Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Good Religion - Witches, More Correctly, Wicca

"Everybody loves kittes." This statement, while inane and wishful thinking, is completely false because it is tautology. Yet almost all religious claims are this statement, only the wording changes.

This is one of the the absolute proofs that religion is inherently wrong, an actual "gotcha" point which could be made against any religion. But not religious claims are dangerous, many can be inane or inconsequential, one such example are the Wiccan claims.

For that matter, let's look at the Wiccan claims exclusively for this post just because I need one decent religion mentioned in my blog. Wiccan believe in something like "and it harm none, do what thou wilt."

This phrase, thus one law, is much like the Golden rule, but unlike other religions, this is actually part of every Wiccan teaching and anything that opposes it is never considered true to Wiccan beliefs. Wicca is only one of the many pagan religions, and one that has a pretty solid doctrine.

The difference between a Wiccan saying "that's not Wiccan" and Christians saying "that's not Christian" is that the entire Wiccan doctrine is "and it harm none, do what thou wilt." Christians have a doctrine that contradicts itself and requires interpretation, while the Wiccan doctrine is pretty clear and easy to remember, the wording often changes but it's always clear.

Comparing Wiccan to Islam is no contest, the Quran is just badly written poetry with no inherent meaning other than "kill everyone who opposes this book." Wicca would never kill you for dismissing their claims, or even for opposing them.

There's the rule they live by in action, the modern Wicca have never been recorded doing anything as horrible as any of the other religions, and many of them love science more than us atheists. Most Wicca do not even claim any god as fact or adopt a deistic view of the universe, this makes them pretty damned cool.

A Wicca would never deny reality in place of their fanciful stories and mythology, and they will not get angry when you point out that their stories are mythology. This is because of their mindset, a pretty awesome and empowering idea that our lives are gifts given, and to squander this life or cause harm to others is to invite disaster.

Ironically they are so very close to reality with this idea that no sane person could ever deny it as fact. We pollute our planet and destroy the other animals, Wicca believe we are all connected, even the other animals.

Still more beliefs that fit reality, Wicca believe that our actions impact the entire world, if you deny that this is true then you are a danger to everything. The result is that most Wicca are very Earth friendly, doing everything they can to help everything, even people of other religions who treat Wicca with death and torture.

To forgive is divine, according to one religion that believes in eternal punishment, Wicca actually live by this and often allow slights to go without much more than an apology, often not even that is needed for them for forgive. Their only flaw is that they often forget as well, which invites more abuse, allowing the offender another opportunity to bring them harm.

Now the crux of it, I can safely state with all honesty that no Wicca will oppose anything I have written about them in this article, though some may say that what I wrote about the other religions is bad. This demonstrates why Wicca, and many other pagan religions, are safe from my anti-theistic wrath, they actually want peace on Earth now.

There is a "although" in here, in the past the religions that Wicca used to build their modern doctrine were not so nice, many were warmongering savages just like the Abrahamic religions. The difference is that they removed all that from their doctrine and even adopted a new name for themselves, based on an old word meaning "witch."

It is this drastic change in their beliefs that made them superior to the other religions, and the fact that they don't deny their dark and horrible past. Like scientists, they learned from their mistakes and corrected their behavior, and their doctrine, something the Abrahamic religions fail to do even after 100+ years of atrocities committed because of their doctrine.

So I say this to my atheists, mock the Wiccan doctrine for laughs, know that at they won't be shooting or beheading us for it, most often they will laugh with us as we laugh with them for jokes at our expense. This is what a good delusion looks like, oh wait, the final blow to Abrahamic religions, Wicca are not delusional.


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  2. Beautifully put! I totally agree that Wicca is the loveliest of religions. We are only the caretakers of this planet and its animals but so many religions and people seem to have forgotten this fact. It's why I prefer the company of trees and animals. They don't have the arrogance to assume they own anything or have more right to life that anyone else.