Saturday, January 17, 2015

Animal Abuse - Caused by Christianity and Islam

Torturing of other animals continually shows up, yet so few people are willing to do anything to stop it because of the reason for this torture. Most religions, like the Abrahamic ones, enforce an arrogance in humanity that allows them to justify harming the other animals by denying the fact that humans are animals.

This denial creates a huge divide between our species and the other animals so wide that it allows for the destruction of even our own. The result of losing diversity, polluting the environs, and slaughtering those who demonstrate intelligence is that we doom ourselves, we destroy the very things we need for survival.

This is not the only damage done by the delusion of religion and god claims, but this is the most pressing damage we need to address. We have to stop the rapid loss of life caused by our decisions made based on this religious idea that we are superior, separated, and protected by imaginary friends called gods.

The reality is more humbling, we must admit we are animals first, then admit we are part of a bigger system that is not segregated from us, we are stardust. This humility is impossible for Christians and Islamic people to ever understand, much less live by, yet their own actions demonstrate how much of the reptile brain still remains.

While other apes are moving further from the tendencies of reptile arrogance and self destruction, the vast majority of our population still clings to that violent and egocentric attitude. Reptiles are not the best option, this is why most of them have gone extinct naturally, and by their own hands.

So we continue the reptile tradition of self destruction enforced by arrogance and egocentrism which is not common to other mammals, if cretins understood this fact they could actually use it as a case against evolution, but then they'd admit to being reptiles in the same breath. The irony of denying evolution thickens to a point that it now requires a diamond tipped drill to cut through.

The only way we could possibly survive the next century is to destroy religion, utterly wipe it out, save the few pagan traditions which are at least humble enough to admit we need the planet to live on. One can never trust life and death in the hands of those who believe death is not the end, never trust the claims of one so arrogant as to think our species is nor connected to the rest.

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