Saturday, January 10, 2015

Organic Foods - The New Religion of Lies

Those who fall for the scam called "organic foods" are just a new religious cult. Many times they display cognitive dissonance and often refuse to even acknowledge the science behind their claims, often referring to the old religious canard of "everything proves it."

So here I am, detailing the follies of the scam for all to read, and to verify if you have the courage. I only accept scientific papers as evidence, and this always invokes violence from religious people of all types, even the people naive enough to fall for the organic scam.

The reason is simple, scientific papers offer evidence that can be verified and detailed explanations of the tests performed to verify said evidence, nothing else ever presents these things and thus nothing else is valid. So if you ever want to try to debate something about reality with me, be prepared or look a fool stumbling through your collections of baseless assertions.

Back to the topic at hand. Any biologist can inform you that natural selection makes mistakes, and our form of selection called cross breeding makes even more mistakes.

The reason is simple, natural selection chooses based on what can fit within a niche best, or the fitness of a organism. This means anything that has minimal impact on the fitness will not be selected against or for, and will often be retained in the species even if it poses a long term threat.

Human driven selection, used in the past for almost all our foods, is jot based on what makes a species more fit but what makes it more aesthetically appealing. For food this means flavor and texture only, a small amount of appearance influences it but not much.

Because of thus we have produced a lot of weeds while trying to get some plants to be edible, weeds are an invasive species capable of destroying entire environs. These archaic methods are what is labeled "organic," and yet the scam here is that all living organisms are organic.

An organic chemical is merely a chemical produced and fundamental to living organisms, cyanide is one such chemical, so is ascorbic acid. Minerals are inorganic, utilized by organisms but not produces by them, for example.

So the scam is to arrest the word and redefine it in a way that causes people to avoid the cold hard truth, "organic foods" are supporting the status quo that results in people starving to death and farmers being allowed to gouge the customers. This archaic method results in thousands of tons of food to be wasted, because the aesthetic is not up to par and the farmer wants a yacht.

The modern methods replacing cross breeding are planned, with the environment, safety, and how edible it is in mind. This produces safer foods with higher yields, thus lower prices and fewer children starving to death without having to destroy all the natural environs for space to grow it.

The drawback is the same as cross breeding, only with a much lower risk, we must control the spread of the resulting organisms to prevent them from destroying more than the land needed for foods. But the higher yield results in less land needed for to feed our species, our species is still growing out of control as well.

So now we enter the biggest threat of the old methods, the reason many scientists have pushed to refine our genetic manipulations and RNA mapping, and why us environmentalists should be supporting modern science instead of the outdated and dangerous methods of old. The amount of space for crops is making our species unsustainable, resulting in the total destruction of the organisms we need to continue our own existence.

This us caused by our population growth, something which almost no one wishes to become responsible for, so we need to reduce the space we use for necessities, like food. Enter modern genetic modification methods, we can plan the genetic changes so as to produce a food source that fills our needs while avoiding the dangerous mutations caused by cross breeding, we reduce the risk.

Ultimately, the result is that these modern GMOs are easier to control, not prone to as many errors, and less likely to infect the wild species with any of the traits we introduce to the RNA. But this not a concern of those selling "organic foods," they care nothing about safety nor the environment, they only care about profit.

Now the irony of the "organic food" scam, they target only one company that uses modern methods, because they cannot create a believable fallacy about the others to frighten the gullible morons. Monsanto once accepted a government contract to produce a population pacification chemical, the first version of pepper spray.

The result was what is called agent orange, which did precisely what the government wanted and helped to win a war, time was of the essence so further development was not possible and Monsanto did not want to make weapons so they dropped it once the government was satisfied. The same way we got the hydrogen and nuclear bombs, as well as super glue.

So they make people afraid of them by using a causation fallacy, they made a weapon and thus all their products are inherently weapons. This fallacy easily drives the ignorant masses into paranoia, making it easy for them to buy into the opposing scam, to even produce laws to offer the scamming businesses compulsory profits.

This will cause our species more illness, suffering, and the destruction of more wildlife, pollution, and eventually mass extinction. All because some companies want to be able to set their own prices at the expense of their own species.

It is not using old methods that kept our species alive, not at any time in history did our old methods ever prove to be better than the ones we had most recently developed. From refinement of medications to the invention of digital computers, the newer technologies and methods have always proven to be better for us, and better for the world we need to live on.

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