion does not deserve respect at all, and your delusions should be reason for treatment instead of a qualification for government office. But there is an easy and rather enjoyable cure for the delusion called god, learn the scientific method and apply it to everything in your life, you will see that learning this one tool will change your outlook for the better.