Friday, January 16, 2015

Gender Equality - Why Transgender Got it Right

Gender is considered a "touchy" subject by those who are really ignorant on the sciences involved. So let's open with the fact that bothers the ignorant morons the most: gender is entirely unnecessary and arbitrary, in other words, gender is subjective.

First the sexism, females did not evolve to be better or worse in the brain, while the hormones appear to have an effect on the brain's structure, this is not primarily genetic. Hormones vary depending on foods consumed, environment, even emotion.

High emotions absorb more of the chemicals that are associated with the female of the species, resulting in the body needing to produce more to maintain the balance it has determined best. Each individual will have a perfect balance for them, as determined by trial and error in the brain until the brain feels comfortable.

As we grow up our brain constantly tests reality around us, the result is that it can adapt to the environment which it resides in, and the way the brain communicates this to the other organs is by adjusting the hormone mixture, sort of a word soup. Our species is becoming more adapted to sedentary life, and more dependent on the brain, thus we are seeing an increase in hormones responsible for these, hormones incorrectly associated with females.

The result is a lower metabolism, needing less fats and proteins to survive, and a greater need for chemicals like caffeine to increase the brain's activity without ingesting too much fat. Many media outlets misread that, or spin it, to make it sound like coffee has been determined to be healthy, or some other nonsense.

The reality is that caffeine has been seen to be effective in helping us to adapt to our new environments better. Fat is not bad, neither is cholesterol, we just need less of it because our muscles are less important and thus need less fuel.

But fat is still necessary, and people who's bodies store it well have the greatest value to us because we still need builders. So stop reading the media crap about science.

As you can see, hormones are not associated so much with gender as you are told, though it does determine how the body starts to build it's first cells, but this is still not gender dependent. The hormones "fed" to the developing organism do affect it's development and determine the initial balance, thus hormones have the reverse effect in the womb.

This is why the bearer of the developing organism has very chaotic hormone levels during the pregnancy, which becomes more stable each time as the body loses it's ability to change the balance with age and stress. Now the reason doctors once thought there was a genetic imperative for this, the chromosomes that determine the reproductive organs.

These chromosomes have no direct effect on the hormones produced, the hormones are determined by which genes in the hormone producing cells are turned on. The genitals, collection of reproductive organs on apes and most mammals, were once thought to be so important that any modification to them would profoundly impact the organism.

Which is hypocritical, because we modified other species in irreversible ways but refuse to allow our own species to do the same. Just pure hypocrisy and egocentrism, no wonder why the USA is most notorious for this.

It does alter the hormone presence a lot, gametes are made of the cells that produce some key hormones, specifically testosterone and estrogen which are integral in emotional stability. Us humans can take medications to stabilize or even alter these, but we do not even offer other species thus basic right when we remove their gametes.

The loss of the genitals has no other ill effect, we know this as a fact, and sexism and bigotry is so rampant in the medical industry that doctors will allow women to have their gametes and even the rest of the genitalia to be removed, but say it's bad for males or transgendered to ask for the same thing. It's because male parts are considered sacred to the medical industry while women are thought to be disposable sex dolls and incubators.

You're welcome, medical assholes, nothing stays secret with me for long.

The reality of the matter is that we need the females to be kept untarnished far more than the male parts, and by not allowing transgendered to modify themselves accordingly you only increase the chance of our genes propagating in the entire population. So why does it all seem important?

Because society sucks, the most popular ideas are almost never the best ideas, and often cause far more harm to the entire species than the least popular ideas could. So stop being dicks, because you are the root of all our problems.

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